IBM tries to boost cloud growth with developer tools

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By Larry Banks

IBM’s attempts to boost the company’s cloud services could get a shot in the arm from new developer tools unveiled this week.

The tools are intended to help the firm in an area that’s critical to its growth – the network of computers typically referred to as the cloud, where customers are increasingly saving more of their data and work.

But by doing this, they often don’t need more expensive IBM technology, which means the tech giant must boost its own cloud offerings in order to compete.

The new tools are said to help developers work faster and add more features into existing applications, as well as creating predictive analytics apps, part of the Bluemix service that is designed for creating web and mobile apps.

Internet companies such as accommodation service Airbnb and ride service Uber have extensively used cloud-based software development techniques. Besides attracting developers who work on projects for newer companies, IBM wants to attract established companies it has long-term relationship with.

“IBM has a tremendous asset”, said Derek Schoettle, general manager for the firm’s analytics platform and cloud data services, saying of its customers that “Helping them taking advantage of cutting-edge data services is a built-in advantage”.

The offerings compete against toolkits offered by Microsoft and other companies, he said, but offer more management. Using the IBM platform, the apps will be compatible with services offered by many cloud providers.

When IBM reported its financial results last month, it said overall to $81.7 billion for the year, cloud revenue grew 43 percent to $10 billion.

SOURCE: Reuters.

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