VW Assures UK Customers: Fix won’t Affect Fuel Consumption

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By Jacob Maslow

Volkswagen’s UK boss, Paul Willis, has reassured drivers that the companies proposed fix for its scandalous carbon-emissions debacle last year won’t affect fuel consumption in any negative way.

In answer to the question of whether or not VW intended to compensate drivers, he replied: “When there is no loss, there is no need for compensation.”

The proposed UK fix, which involves tinkering with vehicles internal computers, will begin this year and shouldn’t take more than 1 hour per vehicle, VW has assured.

Things are turning out to be a lot tougher for VW in the US, however, where regulators have flat-out rejected their plan for a recall. VW’s ideas have been called inadequate and too slow by regulatory bodies.

The VW emissions scandal erupted in late 2015 when it was found that computers in vehicles were giving false readings on emissions. Some analysts have projected that the scandal will have a total cost of $86 billion. VW chief Martin Winterkorn resigned as a result of the scandal.


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