Shuddle Raises $10 Million in Funding

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By Jacob Maslow

Car Ride for KidsShuddle is being hailed as the “Uber for kids.” The company launched its app in October and announced on Wednesday that it has raised $9.6 million in funding. Shuddle does not offer on-demand rides like Uber or Lyft, but does offer scheduling for parents.

Currently in San Francisco, the app allows parents to schedule a pickup for their kids. The cost includes per-ride fees plus $9 per month. The company is very strict when they hire drivers and requires them to provide two employee references. All drivers must have caregiver experience. A company spokesperson states that Shuddle conducts extensive background checks on all drivers to ensure child safety.

Shuddle was founded by Nick Allen. Allen is a cofounder of Sidecar, a company very similar to Uber. The founder states that Shuddle was built out of a necessity to allow families to schedule child pickup using a safe and reliable company.

The company requires parents to schedule all pickups 24 hours in advance. Parents can track their child’s current location through the company’s app.

The company’s Series A funding will be used to expand the company’s operating areas with a strong focus on the East Coast. Currently, the company has 200 drivers with the vast majority being female.

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