What Equipment Can I Buy To Make Money? And How Do I Go About It?

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By Jacob Maslow

Having an alternative means of earning more money is something that many people are currently exploring. Apart from their typical 9-5 jobs, many actively attempt to engage in other gigs that boost their incomes. 

Though many people still overlook this fact, one thing’s for sure: making money on the side can make a significant positive financial impact.

Tracking down legitimate ways to bring in extra cash can intimidate most individuals.

If you’re unsure how to make extra income, we’ve got some novel ideas about the equipment you can purchase to bring in cash that’ll make the time you spent searching worth it.

By now, you probably think, “Earning money can’t be THAT basic.” Well, it can be, and with the right equipment, little time or technical education will be required to generate money.  

Want to know more? Read on, and you’ll get answers to the question many people like you have pondered: “What equipment can I buy to make money?”

What Equipment Can I Buy To Make Money? 

Here is a list of practical, easy-to-obtain equipment that can assist you in making some money on the side:

what equipment can i buy to make money

Lawn Mower

Earning extra income with a lawnmower or snow blower is one of the easiest things you can do.

All you need is the desire to make money. You can capitalize on this opportunity by providing lawn mowing and snow removal services. Many people lack the time or energy to maintain their yards. The concept is simple: use your purchased equipment to serve local customers and get paid in cash for your work. If you don’t have time, you can even rent out your mower/snowblower to potential customers on your street. 

You’ll still get paid without having to do the physical labor! The beauty of a lawnmower is that it’s affordable and easy to maintain. You could save even more money by purchasing a used machine instead of a new one. This side venture can earn hundreds of dollars each month by managing 5 to 6 clients and offering lawn-mowing and snow-clearing services.

What We Like About A Lawn Mower:

  • Requires no special skill
  • Cheap to purchase
  • You can find potential customers within a limited environment
  • Requires little or no technical know-how 

What We Don’t Like About Lawn Mower:

  • You are providing a time-consuming service.
  • Not much income is earned, depending on your customer’s price range
  • It is a job affected by seasons

what equipment can i buy to make money

A Vending Machine 

A vending machine is an automatic machine that dispenses drinks and snacks, and it is one of the best ways to make extra cash. You merely stock your vending machine with supplies and eventually return to collect the money that customers have deposited to purchase your goods.

Generating cash with a profitable vending machine business is a cinch; it’s a programmed snack-mart. All you need to do is stock it with appealing treats to begin making some extra cash.

This is especially useful for someone who already has a business where several individuals from the public frequent regularly.

You could plant your vending machine in a lounge area that is easily accessible to potential customers. This is why you see vending machines in lounges, common college areas, workplaces, and rec centers.

Even if you don’t own a space, you can consider setting up your vending business in other people’s business areas. 

The best way is to make a simple offer to the right person with the additional space you need. For example, you could propose to pay a lease each month or give a portion of the profit.

What We Like About Vending Machines:

  • Super easy to operate
  • Requires little operating cost
  • Cheap items are put up for sale, so demand is high

What We Don’t Like About Vending Machines:

  • It can be a bit expensive, costing a couple of thousands of dollars or more
  • You can’t make money with it from home; it requires travel and restocking
  • Must lay out money to purchase snacks first
  • Requires a location with a lot of crowds

what equipment can i buy to make money

Tow Truck And Scrap Vehicles

Looking to make some extra cash? Consider getting into the lucrative business of tow trucks and scrap vehicles. The demand for these services is always high, as cars are constantly breaking down and needing removal from the road.

With the right advertising, you can generate considerable money with this side gig. Scrap vehicle parts have consistent demand and reuse, making it a potentially long-term income-generating opportunity. 

You can maximize your profits by selling valuable parts like alternators, batteries, engines, and tires and recycling metals for their worth. Don’t let the cost of a new tow truck deter you. A good used one can be purchased at a significantly lower price while still allowing you to achieve your goal: making the most considerable profit possible. 

What We Like About Towing Trucks And Scrap Vehicles:

  • Yields high income over time
  • One of the best ways to invest on a long-term basis

What We Don’t Like About Towing Trucks And Scrap Vehicles:

  • Tow trucks are expensive to own
  • It requires a bit of hard work
  • It might not be a suitable immediate means of more income


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what equipment can i buy to make money

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are bits of hardware utilized to move individuals and apparatus upward. They are more secure lifting methods for heavy objects than stepping stools or platforms.

