6 Motorcycle Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents in Florida

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By Jacob Maslow

From Gainesville to Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s roads sometimes seem flooded with motorcycles. While most drivers are cautious and give them plenty of room, others aren’t as courteous. Many Florida bikers have been struck by a careless car. Quite a few of them think back and wonder if there was anything they could have done to prevent that horrible tragedy.

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6 Motorcycle Tips To Avoid Accidents in Florida

No biker expects today to be the day they experience road rash and broken bones while watching their beloved ride slide out from under them. Unfortunately, bikers do get hit frequently. Being prepared for the worst can help prevent you from becoming a motorcycle statistic. Regardless if you’re new to the two-wheeled lifestyle or have been rolling for a decade, all bikers can benefit from these 6 motorcycle safety tips and suggestions.

Increase Your Visibility

An all too common excuse from cars and trucks that have collided with a motorcycle is, “I didn’t even see him/her.” Although this may not be the biker’s responsibility, given this knowledge, anyone riding a motorcycle should do whatever they can to ensure that other vehicles on the road see them. Black may be the biker’s clothing choice, but smarter alternatives exist.

Wearing bright colors can increase a biker’s visibility. Other options are to attach reflective material to helmets and motorcycle jackets. Always ride with your running lights on, both day and night. Even during daylight hours, other vehicles can more easily see a motorcycle if its lights are on.

Consider a Motorcycle Safety Course

Despite having thousands of miles under your belt or being a new rider, both types can benefit from taking a motorcycle safety course. Newer riders will be introduced to the risks of riding and how to minimize them, and old dogs may learn new tricks. There’s no shame in taking a safety course to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to stay safe on two wheels.

An added benefit of getting your motorcycle skills up to par is that many Florida motorcycle insurance providers offer reduced rates for bikers who’ve completed approved safety classes.

Ride Defensively

Defensive riding doesn’t mean being afraid and timid on the road. It’s the exact opposite. Awareness of potential hazards and issues is one of the best ways to stay safe on Florida’s roads. Riding defensively means:

  • Always assuming other vehicles don’t see you
  • Always have an exit plan in case you have to perform evasive maneuvers
  • Using your horn, if necessary, to alert other vehicles of your presence

Avoid Distracted Riding

When out for a ride, whether with a group or alone, you should be enjoying the road. Although it’s become common for bikers to use their cell phones for GPS, they shouldn’t be used for anything else. Under no circumstances should you be using it for any other reason. Even texting or quickly scroll through your favorite social media platform at a stoplight must be avoided. Safe riders stay alert to their surroundings while enjoying the experience.

Always Know What’s Behind You

Other vehicles on the road, especially drivers with no idea what it’s like on a motorcycle, tend to ride way too close to bikers for comfort. Some cars will tailgate motorcycles on fast-moving highways to get a better look at a cool-looking bike or simply out of sheer ignorance. Glancing in your rearview mirrors frequently can alert you to a potential accident.

When stopping at intersections, it’s important to keep an eye on your rearview mirror for traffic lights or a stop sign. Many bikers have been rear-ended while waiting at intersections. When stopped, always keep your bike engaged in first gear if you must take quick, evasive action to avoid being hit from behind.

Regular Motorcycle Maintenance and Pre-Ride Checklist

A great way to ensure you don’t become an accident statistic is to ensure your motorcycle is in the best shape possible. Regular maintenance will ensure that your bike is always in tip-top shape. Money spent on repairs, new brakes, and tires is always well spent.

A pre-ride quick look at your motorcycle can point out any safety issues you may not have been aware of. Ensure the tires are properly inflated, the sidewalls don’t have cracks, and they have adequate tread on them. Give both the front and rear brakes a try and make sure the horn works. Do a quick check to see if your turn signals, headlamp, and brake light are working properly.

Motorcycle Safety Tips To Avoid Accidents: What a Biker Needs To Know

Although some collisions with cars are completely unavoidable, there are some things bikers can do to help minimize the risk of being involved in an accident. Being aware of possible road hazards, keeping your bike in good running condition, and riding defensively are just a few tips to keep your shiny side up and greasy side down.

You are entitled to compensation if you’ve hit the pavement due to a careless driver. Don’t rely on an insurance adjuster to pressure you into taking what they offer. Hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who will fight for you to get every penny of the compensation you deserve.

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