How to Grow Your Website Traffic 40% In A Month Without Spending a Fortune

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By Jacob Maslow

  • Increase website traffic without breaking the bank
  • Learn SEO techniques to optimize content
  • Utilize Fiverr graphic design to create attractive visuals
  • Step-by-step guide on how to increase website traffic by 40% in one month
  • Harness the power of influencers and social media posts
  • Build backlinks and maximize SEO efforts for better search engine rankings
  • Discover tips, tricks, and tools used to grow monthly traffic consistently.

Generating traffic and leads continues to challenge 61% of marketers, according to data from NerdWallet’s Small Business Marketing Statistics and Trends. Finding ways to grow your website traffic can prove challenging on a small budget, but there are some strategies that you can implement without spending a fortune.

Driving the correct traffic to your website is an effective way to make your leads into customers, but how can you increase your website traffic by 40% in a month on a budget?

1.      Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) allows you to grow your website traffic for free. Google remains the most popular search engine, and data shows that a complete listing gets seven times more click-through rates than one missing information. In addition, people looking locally for similar products and services mostly look on Google Business Profile.

Therefore, before doing anything else, optimize your Google Business Profile by updating all your information. It will help improve your local SEO, making your business more likely to appear on Google Maps. Make a point of updating your information regularly when expanding your services or implementing changes to your operating hours.

Furthermore, Google’s reviews help build trust and credibility for your business.

2.      Voice Search Optimization

More than ever, people use their mobile devices and virtual assistants to search for information online. Take advantage of this to drive traffic to your website by using longer tail keywords in your content and adding FAQ pages. Additionally, you must make sure your content answers their questions with concise answers, so include short summaries in your posts.

3.      Optimize Your Landing Pages

Whether you drive traffic organically or with a paid online or social media campaign, all traffic arrives on your landing page. Therefore, an optimized landing page can help drive conversions by keeping your audience engaged.

Make sure to decrease bounce rates by ensuring that your landing page loads quickly on all devices. In addition, provide value on your web pages to increase your website SEO optimization.

Other tips include removing any unnecessary functions and keeping your landing page simple. Also, don’t forget to add the value proposition to your website traffic that describes why your product or service is better than your competitors. Finally, add a call to action that matches your audience’s expectations and encourages them to click through.

Keep your landing page uncluttered, but add verifications or social proof that helps build your credibility and customer trust. Finally, add special offers, discount codes, or a white paper to encourage visitors to exchange their email addresses and view other web pages on your website.

4.      Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Before you even think of spending money promoting your social media posts, you need to create posts that encourage engagement and make it easy for them to move on to your website.

Some best ways to encourage engagement include polls, content stimulating audience curiosity, posing or answering questions, or providing exciting and valuable information. Always respond to posts, and have a link to your website to provide users with more details.

You don’t need to spend money on promoting all your social media posts, but do promote older relevant content that remains intriguing to ensure more people see it.

5.      Create Powerful Content

Use a strategic approach in your content creation to attract unique visitors to your website and encourage them to return. An understanding of your audience allows you to create better content.

Use various content formats that create a pleasing experience for everyone in your audience. Some examples are infographics, images, videos, blogs, studies, surveys, and quizzes. Video content and marketing will help you drive website traffic since 77% of younger audiences consume it.

You can also become a topic expert by creating longer blog posts covering a specific industry topic. These posts will give your website more visibility through backlinks from others who trust your expertise and are trusted sources. This improves trust in your brand and positively impacts your SEO, attracting more traffic to your website. You can also attract traffic to your website by guest posting on other popular websites.

6.      Use Influencer Outreach

Look for influencers that have followers interested in your industry, and tag them in your social media posts. These influencers are often interested in sharing content with their followers and may also share yours.

Consider running sponsored posts with influencers or micro-influencers, or ask them to comment on your product or service.