Many manufacturers and businesses require scissor lifts briefly or regularly, possibly for changing lights or fixing lines on a high roof. Scissor lifts save people time and energy, making them valuable equipment.

Scissor lifts can be put to use in a couple of ways. One thing you could do is rent it out to potential customers. 

If you’re comfortable with it, you could also use it to render services to people. So, instead of just renting it out, you’ll earn additional income by charging more for jobs you do.

What We Like About Scissor Lifts:

  • Not too expensive
  • Low maintenance
  • Required by many businesses

What We Don’t Like About Scissor Lifts:

  • Big industries tend to have scissor lifts already 

what equipment can i buy to make money

Musical Instruments 

If you’re skilled at playing a musical instrument, another possible money-making idea is to buy your device and be paid to perform. Create a spotlight for yourself; you’ll be shocked at how rapidly you can bring in additional income by playing music for parties and venues.

Great music and talented vocals are exceptionally valued. You can even set up recordings on YouTube of yourself playing your instrument and making some music with it, develop your channel, get your recordings paid for, and gain a following for your music.

Uploading such recordings on YouTube and other music platforms is a decent method for bringing in extra dollars. Additionally, you could achieve fame for your ability, further opening doors in your chosen career.

You can also rent an instrument out for a fee to people who need it but cannot purchase one. 

What We Like About Musical Instruments:

  • Relatively affordable
  • Good music is made while you make more money
  • Low maintenance 
  • Reasonable cash can be made if done well

What We Don’t Like About Musical Instruments: 

  • If not correctly handled, instruments can get damaged easily

what equipment can i buy to make money

Coin Operated Pool Table Machine

When set up correctly, a pool table machine is an excellent means to generate additional income. In addition, bars, public venues, sports clubs, and schools will bring in cash practically from morning to night. 

The key to choosing a great area is where individuals spend their free time or relax.

Like a vending machine business, locations like lounges, shopping malls, train stations, and other crowded places are great for coin-operated pool table machines. Once you provide the table and sustenance free of charge, sit cross-legged as you gather every one of the prizes.

Coin-operated pool table machines are a bit expensive, but the cost of running them is low. Therefore, it can generate reasonable income monthly. Also, if you’re the type that’s not comfortable in such crowded places mentioned earlier, then this might not be the best option for you. 

What We Like About Pool Table Machines:

  • Low operating cost
  • The average income generated through this means
  • Requires no stock or electricity supply
  • Effortless to run

What We Don’t Like About Pool Table Machines:

  • Expensive
  • Balls can easily get lost
  • Susceptible to vandalization 

what equipment can i buy to make money

Car Wash Machine 

Another lucrative equipment option is buying a car wash machine, especially if you want to incorporate it into a full-time business. 

The good thing about car wash is that they are auto-programmed or operated by customers, cutting costs that would have been needed to hire workers.

Searching for a piece of land by a busy roadside to rent is essential. Then, buy a self-operated car wash machine and construct a drainage channel and concrete where needed. 

A decent car wash machine can be bought for a few thousand dollars. Therefore, there is potential for high profit to be earned every month.

What We Like About A Car Wash Machine: 

  • Provides a good profit
  • It tends to become a significant business
  • Low overheads

What We Don’t Like About A Car Wash Machine: 

  • Costly to set up
  • Finding a suitable location can be difficult

what equipment can i buy to make money


There is a wide range of needs for a van, and nowadays, vans have become more popular because of their versatility in hauling and commuting.

Vans have a lot of functionality and can be used by people to transport large items or take garbage to the landfill. With a van, you could monetize this need by offering your services in neighborhoods with a high influx of people moving in or out. 

You get paid to assist people in moving furnishings and other properties. 

For proper business publicity, branding and graphics materials can be placed on your van before parking it in a visible location. 

A good van can be picked up for about five thousand dollars or less, and you can earn a few hundred monthly. 

What We Like About A Van:

  • This is a straightforward idea to execute
  • You earn as much as you can do
  • Clients are easily located
  • Average or high income can be earned

What We Don’t Like About A Van:

  • Requires hard physical labor

what equipment can i buy to make money

Public Address System

A public address system is not a piece of equipment often mentioned, but it’s one of the leading side businesses you can venture into. For example, many people need a PA system for events but can’t afford one. The solution: have one to rent to customers in need.

