The Ultimate Guide to Cold Email Marketing

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By Jacob Maslow

Cold Email marketing can be a powerful tool for generating leads, recruiting, marketing, and more, but there are a few things that you should know to utilize to your advantage. In this article, we will go into the finer points of Cold Email marketing.

We’ll let you know precisely what it is, why it isn’t considered Spam, and give you some tips on crafting some quick and effective Cold Emails of your own.

Let’s start with what Cold Email Marketing is.

What is Cold Email Marketing?

When some people hear about Cold Email marketing, they instantly assume that it’s just Spam. This is not the case, and we’ll tell you why. It’s all about the use and the customization when you boil down to it.

While a Cold Email might be sent to a prospect, this will be the product of research, rather than just sending emails out blind. It’s not limited to acquiring prospects, either. Cold Emails may be used for Influencer Marketing, Research, or providing general info… think of them as customized emails offering value.

Crafting effective Cold Emails

Cold Emails will require a bit of customization if you don’t want them to be mistaken for Spam. Thankfully, the most critical aspects of Cold Emails may be boiled down into these easy five steps, which we will expand upon shortly:

  • You’ll need a snappy subject line
  • Customized content is key
  • Establish who you are and what you can offer
  • Wrap things up with the following steps
  • Don’t forget your signature

You’ll need a snappy subject line

No matter how well-crafted your email is, if the subject line is boring or misleading, your email will be deleted and likely marked as Spam. We can avoid this by crafting subject lines relevant to the target’s interests.

You will also want to ensure that your subject doesn’t make the email sound pushy. Finally, don’t let the subject line be a misdirection, or you could damage their trust.

Customized content is key

You should know a bit of whom you are sending the email to and why you are sending it. Show them that you understand a little about their company and empathize with their needs. Find something that you have in common and go from there.

Establish who you are and what you can offer

As you establish your common interest, the next step will be letting them know that you are the right person to communicate with. This can be done with work titles, such as Regional Sales Manager or other titles that establish your bona fides.

It is also time to let them know what you have to offer that you feel would be valuable to them. Scoping out their website, public announcements, and social media can help you get the email less of a pushy feel and more of an ’empathic one,’ so be sure to take your time in this stage of the content creation.

Wrap things up with the following steps

Be sure to lead somewhere with your email so that the receivers will have something that they should do next. This helps you obtain metrics on how successful your campaign is while moving your prospective clients to their next step.

It could be something as simple as joining a mailing list or scheduling a meeting, but it is another important part of Cold Email Marketing.

Don’t forget your signature

Make sure that your signature contains your name, company name, website, and additional contact information. A sound signature lends a bit of helpful weight, so take advantage!

In closing

Cold Email Marketing is indeed powerful, and we hope you’ll take advantage of these tips and use them to the fullest. Above all of the tips here, remember to keep in mind that your Cold Email needs to be customized and clear about the value which it contains.

After that, well… with a bit of practice and these tips, you’ll soon see for yourself!

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