Read Everything that People Have to Say About Homelister


Up until recently, it was nearly impossible to list your home online without needing a real estate agent to help.

But thanks to the Homelister platform, anyone—including you—can list your home online with ease and eliminate the need to use and pay a realtor. This is excellent news as it means that you will get to keep more of the house sale profit and walk away with even more money at the end of the day!

Homelister was born out of the co-founder’s frustration in just how much money her real estate agent made from her Tribeca home’s sale. The process made her determined to find a way for people to list their homes themselves and not have to write a massive six-figure check to someone that did only a few hours of work.

And now, the homelister reviews all agree that selling your home online independently is the best decision they ever made!

Reviews are often the best way to get a sense of what your experience will be like. However, if you or someone you know is considering selling their home, we encourage you to consider doing it yourself. So read everything that people have to say about Homelister and consider if this is the right platform for you to use!

1. A simple platform with simple steps

In this day in age, a user experience is a make it or break it scenario for customers. And Homelister’s user experience is nothing short of simple! In fact, they break it down into three easy steps for their customers to follow. First, they decide what type of listing package they want to purchase, with the hard costs shown upfront. Then, they list their home and manage any open home requests. Finally, they evaluate the offers and make the house sale real by signing off the legal paperwork. Three steps, and you’ve successfully sold your home! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

2. Endless options that tailor to you

Each customer will have different wants and needs. Homelister acknowledges that and makes an effort to ensure that every customer can choose what they need. Whether it is the details of their listing package, the amount of support they get, and marketing materials to support the sale, each customer on the platform will have a truly unique experience in selling their home. But one thing nearly all customers have in common at the end of the process is that they will have successfully sold their home and be walking away with more money than they would have had they gone through a real estate agent instead.

3. Easy tour options

In the past, trying to organize open home tours felt like a nightmare. But users of Homelister all agree that the flexibility of hosting virtual open home tours, in-person tours, or none at all has been highly beneficial and huge stress relief. Many users love the virtual tour option as it enables them to organize tours with interested buyers much easier and can better accommodate busy schedules. Plus, being in a pandemic has made it much easier to manage without risking anyone’s health or wellbeing.

4. Quality photography packages

Another consistent comment that customers give on Homelister is that the photography packages are outstanding. These images on your listing are the first impression most buyers will have of your home and can be a make it or break it deal. So you want to be confident that you are showcasing your home through high-quality imagery. Luckily, Homelister provides exceptional photography services as part of their listing packages, and users are consistently impressed with the results!

5. More money and a sold home

This one is probably the most crucial factor to consider when assessing other users’ reviews. Homelister has a very high success rate for helping users sell homes quickly, efficiently, and for a profit! However, because users don’t have to pay until after the house sale is made, and the cost is set up front in the first step of the whole process, many users end up walking away with thousands of more dollars than they initially expected. This is important and one of the fundamental reasons why the company began in the first place.

These five reviews are essential to consider when assessing if Homelister is suitable for you. But with so many satisfied customers who end the experience with more money and less stress, why wouldn’t you decide to list your home on this innovative platform too?


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