6 Crucial Reasons to Use Email Marketing for Holiday Sales

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By Jacob Maslow

The holiday season is essential for businesses to get their brand visibility and marketing activities right. It is the time when your customers are also on a buying spree. This period offers you the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand identity, drive traffic to your store, and encourage shoppers to purchase from you.

It would be best if you had an effective strategy to leverage this opportunity and keep your business thriving throughout the year to achieve these goals. Email marketing can be the answer to all your queries. Below are compelling reasons you should incorporate this marketing strategy this holiday.

1- Creates Personalized Content


This strategy allows you to customize campaigns for a specific consumer. Use the client’s name in the mail to give a recommendation based on their purchase history. To ensure success, be keen to send the emails to the right people.

2- Helps in the Collection of Feedback

Customers’ reviews are vital for business success since they ensure continued engagement and interaction with the venture. Email advertisement helps you achieve this. For example, send consumer surveys via email to get their feedback on how they feel about a particular product. For effectiveness, review emails should sound like informal communication between individuals rather than a formal data collection mechanism. Reviews help you improve consumer experience by identifying areas needing adjustments.

3- The Best Tool for Promotion

As an entrepreneur, you can make the best of emails by sending mass promotion-based communications to subscribers and potential customers. Moreover, you can invite shoppers to events like giveaways or gifting. These activities make your brand known to many people, increasing your consumer base. To ensure effectiveness, use colors and themes that match the holiday to capture the attention of prospective buyers. In addition, send emails with a pre-sale announcement to increase the product’s hype.

4- Email Campaigns are Affordable

Advertising via mail is relatively cheap compared to other methods since you don’t pay for printing charges. Furthermore, creating emails isn’t time-consuming; you spend a day or two creating content for them. Make sure to set a workflow triggered by a specific action. Accordingly, you’ll reduce the need for repetitive and tiresome work.

5- Increases Your Sales

This marketing strategy improves your sales margin. It’s possible to feature your products and services in the campaigns to entice shoppers into buying them. You can pass information regarding discounts or promotional activity through email. For instance, if you have a client who entered items in the cart and didn’t complete the process, a notification can be sent via email to remind them to finish the purchase.

6- Measures Your Campaign

Email marketing provides an opportunity to track what happens after sending an advertisement. Since you have invested time and resources in this strategy, you ought to know how it’s helping the business succeed. Fortunately, this mechanism lets you watch elements such as delivery and unsubscribe rates. This way, you gauge how this strategy contributes to your revenue. You’ll be able to understand what customers want and provide reliable information—for instance, limiting the number of emails to clients who need fewer emails within a set period. It helps increase the subscription rate.

This blog sheds some light on what email marketing does to your entrepreneurial venture. However, you should have a clear execution plan to achieve the best out of this strategy. Moreover, don’t give up too soon, have some patience until the results show.

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