What is GR0? The New Way to Boost Your Marketing Strategy

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By Jacob Maslow

For the uninitiated, GR0 is a digital marketing agency with a strong focus on advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). It was founded by SEO and marketing experts Jonathan Zacharias and Kevin Miller. They have a wealth of online marketing and advertising experience with top direct-to-customers (D2C) and business-to-business (B2B) brands. GR0 is the fastest-growing SEO agency in the United States of America. It has expanded beyond its roots into the paid search arena, providing marketers with a comprehensive portfolio of search marketing services. Gr0 has what is considered a trinary approach to SEO, bringing content writing with backlink acquisition and on-page optimization all together in one shop. This became the foundation for GR0. Since its beginning, the agency has been on a mission to help brands rank near the top on Google, the primary search engine metric being tabulated. GR0 is exclusively focused on igniting organic growth for direct-to-consumer startups. The company has recently started with SEM – a search engine marketing strategy – tailored to clients’ needs. But the question is: How does search engine marketing help businesses achieve their goals? 

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing is the strategy of obtaining traffic through payment positioning, primarily through ads

  • Budget – When using the Google AdWords campaign, there must be a determination in its structure and objective and knowing the budget as the budget has to develop the campaign.
  • ROI – Otherwise known as return on investment, it’s a ratio that allows the marketer to calculate the benefits obtained by an investment.  When various campaigns are being carried out in different forms of media, measuring ROI can become a very complex task
  • Quality score – The quality score is a Google metric used to measure the quality level of a website and Google Ads. An assessment determines its position. The assessment is based on the number of clicks and the page’s content. To get a good rating, users must click that the content of their search fits that of the website and, of course, is reliable and relevant content.
  • Ad rotation – Determine the order and how often ads appear on an IP address.
  • Landing pages – The landing page is the first page of a website that users see when they click on a link, button, or advertisement that leads them to a website. The landing page must be attractive enough that the person who’s landed decides to stay and continue reading more. This will allow them to become a potential customer.
  • Advertising campaigns – Performing differentiated advertising campaigns, grouped by theme and content, allows results to be obtained based on the product line offered. This will also allow a person to reach different target audience segments. If they want to obtain a specific positioning, they shouldn’t be grouped altogether since they’re all different.
  • Responsive – It’s very important that, when designing a website, it is easy to read and access on all types of devices. That way, customers are less likely to leave the website at first glance.
  • Optimization – Optimization is one of the critical points of the SEM strategy. Optimizing the keywords, the click-through rate (CTR) percentage, and constantly updating the website structure and content must be an effort.
  • Follow up – Keep track of campaigns and analyze if they reach the expected objectives. SEM allows real-time data to be obtained that helps make decisions faster and more effective.

From generating leads to creating revenue funnels to building brand awareness, the marketing strategy differs depending on the focus of each campaign. GR0 has focused on simplifying online marketing for brands to help them reach their most significant potential by offering incredible services to their clients. Then, the constantly growing, professional team behind GR0 is helping clients attract high-quality leads by providing relevant search engine results customers want to see. GR0′s marketing strategy, known as pull marketing, aims to show organic growth results.

The GR0 team is gradually expected to expand its offerings with shopping and display retargeting campaigns across various media platforms to give clients more competitive results. With this mission, GR0 aims to help more and more and more businesses scale their online presence and become notable global brands. Thus leading the way for the continued digital transformation. 

What is a Pull Marketing Strategy?

A pull marketing strategy, also called a pull promotional strategy, refers to a strategy in which a firm, in this case, GR0, aims to increase the demand for its products and draw consumers to the product. Pull marketing strategies revolve around getting consumers to want a particular product. A pull marketing strategy can be used by itself or in conjunction with a push marketing strategy. There are several pull marketing methods available today, including Word of mouth, Social media networks, Media coverage, Advertising, Email Marketing, Sales promotions, and discounts. 

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