Target customers like hype men, DJs, comedians, MCs, bands, bars, and event managers. You can also include speakers and microphones, as many customers pay more for additional equipment.

This service can fetch you even more income if you know how to set up the public address system for events. 

A van to convey the equipment is essential for adequate delivery to the location where it’s needed. In addition, PA systems can provide incremental income, depending on your number of customers.

What We Like About PA Systems:

  • Generates a considerable amount of additional income
  • It requires little work since it is rented out
  • Can serve you for an extended period
  • People advertise your business for you by default at their event

What We Don’t Like About PA Systems:

  • Expensive to buy
  • Requires mastery of how it works
  • Involves heavy lifting and delivery to needed locations
  • People are likely to damage the equipment

what equipment can i buy to make money

3D Printer

3D printers have brought significant developments to graphic designs and printing. Imagine anything: you can print it. It’s not just about fun; it’s also helped scientists print complex organs and make discoveries, among many other fields.

A 3D printer is a top contender to make extra money. The excellent 3D print trend has no limits, ranging from pencil holders, planters, smartphone stands, cutlery, and business cards to Halloween decorations, depending on your type of customer.

You can procure a 3D printer for a few hundred dollars. Cheap, right? 

Unfortunately, you can’t just have it connected to the electricity and expect it to work independently. You need to know how it works, which can be challenging and takes time and hard work. Although, once you are on top of the technicalities, it is all a free ride.

What We Like About 3D Printers:

  • Interesting to make designs
  • Relatively cheap to afford

What We Don’t Like About 3D Printers:

  • Requires difficult technical know-how
  • Relatively low income is generated


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what equipment can i buy to make money


People use drones for a wide range of things. For example, people use them to take aerial photographs and video recordings for personal use. 

Also, most importantly, it is a sensible piece of innovation that can make you some extra money. The major markets for customized photography are everywhere.

With drones, you can take photographs and recordings of individuals’ weddings. Landed properties’ agents are also customers you need to take into consideration. Good pictures of building structures after home staging, taken in detail at any angle for a customer, can fetch you more gigs. It’s an excellent side job for holidays and weekends.

A drone costs between a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars and requires a license to use commercially (which also costs a few hundred dollars to get). But, on the bright side, you can make up to a thousand dollars on a day job in this business. 

What We Like About Drones:

  • You can turn it into a real business and career.
  • You can easily find potential customers.
  • Low operating cost is required.
  • Cheap to start up
  • You can make a reasonable income.

What We Don’t Like About Drones:

  • Requires a license to operate
  • It needs the skill to be learned


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What Equipment Can I Buy To Make Money? There Are Many Options!

Breaking new ground can lead to some astounding open doors, especially if you’re attempting to make some cash on your venture.

The acquisition of equipment can sometimes be a passive income but will often require some work on your part and some cash for operations and maintenance. 

Yet equipment can become an excellent method of bringing in extra cash or even beginning a business that develops into full-time pay.

Consider your knowledge, skills, budgets, and location before deciding on the big question: “What equipment can I buy to make money?” The perfect equipment for you could be a simple lawnmower or a technical one like a 3D printer. Assess your budget and motivation, and pick the ideal equipment for your side gig.


What’s the most straightforward equipment to buy to make some additional cash?

This question has no single answer since it relies upon your budget, skills, and location. However, some essential equipment for making extra money includes lawnmowers, 3D printers, and drones.

How much cash do I need to start making money with equipment?

The amount of money you need to start making money with equipment will vary depending on the equipment you purchase. Some equipment, such as lawnmowers, can be relatively cheap, while others, like 3D printers, can be more expensive.

Do I need any particular skills or knowledge to make money with equipment?

Some equipment, like lawnmowers, may not require special skills or knowledge. However, other types of equipment, such as 3D printers, can be more technical and require some training or expertise to operate correctly.

Do I need to invest in many maintenance and upkeep costs with my chosen equipment?

This depends on the type of equipment you choose. Some equipment, like drones, may require more maintenance and upkeep than others. It’s essential to research the upkeep costs of any potential pieces of equipment before investing in them. An emergency fund for unexpected repairs and replacements is also a good idea. Be sure to factor this into your budgeting when deciding what equipment you can buy to make money.


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