New lucrative skills to learn this year

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By Richard

Especially at the moment, nobody is going to turn their nose up at a little extra money. But you don’t have to pick up an official second job; instead, why don’t you learn a new skill which you can monetize? Here we’ve listed just a few ideas for skills you could turn into a side hustle.

  • Upcycling 

If you’re creative and handy and have been looking for a way to convert that into a lucrative outlet, look no further than upcycling. This is where you find old and slightly worn products in any genre and update them ins a stylish way to make them appealing again – for example, you could buy an old pair of inline skates which you could repaint, replace, or otherwise redecorate to create a new and unique pair to sell online to someone that my love them in their second life. This can be lucrative and a fun and inventive way to spend your spare time!

  • Writing

There are so many different kinds of writing that you can do for money – whether you’ve just always been a good writer or you’re already a professional, this skill you can make some impressive money from. Whether you want to go into communications or marketing, blogging or white papers, web content or ad copywriting – there is a lucrative writing project for you. Additionally, it’s not difficult to find work – many websites are geared towards freelancers looking for gig work. If you’re willing to put in a little work building a great profile and good relationships with your clients, this could be the side hustle you’ve been looking for.

  • Graphic design

Many companies out there need assistance with design projects but aren’t in a position – or don’t want – to hire a permanent designer. While this makes life difficult if you’re a professional designer looking for full-time work, it’s great news for the casual designer looking for freelance work. The great thing about learning this skill is that you can apply it to your projects too, and additionally, you will be able to build a portfolio with the work you complete for your clients.

  • Carpentry

Crafts are coming back in a big way, as is the taste for unique or homemade furniture and decor. If you become skilled in carpentry, you can sell what you make for a great price and make some extra money. Although it can take time to master this art, learning to create some essential pieces will be enough to make this a lucrative hobby relatively quickly.

  • DIY

There will never be a shortage of people who need help around the house but don’t have the time or the knowledge to complete the task themselves. If you can turn yourself into a DIY enthusiast, you can market yourself as a local assistant and complete people’s tasks for them. For example, if someone needs a bookshelf built or a plug rewiring, you could be the person they call – and make a little bit of a side income while you do so.

Everybody needs a little extra money from time to time, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Why not learn these enjoyable skills and earn a little extra money from doing something you enjoy?

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