The New Gold Mine in Merging Big Data Processing and Mobile Distributed Platforms

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By Jacob Maslow

Businessman checks the financial analysisLooked at from a certain perspective, your mobile phone or tablet is a great data collection device. I’m not talking about spying on you. I’m talking about having your device keep track of information that you willingly share. Moreover, as you use these devices, certain profile emerges regarding your conscious needs as well as your subconscious needs. For example, if you tend to eat out at Thai and Chinese restaurants, you might welcome the fact that your mobile phone knows this pattern and can possibly add value to that experience later on with the right kind of technology.

Considering the huge number of mobile devices in use throughout the planet, it really blows my mind that it hasn’t come across an enterprising tech executive or entrepreneur to merge big data with mobile data collection. There are really no two ways about it, your mobile device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, is simply a data collection device that you carry with you. This is a very powerful data collection point that when paired with big data analytics can lead to fundamental enhancement of both mobile content and data processing experience. As you can probably tell, this is phrased in a very open ended way. I want to leave it that way so as to encourage people to think of specific solutions that would have wide enough customer base as to be commercially available. Whether we’re talking about consumer patterns that can then be aggregated to form a business-to-business product or some sort of one too many consumer assistance platforms. The possibilities are endless.

Big data is the big trend in technology nowadays. However, if you pair that trend with the existing data collection capabilities of a globally distributed network of mobile devices, all sorts of business possibilities open up. We’re not just talking about helping people make better choices at restaurants or adding value to their restaurant dining experience. We might be talking about something that may profoundly impact business decisions and business viability on a business-to-business level in the near future.

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