7.      Email Marketing Generates Traffic

Email newsletters and promotional emails are great for informing your audience and generating traffic to your website. After all, you have their email because they have provided it to your business and want to receive information. In addition, you can use data to segment recipients and tailor emails to their purchase history.

Keep your emails short and informative, and add an enticing line. Also, make sure to add a link to your website. You are missing out on its capabilities if you haven’t implemented it.

8.      SEO Optimization

SEO means optimizing your content with keywords and other on and off-site features to make it easier for search engines to find. Therefore, you need to research the search terms people use to find your products or services and use them in your content and web pages.

Use Google Analytics for your research and see what terms your competition uses on their websites and social media. Another free tool you can use to your advantage is Google Search Console. Use it to see how your website performs in search results, how many people click on your website, and the terms most visitors use to start their search.

Maximize your SEO efforts by providing concise meta descriptions for all your pages and using search phrases in all your content.

Other on-page SEO optimization techniques include ensuring that you have a fast-loading website, a mobile-friendly website, and website security. Keep testing your site to ensure it remains fully optimized.

9.     Fiverr Graphic Design

Hire graphic designers from Fiverr to create eye-catching visuals for your website, social media posts, and promotional material. Graphical content is much more likely to be shared than plain text. And when it comes to visuals, Fiverr has a wide variety of talented professionals who can help you create the perfect image or video. When people like what they see, they are more likely to share it with others who may become potential customers.

Alternatively, Tailor Brands is an excellent option if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to create a logo, website, and more. With Tailor Brands’ advanced AI technology, you can generate stunning logos in just minutes – no graphic design experience is needed!  You can also create branded visuals easily with their comprehensive library of templates. And this isn’t even the best part – with Tailor Brands, you get access to all the features without paying any setup fees or subscriptions. This makes it perfect for small business owners who want to save money. So if Fiverr graphic design doesn’t sound appealing to your needs, consider using Tailor Brands instead!

The right graphic designer can also help you create custom images that match the look and feel of your website or brand identity. This will ensure visitors recognize your logo and other elements after leaving your site.

Creating quality visuals will attract more attention and generate more website traffic.

Final Take

Driving more traffic to your website need not be challenging if you implement the tips above. By using SEO techniques, influencers, good content, backlinks, and some promoted social media posts, you can ensure 40% growth in a month without spending a fortune.

If you want to continue growing your website traffic, check out our article that details the tools we use consistently to increase month-to-month. We detail what works and how you can implement these strategies in detail. With this information, you’ll be able to gain more website traffic without breaking the bank. So don’t hesitate – to check out our article now! With knowledge and action, you could see a 40% difference in website traffic in as little as one month. Good luck!


How do I drive more traffic to my website?

You can drive more traffic to your website by using SEO techniques, influencers, good content, backlinks, and some promoted social media posts.

What is the best way to attract unique visitors to my website?

The best way to attract unique visitors to your website is by creating powerful content that remains intriguing. You can also use various content formats such as infographics, images, videos, blogs, studies, surveys and quizzes. Additionally, guest posting on other popular websites can help you get more visibility for your site. Finally, using influencer outreach will allow you to reach a larger audience with similar interests in your industry.

What is fiverr graphic design?

Fiverr Graphic Design is a platform for hiring freelance designers to help create or improve your website. You can find creatives specializing in logo and brand design, web design, illustrations, videos, animations, and more. Fiverr’s professionals have varying levels of expertise and skill sets that fit the budget and needs of small businesses. With the right designer on board, you’ll get high-quality results quickly.  You can also use Fiverr’s services to develop compelling content for social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Furthermore, Fiverr offers special logo design packages and logos for web stores.

Additionally, digital marketing services such as SEO techniques and backlink analysis are also available. Finally, Fiverr graphic design offers affordable professional photography and videography services. These options can help you drive traffic to your website in no time!  So get started with Fiverr graphic design today!  You could see a 40% increase in website traffic in just one month.

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