How to Use Snapchat for Business: 6 Tips for Getting Started

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By Jacob Maslow

• Leverage Snapchat stories for product/service promotions

• Use geofilters to increase brand visibility among local customers

• Take advantage of sponsored lenses to reach a larger audience and coordinate with influencers.

It’s impossible for any business – big or small – to ignore the importance of social media. Social media is a crucial business tool that can be used for everything from connecting with customers and building brand awareness to promoting products and services and generating leads.

And while there are several different social media platforms, one that businesses should be paying attention to is Snapchat.

Snapchat is a unique social media platform that allows businesses to connect with their target audience in a fun and interactive way. And while it may seem like a platform just for kids, the truth is that Snapchat can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

According to DemandSage, “as of October 2022, Snapchat has 363 Million Daily Active Users. Snapchat claims that advertisements on the platform can reach 616.9 million users as of 2022” so it’s a platform worth considering for your business.

Here are six tips for getting started with Snapchat for business:

1. Define Your Business Goals

Before setting up your Snapchat business account, taking a step back and thinking about what you want to accomplish is essential. Do you want to increase brand awareness? Drive traffic to your website? Boost sales? Once you’ve defined your goals, you’ll be able to create content aligned with those objectives.

This should be the first step when using any social media platform for business, but it’s essential with Snapchat since the content you create will disappear after 24 hours. If you don’t know what it is you’re trying to achieve by using Snapchat for business, it won’t be easy to create compelling content.

2. Know Your Target Audience

Another important consideration is your target audience. Who are you trying to reach with your Snapchat content? What kinds of things are they interested in? Once you understand who your audience is, you’ll be able to create snaps they’ll want to see.

Snapchat users are typically younger than users of other social media platforms, so if your target audience is teenagers or young adults, Snapchat is a platform you should be considering.

Get to know what Snapchat users within your target audience are into and what kind of content they tend to engage with. This will help you create snaps for your business account that they’ll want to view.

3. Create Interesting Snapchat Content

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have anything interesting to say! When creating content for your Snapchat business account, ensure it will pique your audience’s interest. Think outside the box and be creative—that’s what Snapchat is all about!

Your Snapchat story is the perfect place to get creative and show your brand’s personality. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it and experiment with different types of content. But you need to make sure the content you are posting is interesting, engaging, and relevant because there is only a limited amount of time your audience will spend looking at each snap.

Story posts are only available for 24 hours, so you need to make sure they’re worth viewing and make it clear what your audience of Snapchat users can expect from you.

Get to know the platform and experiment with different content ideas before you post to your Snapchat business account story regularly. This will help ensure that the content you are putting out is engaging and will reach your target audience.

4. Use Snapchat Filters and Lenses Sparingly

Snapchat is well-known for its filters and lenses, which can be used to add fun effects to your photos and videos. But when using these features for your business account, less is more. Use filters and lenses sparingly and only when they add value to your content. Otherwise, you run the risk of coming across as try-hard or unprofessional.

There is nothing wrong with using filters and lenses occasionally, but make sure it makes sense for your brand and always err on caution. You could even create your own branded filters and lenses sometimes, which can significantly increase brand awareness. Get your audience involved by asking them to submit their snaps using your brand’s filters and lenses!

5. Take Advantage of Snap Ads

Snapchat offers a unique advertising format called Snap Ads, which allows businesses to promote their products or services within the app in a way that doesn’t feel intrusive or interruptive. If you’re looking for a way to get your business in front of Snapchat’s massive audience, Snapchat Ads are worth considering.

The Ads Manager tool within your business Snapchat account makes it easy to create and manage your Snapchat Ads campaigns, so you can get started even if you’re not a marketing expert. And with a wide range of targeting options available, you can ensure your ads are being seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in what you offer.

Story ads can be up to 10 seconds long and include calls to action, so they’re a great way to promote your products or services effectively. Make sure your story ads are creative and exciting, and always include a strong call-to-action to encourage your audience to take the next step. You can add a direct link to your website or online store in your story ad, making it easy for Snapchat users to learn more about what you offer.

6. Use Snapchat Codes

Snapchat Codes are a unique way for businesses to make it easier for their target audience to find them on the app. Codes are basically like QR codes, but they’re specific to Snapchat. You can create a code for your business that can be used to add you on Snapchat quickly and easily.

To create a Snapchat Code for your business, open the app and go to the settings page for your Snapchat account. Then, select ‘Snapchat Code’ and choose whether you want to create a personal or business code. Once you’ve created your code, you can share it on your website, in marketing materials, or even on physical products. Make sure your code is easy to find and that people know what to do with it (i.e., scan it on their mobile device with the Snapchat app to add your business on Snapchat).

Making it easy and convenient for people to find and add your business on Snapchat will help to ensure that more people are seeing and engaging with your content.

Conclusion: How Snapchat for Business Can Benefit You

Snapchat for business is a great way to reach a wide audience with your marketing message. The app offers unique features and Snapchat advertising opportunities that can be leveraged to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

If you’re not already using Snapchat for business, now is the time to start! Use a Snapchat business account with other marketing channels for maximum effect. For example, you could use Snapchat to drive your website or online store traffic. Use creative content and calls to action to encourage people to visit your site, and then make it easy for them to find your products or services once they’re there.

Don’t forget to measure the success of your Snapchat for business campaigns using analytics. This will help you understand what’s working and what’s not and allow you to adjust your strategies accordingly. With a little bit of effort, you can use your Snapchat account to take your business to the next level!


Can I use Snapchat for business?

You can use Snapchat for business purposes by creating a Snapchat business account. This will give you access to features and tools that are specifically designed for businesses, such as the Ads Manager tool.

Is Snapchat for business free?

Yes, Snapchat for business is free to use. However, you may need to purchase Snapchat Ads to promote your business on the app.

Should I make a Snapchat for my business?

It depends on your business goals. If you’re looking to reach a broad audience with your marketing message, creating a Snapchat business account could be a good choice. The app offers unique features and Snapchat advertising opportunities that can be leveraged to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

What are the disadvantages of using Snapchat for business?

It can be challenging to understand whether Snapchat users are watching your stories, as the app doesn’t release detailed analytics. In addition, Snapchat Stories only last for 24 hours, so you’ll need to create new content regularly to maintain a consistent presence on the app.

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