5 ways to relieve your stress

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By Richard

Modern life is stressful in many ways, and it is so easy to end up feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. Luckily there are plenty of different techniques you can engage to start managing your stress.

  • Getting active

One great way to relieve stress is to get involved in physical activity like sports or independent exercise and engage your mind in something immersive and challenging; exercise releases endorphins, providing an instant mood boost. Over time, a consistent exercise routine can boost your mood and increase your energy levels so you can tackle more throughout the day. If this sounds like a good stress management technique, then why not get involved in your local gym or join a sports club like badminton, tennis, or rugby to get your dose of physical activity?

  • Journaling

Journaling is a well-recognized technique to deal with your emotions, allowing you the opportunity not only to dig deeper into how you’re feeling and improve your self-awareness but also forcing you to take a few minutes away from screens and stressful situations to sit with your thoughts. Engaging in a daily journaling habit can make you feel much more in tune with your emotions and your body, even if it’s just a few bullet points about how you’re feeling – and this leaves you much more able to tackle your day head-on.

  • Getting creative

Creative outlets are a great way to manage stress as they allow you to escape from your normal activities and express your emotions. This, in turn, can be a fantastic way to manage your emotions and stress. Whether you’re into painting, creative writing, crafts, or something else, it’s all a fantastic way to let your stress out, and you will feel much better afterward.

  • Talking therapy

Therapy doesn’t just have to be for times in your life when something specifically traumatic has happened, such as a death in the family or a difficult personal event. Consistent talking therapy can be a fantastic way to work through your emotions and manage stress regularly. Having someone listen to and validate your struggles can make you feel better and more able to manage your problems and stress.

  • Reducing your workload

Though this may seem like an obvious solution, it’s often something people are reluctant to do or even the last thing they think of. However, there is no shame in openly telling someone you are being handed too much work. It isn’t uncommon these days to be expected to work that is above and beyond your pay grade and this often entails working long hours and being unfairly remunerated. While it may be possible to maintain this workload, it isn’t emotionally sustainable, especially if you have a hectic personal life. If this is what is causing you to be overworked and stressed, then you must talk to whoever is responsible for managing your workload and discuss redistributing some of your less critical or extra responsibilities.

Managing stress is essential for a healthy lifestyle, so hopefully, at least one of the ideas on this list will help you live a calmer, happier life!

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