Subscription Models and Marketing in Online Matchmaking

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By Jacob Maslow

If you’re building a dating platform from scratch or planning to scale your current site, reading about subscription models will help you determine your strategy.

Variety of Subscription Tiers

Not all subscriptions are made equal. And thank heavens for that! You can look at it as a funnel.

It makes sense that a person first gets a low-tier subscription to test the site. It feels less risky, so even if the site is not good, those few dollars won’t hurt them. But if they join and figure out that the platform is their cup of tea, it’d be silly from the business POV to prevent them from spending more money.

And that’s where subscription tiers do their magic.

The lowest tier is usually just a teaser. Then, there’s a mid-tier that usually unlocks all features needed to meet partners on that site. Then, the high-end tier unlocks all features and makes users appear higher in search results or something in that direction.

Specific Role of Review Platforms

People aren’t stupid. Everyone with more than three neurons in their skull reads reviews before buying anything. If an Australian guy wants to find a woman to hang out with, he’d first read the list of popular hookup sites to date girls in Australia. It’s normal for people to spend days, even months, researching the market before picking a dating platform they know, like, and trust.

And dating site owners achieve that by using review platforms.

On review platforms, potential subscribers can determine if the premium version of that dating app is worth it. They help users save time, money, and emotional health.

Marketing Strategies for Subscriptions

Behind every ‘exclusive offer’ or ‘limited-time deal’ is a carefully crafted strategy. Creating scarcity and urgency always boosts conversions if done right. And it doesn’t even come from dropping the price of subscription models. Instead of reducing your profits, raise the value you give.

For example:

“Those who upgrade to Platinum within 24 hours get a free AI icebreaker writer feature for the next 4 months.”

Some platforms lure users in with teasers. Showing stories of couples who met on their site and are now busy planning a hipster wedding. Social proof is always clever. It shows the audience that people like them achieved results similar to their desired results on the site. That’s an instant boost of trust.

Other sites and apps use influencers to boost awareness and conversions. That works because influencers have audiences who already know, like, and trust them. So when they tell them that something is good, they believe it.

Maybe you can create a free Facebook group to cultivate a sense of belonging among free users, which might make them try a paid subscription.

Freemium Models and Upselling

Give them a taste, and then sell them the whole pie. Many dating platforms attract users with free access. Once the audience realizes the site is worth their money, they can become paid subscribers to unlock the features and benefits of a subscription tier they choose.

There are limited-time discounts and trial periods.

Picture it: “Upgrade in the next 24 hours and get 50% off!” or “Try our premium version free for a week.” Such strategies exist to make the user think, “Why not? There’s no risk”.

Still, when creating any offers, remember that your business needs money to scale. If you keep offering discounts, you’ll slow down your growth.

Focus on boosting perceived value by adding bonuses to your offers.

Retention and Renewal Strategies

Once users have upgraded, the real challenge is to ensure they see enough value to stick around. Regular updates, new and improved features, and loyalty bonuses can make all the difference.

Perhaps there’s a new algorithm that promises better matches, or maybe there’s a revamped chat interface for smoother conversations. The message platforms want to send is clear: “Stick with us, and your journey to love will only get better!”

But it’s not enough to tell that. Dating platforms need to show that they’re working on user experience. Fixing bugs, solving reports, sending reminders about upcoming renewals, lower rates for loyal members, and personalized offers can make users feel special.

It’s like walking into your favorite coffee shop, and the waiter immediately brings you your perfect coffee. It feels special and keeps you coming back for more. In a way, you feel at home there because of that gesture.

In conclusion, creating a horde of loyal subscribers is all about trust, value, and communication. You want to create an online sanctuary for your audience. If you manage to do that, you won’t have any trouble keeping your subscribers.

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