What is a DBT Cloud? Learn Everything You Need to Know

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By Jacob Maslow

Data has become the valuable source of the modern gold rush, becoming as valuable as that precious yellow metal. Therefore, organizing the ever-growing extensive collection of data that businesses have at their disposal and making it accessible have become top priorities.

This is where the dbt (data build tool) comes into play to make transforming data quicker and simpler.

With more data engineers needed in the marketplace and organizations struggling to find enough time in their flooded schedules and limited resources available to get data analytics-ready, using a specialized dbt Cloud with the dbt Core tool is priceless.

Find out everything you have to understand about what dbt Cloud is and how it can help you avoid data quality problems, disjointed sources, inconsistent definitions for metrics and business attributes, duplicated efforts, and faulty information being distributed for decision making.

What is dbt (data build tool)

First of all, the data build tool, abbreviated as dbt, makes data engineering actions manageable to those with even data analyst skill levels to convert the data in the data warehouse by using simple select statements, essentially creating your total transformation procedure with code.

You can write customized business logic using SQL, put data quality testing on autopilot, implement the code, and distribute trusted data with data documentation right along with the code.

With dbt, your data analysts can operate like engineers. Anyone who knows SQL can construct production-level data pipelines, lowering the barrier to entry that used to place limitations on staffing capabilities for legacy technologies.

What is dbt Core

Now with an understanding of dbt, how does dbt Core differ? The dbt Core is the open-source software that takes a dbt project (. SQL and . yml files) as well as a command and establishes tables/views in your data warehouse.

Also, dbt Core includes a command-line interface (CLI) to enable users to execute dbt commands with a terminal program.

What is dbt Cloud

Since dbt is the data build tool for transforming data in the warehouse and dbt Core is the software for dbt projects in the warehouse, how does dbt Cloud enter into the process?

The dbt Cloud is a web-based application with an integrated development environment (IDE) that assists data teams with configuring, deploying, and version controlling dbt projects.

This hosted service offers other functionalities like viewing logs, scheduling dbt jobs, sharing documentation, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) at an additional cost.

Prerequisites to Getting Started with dbt (Data Build Tool)

Before learning the dbt data build tool, be sure to understand SQL, modeling, and Git.

SQL is the core language that dbt uses to perform transformations. Therefore, you must be proficient in using SQL SELECT statements.

Modeling is the strategy of data modeling that is important for the reusability of code, transforming data into the and structure language of the business., and optimizing your performance instead of just adopting the model of your data sources.

Git is the software used in dbt Core to track alterations in any set of files and orchestrate tasks among programmers working together to develop source code during software development. As far as Git is concerned, learn how to use Git Workflow, Git Branching, and Git in a team environment.

Mixes well with modern data stack

The Modern Data Stack continues to be more interdependent, and dbt Cloud is crucial for providing specialized workflows to increase the quality of communication between apps.

Hosted doc site

When you have a dbt Cloud account, you are given a hosted documentation site that puts the power of restricted access into your hands. In addition, you will have free viewer accounts that allow you to make all of that documentation you worked hard to establish available to your team without deployment and security worries.

The dbt comes with a built-in documentation viewer to analyze the scope of your project and the factors that it depends upon for success.

Orchestration tools

There is no need to host an orchestration tool when using dbt Cloud. It includes a feature that provides full autonomy with scheduling production refreshes at whatever cadence the business wants.

When it is all said and done, dbt Cloud provides the customization you need when working with dbt for your data warehouse. So dive right in and use dbt Cloud to help your organization curate its data for better decision-making to simplify and speed up the process of transforming data and perfecting its pipelines.

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