Netflix to Embrace Bitcoin?

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By Jacob Maslow

In yet another potentially positive development for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Netflix CFO David Wells announced that streaming giant has at least considered Bitcoin integration as a possibility in the future.

Speaking on the various issues faced by Netflix as it widens its global reach and makes inroads into Latin America and Europe, Wells stated that he believes Bitcoin could be a solution to some of those problems.

While Wells did not confirm any concrete plans regarding the integration of Bitcoin capability on the site, his comments do suggest that Netflix is seeking solutions and that Bitcoin is at least in the running.

When reporters contacted Netflix for further comment, a representative declined to elaborate or comment any further.

A move by such a large and well-known business could lend further legitimacy to Bitcoin and propel it into the mainstream. Several larger businesses have praised and even begun implementing the technology behind Bitcoin in recent times, including some of the biggest banks.

It remains to be seen whether the world of commerce will embrace Bitcoin or create alternatives to it.

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