5 Helpful Services to Offer to Employees Having to Relocate

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By Richard

Relocating is one of the most stressful and costly events for an individual. It can be a time-consuming process, but it will allow you to find better opportunities in your new destination. If you do not have some good services ready to offer your employee during this difficult period, here are some helpful services that you may want to consider offering to them.

1) Offer Use of a Portable Storage Company

When your employees are relocating to their new work location, they often need portable storage units to keep their things. Portable storage companies can assist people with different storage needs ranging from temporary to permanent storage. These facilities can provide long-term or short-term storage solutions and help users store their valuable possessions. This will save your employees money and time.

2) Give Free Moving Boxes & Packing Materials

If your employees are relocating from one city to another, they might require boxes, packing materials, and other items to pack their belongings. However, these items can be pretty expensive. Therefore, when you have several employees going through this challenging transition, it would be beneficial to provide free packing material and boxes so that they do not incur additional charges on top of what they already owe you.

3) Offer Free Moving Insurance

The last thing any person wants to deal with when relocating is to lose something of value because of mishandling by the moving company. To avoid such incidents, employers should ensure that they take full responsibility for the contents of their employees’ homes. You can go ahead and purchase insurance for your employees’ belongings. You should choose the option which covers both liability and damage insurance. When employees see that you care about them, it will build loyalty towards you and that will be reflected in performance.

4) Offer Real Estate Assistance

Employees that relocate tend to face many challenges. Hence, they must stay positive throughout the process. One way to ensure this is ensuring that they are housed near their work so when they start feeling down, they have easy access to the job site! By doing so, your team will maintain more positivity than they usually would. On the other hand, if your employees are forced into staying somewhere far away from their current workplace, they might feel even worse. Therefore, you must look at finding accommodation close to your business. This will ensure that your workers have access to food, shopping, and entertainment without commuting. In addition, the closer a residence is to where you want your employees to live, the easier it will be to encourage them to remain positive.

5) Help in Find a New School for Their Kids

After relocating from one state to another, most parents will experience difficulties getting their kids enrolled in schools. They can pay exorbitant fees to attend school, especially if their children have a learning disability. If you know how to handle the situation, then you can offer to help your employees find a suitable school for their children. For example, you can recommend schools specializing in teaching students with special needs. Another great idea is offering them information about scholarships offered by certain universities. Your employees will appreciate your willingness to act as a mentor.

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