Monthly Gift Subscriptions That are Legitimately Awesome

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By Jacob Maslow

For that extra-special someone in your life, a subscription gift can constantly remind you how much you care and appreciate them. And with subscription boxes now more popular than ever, you can find something that best suits your recipient’s tastes and interests, whether it’s a friend, parent, or romantic partner. But too many options can be a little confusing, right?

To inspire your choices, here are some legitimately awesome monthly gift subscriptions you might want to consider for your loved one.

Puzzle Subscriptions

Subscription gifts are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and long-lasting benefits, and puzzle subscriptions are no exception. With a new puzzle delivered every month, these subscriptions offer endless hours of entertainment and a fun challenge for your loved ones to tackle. Puzzles are a great way to unwind, destress, and keep the brain active. Not only do they provide a sense of accomplishment, but they also offer a way to spend quality time with friends and family. Plus, with a variety of themes and difficulty levels available, there is a puzzle subscription that fits everyone’s skill level and interests. So why not give the gift of a fun and engaging activity that will keep on giving long after the special occasion has passed? Your loved ones will thank you for the hours of entertainment and the lasting memories created by this unique and thoughtful gift.

Food and Drink Subscriptions

A food subscription is a great way to give someone a variety of tasty treats to remind them that they’re in your thoughts each month. Whether it’s a monthly subscription to a gourmet food box or a wine club for the connoisseur, there are many delicious options. 

Fresh produce and organic food subscriptions are also increasingly becoming popular as people become more health-conscious. The likes of HelloFresh, Universal Yums, and Winc tend to dominate this list regarding meal, snack, and wine subscriptions.

Clothing Subscriptions 

Whether it’s for a spouse, a younger sibling, or a distant friend, clothing subscriptions make it easy to give the perfect outfit every month. Look for options with stylish, trendy pieces that can be easily mixed and matched.

Some of them, like FabFitFun, combine clothing with other items like beauty, beauty, fitness, and wellness products. The downside of these subscriptions is that you may also want to keep track of your recipient’s body measurements if you do not link them up with the provider.

Beauty Subscriptions

If your gift recipient is a huge fan of looking sassy and elegant, this could be the perfect gift subscription option for you. Beauty subscriptions like the ones from IPSY make it easy to keep up with the latest makeup trends. Of course, depending on the recipient’s tastes, it’s best to go for the ones that include various products, from mascara and eyeliner to face masks and other skincare items.

Book/Magazine Subscriptions

These can be legitimately awesome gifts for the avid reader in your life. They can be educative, thoughtful, and sometimes thought-provoking. After all, they say that information is power! Look for subscriptions that focus on a particular genre or author or offer a variety of books each month.

Service Subscription 

Could your recipient be a fan of binging their favorite shows online? If so, a monthly subscription to streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Amazon, or Apple TV could be a wonderful gift. And if they’re huge music fans, services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music could be a fantastic way to show affection continuously.

Non-Traditional Subscription Services 

Non-traditional subscription services typically offer various products and services tailored to the consumer’s needs. The sheer convenience and flexibility they provide is part of why they’ve grown so popular recently. Often, they also enable customers to access services and products they would otherwise not find in traditional retail stores.

Some of which have been mentioned above, examples include meal delivery, pet products, beauty products, clothing, and even flowers. And as you might discover by perusing through Bouqs’ monthly flower subscriptions, non-traditional subscription services are also designed with the consumer’s budget in mind. 

Whether for a birthday, a wedding, or just for home décor, your recipient will likely find these gift subscriptions legitimately awesome.

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