5 Little-Know Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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By Jacob Maslow

You don’t need to focus on complicated digital marketing strategies as a small business owner. Instead, let large companies concentrate on A/B split tests, sales funnels, and chatbots. Your small enterprise can benefit from a few less-known digital marketing strategies.

Today, a robust digital marketing strategy is the only way for all businesses to reach a wider audience. Some of the things you must never forget are that SEO remains vital to your plan, content is significant, and everyone, regardless of their age, is now on one or other social media platform.

Therefore, since SEO helps to give your website a high search page ranking, you know that you need excellent keyword research. Additionally, don’t just use social media for marketing; use it to connect with your existing and potential customers.

Now that we have reminded you of the three basics, read on to find the five little-known effective digital marketing strategies for your small business:

1.      Search Ads Have A Higher Conversion Rate

Paid search ads remain one of the most effective forms of PPC advertising. When users search specific keywords, you pay to display an ad text on the search engine’s organic results.

The three main components of the search ad include a headline, a URL display, and the text describing your business. These ads appear as the customer searches for a product or service, making them far more effective than display ads. The typical conversion for search campaigns is 4.40%, much higher than 0.57% for display campaigns.

Therefore, search ads give you targeted marketing for higher conversion rates and are a cost-effective way to provide demographic, geographic, and interest-based advertising. Another advantage is access to real-time data, allowing you to optimize the ads according to your ROI.

2.      Take Advantage of Facebook’s Potential

Facebook remains the most extensively used social media channel, with nearly 3 billion active users worldwide. Therefore, your small business must use the world’s favorite social media platform to connect with your target audience.

Create a free Facebook business page and let your audience see the human side of your business by sharing things connected to your business. Of course, always make sure these are what your target audience enjoys.

3.      Engage YouTube Audiences

With 2.5 billion users, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform after  Facebook and provides you with the most engaged audience. Data indicates that YouTubers are twice as likely to take action after watching a video and are also more likely to remember the information from a video.

Therefore, research relevant topics and questions people ask about your products or services and create relevant and helpful videos that aren’t too promotional.

4.      Keep Videos Short

If you want your audience to receive your message while keeping them engaged, make sure that the videos you post on social media are short. The reason is that most people only have an attention span of 8 seconds, and it’s decreasing.

Marketers say that 69% of consumers are likelier to watch a short video than a longer one, so get your message across as quickly as possible.

5.      Get Your Social Media Marketing Right

Social media marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to market a business, yet only a few small businesses use it. However, you cannot be on social media without a strategy. By being on every channel and continuing to post the same old boring updates, promotions, etc., does not mean you will create more leads and conversions. Get it right and ensure you don’t waste energy, money, or time.

The trick is to focus on just one social channel in the beginning. Please take note that it doesn’t need to be the one with the most users but the one where your target audience visits. Whether you choose Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest will depend entirely on your business and audience.

Finally, once you find the right platform, cater to your audience by providing content that will grab their attention and get them to share. Therefore, Twitter audiences want quick and efficient communication, YouTubers want educational or entertaining videos, and Facebook audiences want attention-grabbing content.

Bottom Line

Your marketing campaign needs to build trust, differentiate you from the competition, and increase sales. Therefore, the ideal digital marketing strategy for your small business is not about all the highly-technical methods used by professional marketers. Instead, use these five little-known strategies to help keep your business marketing relevant while ensuring it always reaches the exact audience at the right time.

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