4 Expert Tips for Running a Portable Storage Company

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By Richard

Running a portable storage company is one of the most demanding jobs in the market today. The tasks are never-ending, and the hours are long. When trying to train your people, it’s essential to ensure they have everything they need. From important items like cell phones and chargers to filing tips and a checklist of items they should always have on their person while working at the unit. Here are four expert tips for running a portable storage company.

1. Educate Your Employees to Follow the Checklist

All new employees must have a written and detailed step-by-step checklist of their responsibilities. Include things like making sure their cell phone has the number for the storage facility saved in it, making sure they have the list of items not allowed to be stored, and reminding them to lock up when they’re done with a unit. If you have a 24-hour facility to hold the storage containers, you might include items about closing out units and reporting to the shift manager or supervisor at the end of the day. These lists should be written and placed in a binder with step-by-step instructions to follow while working the storage unit. This will help eliminate any confusion or mistakes when you have a new employee and can help save your business time and money.

2. Invest in Uniform Boxes

Have you ever noticed that workers of some companies are better than others? The ones who do an excellent job can pick up a unit with speed and efficiency. They’re often the ones who take their time and have everything they need before starting a task. Uniform boxes are essential for these employees because they help keep their work area neat, organized, and clean.

3. Organize an Inventory System

Another way to help your employees ensure they have everything they need while working a unit is to have an organized inventory system. You can use a checklist or a binder with checkboxes in it. When the employee has gone through the unit and completed their checklist, they should be able to check off the items quickly. This will ensure each box, shelf, and all other facets of your storage unit are accurate, neat, and tidy.

4. Apply the Brick and Mortar Method

It’s important to note that when you have a portable storage facility, it can be anywhere and at any time. You must take your time and let your employees know exactly where they can go to find all the valuable information, items, and documents they need while working on a unit. This will help them to locate things faster because they won’t have to run around looking for what they need. The brick and mortar method should be placed in each employee’s work area and have all the necessary items, so they don’t have to waste time. Then, before they begin working on a unit, they can follow all the checklist steps and make sure everything is in order.

If you’re looking to start a portable storage facility or are already running one, you must ensure your employees have everything they need. There may be items in your office that they need but aren’t sure where to find them. Ensure they have a checklist and checklist binder in place, uniform boxes, and an organized inventory system. This will help them get their jobs done efficiently and quickly. The checklist below could help you create your company manual for each storage unit employee.

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