5 Best Email Marketing Tactics That Yield Amazing Results

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By Jacob Maslow

Email has been around for more than 25 years. Yet, many business owners use it the same way it was in the 1990s. However, there are better ways of using email to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, and increase the number of loyal customers. 

Email is widely used, making it effective. Small businesses depend on it, with at least 80 percent using email marketing. It’s no wonder because there are 4 billion people with email globally.

Many email marketing tactics exist, and some work well, but you must stick to ethical best practices when using email marketing. The five best email marketing tactics that yield outstanding results are:

  • Personalization
  • New Tech Features
  • Syncing Email Marketing
  • AMP emails
  • AI

1. Personalized Emails

Everyone wants to be thought of individually, and no one wants to get a mass-mailed email. It will go into the trash quickly. However, every marketing expert states that personalizing your emails is the number one thing you can do to improve your email marketing strategy.

Personalization can mean many things. First, it means putting their name in the email salutation and the body. It also includes information that a particular customer would be interested in. For instance, a travel agent who knows their customer always wanted to go to Hawaii should send them an email when they get a discounted package deal available in Hawaii.

You should also include personalization in your timing of emails. For example, a special email with a free or discounted gift on their birthday, anniversary, or during the holidays does much to keep customers returning.

2. New Tech Features

Many web hosting programs have built-in email analytics and other features, but you will need to spend a little money to get the primo features that rate as top tech today. The good news is these new email applications don’t cost what they once did. Some only cost $20 to $100!

Active Campaign, for instance, is affordable and can help you with list management, personalization, sales automation, customer experience automation, and email marketing automation.

There is a free trial version with monthly plans ranging from $29 to $149.

3. Syncing Email Marketing

Something new in 2022 is to merge your physical marketing with digital marketing, called going “phygital.” European businesses have done it for a while, combining digital marketing with physical experiences. Most businesses use geo-targeted email campaigns for this.

An example would be to send an email with a sale discount coupon to a loyal customer as they walk past your shop. This can also come as an SMS or push notification; the customer could enter your door.

The idea is to merge your email marketing across channels like in-app, social media, and SMS. Experts say this type of solid marketing keeps you relevant no matter which channels their use.

4. AMP Emails

Emails do better if there is an interactive component than HTML’s static content. This is where AMP comes into play. You should experiment with AMP to see if you can get a higher conversion rate than previous email marketing.

AMP emails grab the recipient’s attention better because they are interactive and highly dynamic.

5. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Most people have a love-hate relationship with AI, but it is used everywhere, so those who want to enhance their email campaigns need to implement it early on. Furthermore, AI can improve a customer’s experience with customized choices, so it doesn’t make sense to forgo it.

AI can retain subscribers and boost conversions. It can also strengthen your brand and save you tons of time. It can also give you customer behavior data to change things if you need to quickly change trends.

That will make your company highly relevant and able to stay on top of emerging products and trends compared to your competition.


Implementing email marketing strategies takes some thought, research, and planning, but spending time upfront will help your marketing run smoother and end with more conversions and customers.

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