8 Effective Methods to Cultivate a Sense of Community Among Your Subscribers

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By Jacob Maslow

To help you foster a stronger sense of community with your subscribers, we’ve gathered insights from eight industry leaders, including founders and CEOs. From sharing wins and challenges to showing subscriber appreciation regularly, these experts share their methods and explain why cultivating community is crucial to them.

  • Share Wins and Challenges
  • Foster Togetherness with Inclusive Language
  • Empower Subscriber-Led Initiatives
  • Initiate Discussions, Not Just Content
  • Create a Shared Communication Space
  • Brainstorm Value-Adding Ideas
  • Encourage Subscriber Contributions
  • Show Subscriber Appreciation Regularly

Share Wins and Challenges

I connect with our subscribers by regularly sharing our wins and challenges on social media. This lets us let them in on the real journey, making it personal, building trust, and sparking genuine conversations. Plus, it’s vital because it humanizes our work and fosters a strong sense of community by building a meaningful, shared experience.

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street

Foster Togetherness with Inclusive Language

Community is the new currency. Building a community is important to everyone, both professionally and in 2023. 

One simple method to cultivate a sense of community with your subscribers is to be conscious of how you address people. Simple tweaks like using the words “our” vs. “mine” or “we” vs. “you” can foster a sense of togetherness. 

For example, saying, “Our next live networking event is on Tuesday, 9/1,” feels different than saying, “My next networking event for the ABC community is Tuesday, 9/13.” Another example is, “We are so excited to welcome guest speaker Susie Smith to our community,” vs. “I am so excited to welcome guest speaker Susie Smith to my community.” 

These subtle changes give subscribers a sense of ownership and connectedness to the community you are building.

Tara Geraghty, Founder, Hey Girl You Can

Empower Subscriber-Led Initiatives

To foster a deep sense of community, I prioritize empowering subscriber-led initiatives. By giving my audience the tools and platform to lead discussions, share stories, or spearhead projects, I allow them to shape the direction and culture of our community firsthand.

The significance of this method lies in its acknowledgment of subscribers as co-creators, not just passive recipients of content. A co-constructed community tends to be more engaged, active and invested. Prioritizing their input and contributions underscores my belief in the collective wisdom of our community and reaffirms my commitment to collaborative growth.

Riyaz Khatri, Founder, Jusebeauty

Initiate Discussions, Not Just Content

One effective method I use to foster a sense of community among my subscribers is by recognizing the distinction between an audience and a community. Understanding this difference is vital. 

An audience may consume your content, but a community engages, discusses, and even contributes to your content. For example, at Technews, instead of just pushing out content and waiting for likes or shares, we initiate meaningful discussions. We use our social media platforms to post questions or topics that ignite discussion among our followers. 

It’s important to us because this brings fresh ideas and often results in more authentic feedback. It’s a win-win: the community gets value, and we get insights that help us improve.

Marco Genaro Palma, Co-Founder, TechNews180

Create a Shared Communication Space

Creating a shared location is an excellent way to foster community among subscribers. This approach enables people to communicate with individuals who are enthusiastic about your brand or content and have similar interests. As a result, the community becomes more cohesive and experiences meaningful conversations, teamwork, and a feeling of identity.

A community of subscribers can also develop into a useful tool for members to ask for guidance and exchange experiences. This is the reason behind this strategy’s expansion beyond your direct contact with them. Additionally, it aids in creating a community that can sustain itself even when you aren’t actively participating.

Faizan Khan, Public Relations and Content Marketing Specialist, Ubuy UK

Brainstorm Value-Adding Ideas

At SmashBrand, we go beyond the industry norm of minimal effort in newsletter and subscriber communication. 

We hold strategic meetings to brainstorm ideas that will add genuine value to our audience, aiming to cut through the clutter of their inboxes. Recognizing that each email either builds or diminishes our brand equity, we are committed to giving this aspect of communication our full attention and effort.

Jason Vaught, Director of Content, SmashBrand

Encourage Subscriber Contributions

Creating a sense of community among my subscribers is important for fostering a lasting relationship. One way I do this is by encouraging them to write in with their advice and tips; this helps to create a more collaborative atmosphere. 

By featuring community-created content and emphasizing the importance of collaboration rather than an unequal publisher-subscriber dynamic, I aim to set an example that encourages dialogue. This, in turn, helps engage my subscribers and show them how much they mean to me, creating a stronger exchange between us and strengthening our mutual connection.

