Apple CEO Tim Cook says Apple Watch is more popular than original iPhone

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By Larry Banks

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the consumers are bigger Apple Watch fans today than they were of the original iPhone.

At a company-wide “town hall” meeting, Cook said the Apple Watch sold better in the holiday season than the original iPhone did in 2007 when it was first released.

Meanwhile, Cook said he expected that iPad revenue growth and sales would rebound by the end of this year, adding that the Apple TV had its best quarter ever during the holidays.

Cook is actually quite bullish on the prospects for the iPad this year. The company has recently introduced the oversized iPad Pro device, and there are planned updates to the iPad Air and iPad Mini, although the tablet segment as a whole has followed a downward trend for Apple recently, and most other tablet makers.

Cook’s statements might hint that the iPad will receive impressive new features that will make it an essential item again for many people (3D Touch would be a great addition).

His comments about Apple Watch were especially interesting. The company doesn’t yet disclose sales figures for competitive reasons. If it’s true that the devices has a bigger upside than the first iPhone, that’s quite significant for the future appeal of the product, which is said to be receiving an update sometime this year.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.

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