Make A Living on the Go – Interesting Business Ideas for Travelers

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By Jacob Maslow

If you think globetrotting requires a huge bank balance, you are wrong. More and more people aren’t prepared to wait until retirement to visit exciting corners of the globe. Instead, they opt to start a  business that ensures they don’t need to worry about their budget as they explore.

Making your dreams of roaming the globe come true is possible if you can make that extra cash along the way. Here are some interesting business ideas to sustain your travels:

1.     Start a Web Development Business

Everyone needs a website, making web development a sought-after skill. Start your business online, and you can create websites for clients. Companies worldwide prefer freelance web developers because it’s cheaper, so set up your portfolio and market your web development business. Before you know it, clients will approach you from every corner of the globe.

2.     Start a Graphic Design Business

If your expertise is in graphic design, you know that you have another in-demand skill you can practice from anywhere. Start an online graphic design business, and you’ll never have to set foot into an office again as you design the elements business owners want for their logos, web pages, etc., from your current idyllic corner of the world.

3.     Start a Photography or Videography Business

Traveling affords you numerous photograph-taking or video-making opportunities. Besides uploading them onto your socials for likes, did you know there’s a massive market for these?

You can start a photography or videography business to meet buyers’ demands who want to use them for their businesses.

The best way to sell your creations is on specialized platforms, but if you feel more adventurous, you could also create specific photography or videography according to client needs. Of course, you would have to find clients online, so make a website with a portfolio of your work.

You don’t need special equipment for photography since most smartphones today take stunning photos. However, ensure you create the high-resolution images most platforms prefer and get extra permission when using known brands. Also, you must ensure that no recognizable faces appear in your photography. With videography, you must have some video editing skills and the right equipment.

With both these, creating a niche is not a bad idea. For example, you can sell photos and videos on stocks like Shutterstock, Udemy, iStock, etc., or find clients with specific image and video needs.

4.     Start a Virtual Assistant Business

Several companies prefer the services of a virtual assistant for doing tasks like data capturing, organizing emails, managing their social media, and even making their bookings. You don’t need special qualifications for most tasks if you like organization. Furthermore, as a virtual assistant, you can get the job done from anywhere in the world, even if there are time differences, making this the ideal business as you trot the globe.

5.     Start a Content Writing or Translating Business

Whether you are a writer or have a degree in translating, you can use your skills to start a freelance content writing or translating business that can provide you with an income as you travel.

As a freelancer, you can determine the hours are willing to set aside for working and those that you want to dedicate to exploring. You can also use your strength in grammar and language to do editing jobs or ghostwriting.

Use a freelancing platform like Fiverr or Upwork because getting clients through them is easier until you can create a proven track record.

6.     Start a Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog allows you to share your travel stories with others while earning money from advertising and affiliate marketing, where you receive a commission to make travel services recommendations to audiences.

You must create a website and content that will interest your users. Another way to make money is to sell guest posts. Remember that blogging takes time to pay off, as Google will need to value your content’s quality before recommending it to potential audiences.

7.     Start a Digital Products Business

There are several digital products that you can sell online, providing an opportunity for creating a business on the go. If you already have teaching experience, you can create a teaching course. You can create classes for any area, depending on your expertise. Other ideas include creating a course on solo travel, a yoga workout course, a weight-loss course, or a course website building. As you see, the ideas are endless.

Once you have created your course, others will pay you to access it. Therefore, you must promote your course to make consumers aware of it.

8.     Start a Consulting Business

Working remotely or with locals is a great way to teach others your valuable skills. Whether your specialty is accounting, engineering, financial, HR, IT, etc., you will need a website where prospective clients can see your expertise from your portfolio and references.

Travel may also provide added experience in your field, which other companies may want to purchase from you.

9.     Start a Person-to-Person Delivery Business

Person-to-person deliveries entail handing over documents to people between the cities and countries you visit for people who want a faster service than postal services or classical couriers can offer.

The advantages for you are that you can often carry several items at a price that will help you recoup travel costs and even earn a small living. In addition, your clients know they have a reliable way to ensure their parcels and letters arrive in the hand of the recipient from a reliable courier they can stay in touch with. You can find clients in local groups on Facebook or on sites with specialized services.

10. Start an Events Business

There are several ways to start an event business as you travel. One is to bring people together with online events when you don’t stay in one place for long. If you stay in areas longer, you can organize events like food or wine tastings, networking, niche interest sight-seeing tours, speed dating, etc.

Whichever way you plan to organize events, use your creativity to organize interesting events. You can sell tickets to people online or in local communities while having fun. Use online providers like Airbnb experiences for marketing them.

Final Take

The above are just some exciting and creative business ideas with which you can make a living on the go. Find one that works best for you as you travel the world, and even when you decide to settle finally, you will have an established business that can continue to make you money.


What is the best business to start while traveling?

The best business to start while traveling depends on your skills and interests. Some popular businesses include freelance writing, blogging, digital products businesses, consulting, person-to-person delivery services, and event businesses.

How do I make money while traveling?

You can make money while traveling by freelancing, blogging, creating digital products, consulting, delivering services, and organizing events. All of these require some initial investment and may require you to build an online presence to attract customers. However, with the right strategy and dedication, they can all be great options for making money while traveling.

Can I start a business without any money?

Yes, several businesses do not require any money upfront. You could start a freelancing business or offer consulting services with no financial investment required. Additionally, you could create digital products such as eBooks or courses and sell them online without needing any initial capital. Finally, you could look into person-to-person delivery services or event businesses that don’t require upfront money.

Do I need to be in one place to start a business?

No, you do not need to be in one place to start a business. There are many remote and location-independent businesses that you can start while traveling. Freelancing, blogging, creating digital products, consulting, and even organizing events are all viable options for starting a successful business from anywhere in the world.

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