5 tricks to a stress free holiday

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By Richard

Holidays are the ultimate stress release, but they can also be incredibly stressful to organize. Luckily, there are ways to reduce stress and focus on relaxation, and we’ve put together a few tips just for you right here.

  • Packing light

We’ve all been in a situation where we hugely overpacked for a holiday and ended up cramming so much stuff that we didn’t even end up wearing around or souvenirs when we returned home. The trick to packing light is to pack one evening outfit, and other than that, pack the most versatile items you can think of – for example, choosing tennis shoes is a good option because they are comfortable for walking around, look cute with tea dresses, and also go great with more practical outfits!

  • Planning day trips

Especially if your holiday group is made up of people who don’t see each other very often, it can be a good idea to fill at least a couple of days towards the beginning of the holiday with some day trips, maybe including organized tours. These can be great opportunities for the group members to bond, and also mean that nobody has to worry about organizing anything complicated as soon as they have arrived.

  • Relaxing your approach

As much as it’s essential to organize a holiday thoroughly, you can over-organize and only end up causing extra stress. Make sure that all of the essential aspects of the holiday, such as transport and accommodation, are booked and finalized. Still, other than that, try not to take too many rigid plans and allow your family and friends space to do their own thing without feeling like they are on a strict timetable.

  • Cater for kids

If you’re organizing a family holiday, it’s essential to ensure that you cater for the kids so that they have something to do, and also, this means you can give the parents a break and allow them to enjoy the holiday too. Some hotels have children’s activities clubs, and if you’re going on an active holiday, you can also plan different activities for the kids so that everybody gets to do what they want to do and the younger ones are in safe hands! Making sure they’re catered for in this way is a great compromise between ensuring the whole family can come and that everybody still gets to enjoy their holiday.

  • Ask for input

Although it’s a bad idea to cater to everybody’s requests when planning a holiday, it is a good idea to get everybody’s input in advance. For example, when you first start planning, choose a destination and some dates to avoid arguments and then ask everybody if there is anything specific, they would lie to see or do there, or if there are any specific requirements they have which you need to take into consideration (for example, a ground floor room or dietary requirements). This way, you can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the plan and avoid arguments about activities down the line.

Organizing a holiday doesn’t have to be stressful, even if it is a little difficult to get all the logistics right – if you follow these tips, then you’re bound to find it just a little easier to organize your next trip.

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