How to Sell on TikTok Even If You Don’t Personally Use the Platform

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By Jacob Maslow

Perhaps you don’t use TikTok personally, but this trendy video social media platform has more than a billion monthly users – of which 80 million are in the U.S.

What this means for your business is that you can reach more potential customers and grow your sales more than anywhere else online. One of the essential advantages of TikTok over other social media platforms is that any content can go viral without restrictions, meaning more exposure.

Furthermore, the platform says that the purchasing journey differs on TikTok because brands show up more often on user feeds thanks to an infinite content loop. So what this does is increase brand awareness and consumer desire for products.

Creating a Presence on TikTok to Sell Products

Selling on TikTok requires creating a good foundation for your brand by building a presence and getting into its community before promoting your products.

Here is how you can sell on TikTok, even if you don’t personally use the platform:

1.      Use Videos to Create Value

There is no way that you can sell anything on TikTok unless you create connection and value. You can do this by creating videos that educate or entertain, helping to earn user trust. In addition, people want to hear answers to their various problems, so walk them through these issues and share the solutions. Finally, as you earn their trust, start linking to the places that can interest them in making a purchase.

2.      Use Hashtags Smartly

When using hashtags correctly on your posts, audiences can easily find you based on their topics of interest. For example, hashtags on TikTok create the desired pull because its users like to engage with content and share their journey. Therefore, they are more likely to buy when they follow your content hashtags.

3.      Use Its Advanced Engagement Features

The range of features on the platform makes it easier to communicate with others on TikTok, ensuring everyone feels like part of a community. Encourage comments to your videos, but also leverage its other features:

  • Stitch – Stitch allows collaborations by allowing you to add someone else’s video to your own. By doing this, you can showcase your product with a fun hack that you could test with one of your products.
  • Duet – Create a split-screen video by using yours with someone else’s whose topic aligns with yours. You can share your version next to theirs or react to what they are showing.
  • Q&A – Adding a Q&A profile link to your bio allows you to turn comments into questions and provide answers. Not only does this give your viewers a chance to engage with you, but also for you to create video content to showcase your product or dispel myths.

4.      Use Creator Collaborations

Showing your product is more promotional, whereas when you collaborate with a creator sharing their experience, the impact is more substantial on TikTok users. 39% of users on TikTok say that creator-posted videos have a more significant impact on their decisions.

The best way to find high-performing content creators to collaborate with is on TikTok’s Creator Marketplace.

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace lets you discover creators sharing videos within your domain, see how their content is performing, and reach out to collaborate with them. You don’t need to find largely popular creators because those with smaller audiences tend to have higher engagement, and people trust their recommendations.

Send creators your products to try and review, and allow them to create the content since they have their style that works with their audience. Creators can bring visibility to your brand in several other ways. For example, you could partner with them to host a giveaway show or allow them to share their daily lifestyle while using your products.

5.      Use TikTok’s Resources

When looking for insights for a new video, you won’t need to scroll through TikTok. Instead, its pooled resources include audio ideas, trends, insights, and hashtags. With these resources, you can see trending ads that work best to help you improve your strategy.

Final Take

Since 25% of TikTok users are teens and 22.4% are millennials, this is the perfect place to reach these significant markets. However, don’t ignore the potential to reach a substantial part of the population aged between 30 and 49 using the platform.

TikTok’s commerce tools make selling easier since it allows you to link to your relevant product page. In addition, a new emerging trend on TikTok is called Live Shopping which enables you to host real-time online events with creators to allow people to ask questions, get a better look at your products, and help build loyalty and familiarity. Finally, use TikTok within your social media marketing strategy, allowing you to entertain and engage your audience as you convert and retain them.

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