Nine Best Countries for Day Trading Digital Nomads

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By Jacob Maslow

If day trading is your primary source of income, then you may have considered embracing the lifestyle of a digital nomad. However, one of the chief considerations for choosing a country to trade from remains fast and reliable internet access as you travel the world.

Admittedly, keeping up with the timezone of clients can often prove tricky. However, you can adapt your trading style to this and scale your business according to how you want to plan your days abroad.

One of the advantages of choosing a country as a day-trading digital nomad is that you may have some difficulties deciding on the best one. For example, some offer excellent tax incentives for remote workers. In contrast, others have some form of natural beauty and exciting cultures, but the following nine offer most of these and more reliable internet.

Porto, Portugal Skyline over Dom Luis I Bridge
Porto, Portugal Skyline over Dom Luis I Bridge

1.      Portugal – Europe

Portugal has maintained a stable position in the top ten destinations for people wanting to work away from home. Besides its excellent performance as a safe country, Portugal also has a perfect climate, low pollution levels, and delicious cuisine. Additionally, the country attracts remote workers because of its high level of English proficiency.

Besides its high average monthly temperatures of 17%, making it a wonderful country to work from the beach, Portugal makes it easy for non-European remote workers to apply for a visa and extend it. In addition, remote workers can also apply for Non-Habitual Resident status, giving them access to favorable tax benefits if they move there.

Colorful Aerial view of Buenos Aires and 9 de julio avenue at night - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colorful Aerial view of Buenos Aires and 9 de julio avenue at night – Buenos Aires, Argentina

2.      Argentina – South America

Argentina has a cheap cost of living and a laid-back lifestyle. Despite an unstable economy and fluctuating prices, Argentina is ideal if you earn U.S. dollars because of the favorable exchange rate. The average price of a one-bedroom apartment in a city center is about $230, making Argentina the perfect destination for those wanting to trade remotely while also enjoying this vibrant country’s history, culture, and natural beauty.

Panoramic cityscape of Indonesia capital city Jakarta at sunset

3.      Indonesia – South -East Asia

Indonesia is the largest economy in south-east Asia, and Bali has long been a beloved holiday destination. However, after finally scrapping COVID-19 travel restrictions, the country has started reissuing its special 5-year visa for digital nomads.

The beauty of Indonesia’s tropical setting, its profoundly spiritual culture, affordable living, and excellent WiFi speeds make it a prevalent destination for anyone looking for the ideal place for working as a day-trading digital nomad. Popular destinations in Bali include Canggu, Ubud, and Kuta, but remote workers love the exploration possibilities of this country.

Panoramic aerial view of Auckland City & Waitemata Harbour looking northwest to the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge in the distance. In the foreground is the popular Viaduct Basin entertainment area and over 135,000 yachts and power boats in several marinas.

4.      New Zealand – Oceania

New Zealand is a bit cheaper than Australia, another popular destination with remote workers, and also considered the world’s adventure capital. Here adventure seekers looking for natural beauty and adventurous activities are spoilt for choice trying to decide between white-water rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, and more.

Day trading digital nomads have access to fast internet speeds and proximity to several tropical destinations in the Pacific. Furthermore, New Zealand is a safe and stable country that offers high standards of health care, banking, etc.

MEXICO CITY – FEBRUARY 3, 2013:The Angel of Independence, officially known as a victory column located on a roundabout over Paseo de la Reforma in downtown Mexico City on a sunday day

5.      Mexico – Latin America

Good food, excellent weather, affordability, and a rich culture embracing a laid-back lifestyle ensure Mexico a place on this list. Mexico’s proximity to destinations to its north and south make it a popular choice for day-trading digital nomads.

However, the country has one of the highest crime rates globally, and some areas have unreliable internet, meaning that people must carefully consider the best places to take advantage of Mexico’s enticing visa programs. Mexico’s best cities for remote work include Merida, Playa del Carmen, and Mexico City.

The island of Hvar is one of the Dalmatian islands and it has been famous since the antique because of its important strategic position.

6.      Croatia Europe

Croatia is not just about its capital Dubrovnik. Go there to enjoy this Mediterranean country’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Despite being in Europe, Croatia has a cheaper cost of living than most neighboring counties and a milder climate than those to its north.

Croatia has finally found a place on lists thanks to the many stranded digital nomads that it accepted with its open-border policy and visas in 2021.

Panoramic view of Punta del Este beach and city

7.      Uruguay – South America

Uruguay is a safe and stable country for anyone wanting to work in South America. Uruguay continues to gain popularity with remote workers, thanks to a perfect work-life balance and the nation’s acceptance of others, regardless of race, sexual orientation, and religion.

Expats to Uruguay may find that fewer people are English speakers, but the cost of living is relatively low since the average price of a city center 0ne-bedroom apartment costs $425 monthly.

Bucharest Aerial View Sunset
Bucharest Aerial View Sunset

8.      Romania – Europe

For those who don’t mind the cold, the southeastern Europe country of Romania is another excellent choice. Romania might have an average monthly temperature of 7 degrees Celsius (44 Fahrenheit), but it is affordable and has fast internet connections.

The old harbor of Valletta with church roof at sunrise - Valletta, Malta — Photo
The old harbor of Valletta with church roof at sunrise – Valletta, Malta

9.      Malta – Europe

Malta is another popular country with remote workers looking for a highly safe and stable government. The Mediterranean island nation is the tenth smallest country in the world. It has a warm climate, but the five islands of the country are densely populated and have an exciting mix of ethnic groups. People here speak Maltese and English.


As a day trader, you may have considered embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. While there are some challenges associated with this decision, such as keeping up with time zones and maintaining a reliable internet connection, it’s also important to consider the many advantages of living in different countries around the world. From excellent tax incentives to stunning natural beauty and exciting cultures, these nine countries offer something for everyone who wants to trade from anywhere.

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