Amy Ling Lin, CEO, nailsalon.nyc

Show Subscriber Appreciation Regularly

Showing our subscribers appreciation is a great way to foster relationships. Appreciation is expressed for their loyalty, support, and engagement with our content. Regular giveaways and discounts have been implemented to express gratitude to our subscribers. Highlighting questions or comments from our community members is also done to make them feel heard and valued.

Mark Buskuhl, Founder and CEO, Ninebird Properties

Summary: Nurturing a Digital Family—Expert Insights

Building a community among your subscribers isn’t just about numbers; it’s about fostering engagement and creating a shared sense of purpose. From the wisdom of founders and CEOs, we learn the vital role of community building in today’s digital age.

  • Open Book Approach: Share your wins and challenges transparently to foster trust (Harry Morton).
  • Speak ‘We’, Not ‘Me’: Use inclusive language to make subscribers feel like a part of the team (Tara Geraghty).
  • Leadership Isn’t Just Top-Down: Empower your subscribers to take the lead in initiatives (Riyaz Khatri).
  • Foster Conversation: Go beyond pushing content; invite dialogue (Marco Genaro Palma).
  • Create Common Ground: Develop a shared communication space for your subscribers (Faizan Khan).
  • Give ‘Em What They Need: Brainstorm valuable ideas to add genuine value to your audience (Jason Vaught).
  • Community Spotlight: Encourage and feature contributions from your subscribers (Amy Ling Lin).
  • Appreciation is the Best Motivation: Make your community feel valued with regular giveaways and acknowledgments (Mark Buskuhl).

Our Spin: More Ways to Elevate Your Community Building

Customize Experience

Segment your subscriber list based on interest or engagement level. Tailor the content accordingly to offer a more personalized experience.

User-Generated Content Challenges

Host periodic challenges or contests inviting subscribers to share their takes on a particular topic. Feature the best submissions in your newsletters.

Pulse Checks

Send out occasional surveys to gauge community satisfaction. Use the data to refine your approach continually.

Amplify Voices

Spotlight subscriber stories or testimonials. Not only does it make the individual feel special, but it also adds a human touch to your brand.

Use Analytics Wisely

Monitor metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and engagement levels to adapt your strategies. Numbers can tell you a lot about community health.

Your subscribers are more than just numbers on a mailing list; they’re the backbone of your brand’s community. Invest in them thoughtfully, and you’ll likely see your efforts reflected in brand loyalty, higher engagement, and a more robust bottom line.

Kinky Kumbaya: Crafting a Cohesive Community on OnlyFans

Turning subscribers into a close-knit community on OnlyFans can be a unique challenge. Given the platform’s intimate nature, the stakes are higher, but so are the rewards. Let’s explore ways to make your fanbase feel more like a family.

Craft Personalized Shoutouts

  • Why It Works: People love to be acknowledged. A personalized shoutout makes subscribers feel valued and seen.
  • Tip: Rotate shoutouts so that, over time, everyone feels the love.

VIP Access to ‘Behind-the-Scenes’

  • Why It Works: Exclusive content creates a sense of belonging and privilege among your subscribers.
  • Tip: Use Insta-worthy ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ moments to show your human side. Authenticity is the currency here.

Polls and Preferences

  • Why It Works: Involving your audience in decisions, like upcoming content or merchandise, makes them feel involved and invested in your journey.
  • Tip: Keep polls fun and lighthearted. You’re not running for office; you’re creating a community.

Regular Q&A Sessions

  • Why It Works: Q&A sessions provide valuable insights and offer a platform for subscribers to voice their thoughts and curiosities.
  • Tip: Make it a weekly or bi-weekly event to create anticipation and regular engagement.

Virtual Meet-and-Greets

  • Why It Works: The closest thing to a real-life hangout, a virtual meet-and-greet can foster stronger connections among community members.
  • Tip: Use themes for these gatherings to keep them engaging and fun. Think: ‘Pajama Party’ or ’80s Flashback.’

Subscriber of the Month

  • Why It Works: Everyone loves recognition. This not only incentivizes interaction but also builds a stronger sense of community.
  • Tip: Clear the selection criteria so people know how to become the month’s star.

Encourage Fan Art or Stories

  • Why It Works: User-generated content clearly indicates an engaged community. It’s also free advertising!
  • Tip: Feature the best pieces on your OnlyFans page with proper credit, creating a mini-gallery of fan love.

Reward Loyalty

  • Why It Works: Loyal fans are the backbone of any successful OnlyFans account. Acknowledging and rewarding their loyalty keeps them around.
  • Tip: Offer exclusive discounts or freebies to long-term subscribers. A little generosity goes a long way.


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