6 Instances When You Should Give Challenge Coins to Employees

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By Jacob Maslow

Challenge coins are a modern way of appreciating individuals. The tradition began with the military, mainly from World War two. Over time, more and more people use this technique because it is affordable, and you can customize the coins for any purpose. Though there are no set laws on when and where to give these coins, a few instances are common to most institutions. This article tackles six occasions you can give your employee a challenge coin.

1- Welcoming an Individual to the Team

Some companies give new employees challenge coins to welcome them to their firm. This gesture makes the individual feel at home and part of the larger team. It is an excellent way to identify with the firm from the first day. It is also an excellent way to congratulate someone on rising in the ranks within the firm. With customization, the coin can show the company’s logo and department information that makes an individual proud of carrying it around.

2- Completion of a Major Project

Whenever a team or an individual completes a significant company project, you can congratulate them using these coins. They will remain a mark to show when the project began and ended. Such coins will motivate others to participate in challenging projects and improve their work. You can give these coins during the grand opening or as a way to flag off the completed work.

3- Company Anniversary

Anniversaries are an excellent way to reflect and celebrate past victories. In such functions, the management recognizes those who put in remarkable efforts during the year and outdid the others. You can also distribute coins to all company employees to celebrate their input in making the firm a success. This improves the party, and everyone owns the company’s success as their own.

4- Personal Appreciation

As a manager, when you notice a particular employee’s extraordinary effort and results, it is best to reward them with a challenge coin. The coin will be a motivating factor for them to keep working hard and owning the work. This appreciation can be random and must not happen during events. Such acts will keep the employees’ spirits high.

5- Recognizing Long Service

Those workers who have been in the firm for decades need special recognition for their patience and service. Giving a challenge coin during their retirement can be a good way for them to keep the memories of the company with them. Even in their old age, they will look at the coin and remember their younger years. The coin will be a lasting memory that they can carry around anywhere.

6- Appreciating Performance Improvement

Apart from appreciating completed projects, you can also provide unique coins for significant improvement in various departments or individuals. These coins will motivate people to keep working and encourage employees to improve their output consistently. Such recognition becomes the wind that propels consistency and continued growth in the business.

Challenge coins are a great way to commemorate events. One significant benefit is that they are light and therefore one can go with them anywhere. Since they are affordable and customizable, you can have many diverse options for departments and different events. Invest in challenge coins, show your employees that you care about them, and recognize their input.

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