Get Perfectly Formatted In-Text Citations in Seconds with Grammarly’s Citation Generator

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By Jacob Maslow

A reliable citation generator is essential in today’s fast-paced academic and professional world. One tool that has gained immense popularity among students, researchers, and professionals alike is the Grammarly Citation Generator. This powerful tool streamlines the often-tedious task of creating accurate citations, ensuring that your writing maintains high professionalism and credibility.

The Grammarly Citation Generator is designed to handle various citation styles effortlessly, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and others. Users are provided with an accurate, properly formatted citation by simply entering the necessary information about a source. This allows them to focus on the content of their writing rather than worrying about the intricate details of citation styles.

Grammarly’s tool integrates seamlessly with its well-known writing assistant, providing an all-in-one solution for producing polished, well-cited work. This integration ensures that your writing not only meets the grammatical standards but also is correctly cited, safeguarding against potential plagiarism issues while bolstering the overall credibility of your work.

Grammarly Citation Generator Overview

The Grammarly Citation Generator is helpful for students, researchers, and professionals. With this feature, users can easily create accurate citations in multiple styles. This section covers the main features of the citation generator and the citation styles supported.

Main Features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Generates citations for a variety of source types, including books, articles, websites, and more
  • Automatically corrects common citation errors
  • Provides citation suggestions and recommendations based on context
  • Integrates with Grammarly’s other writing tools, such as grammar and plagiarism checks

Citation Styles Supported

The Grammarly Citation Generator supports several popular citation styles, making it an excellent choice for those who need to format citations in multiple styles. Below is a list of the citation styles currently supported:

  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • Chicago (Chicago Manual of Style)
  • Turabian (Turabian Manual for Writers)

With the Grammarly Citation Generator, users can easily create accurate and properly formatted citations, ensuring their work follows the required style guide.

Creating Citations with Grammarly

Grammarly offers a user-friendly citation generator to help create accurate citations in various styles like APA. The following subsections will discuss citing different sources using Grammarly’s citation generator.

Citing Books

To cite a book, you must provide details such as the author’s name, book title, publication date, and publisher. Grammarly can automatically create the full citation when these details are entered.

Citing Articles

For citing articles, the required information includes the author’s name, article title, journal title, volume, issue, and publication year. Once you input these details, Grammarly will generate a citation in the desired style.

Citing Websites

Citing websites using Grammarly requires you to input the webpage title, author (if available), publication date (if available), and URL. Grammarly will then create an accurate citation for the website in the chosen format.

Citing Videos

When citing videos, you must provide the video title, the creator or uploader’s name, the publication date (if available), and the URL. Once this information is entered, Grammarly will generate a citation in the appropriate style.

Citing Other Sources

For other sources not mentioned above, Grammarly’s citation generator is versatile and can support various formats. In addition, it can create citations for various sources, ensuring your reference list remains consistent and accurate.

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In-Text Citations and Bibliography Management

In-Text Citations

Grammarly Citation Generator supports various citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago. It ensures accurate in-text citations by providing appropriately formatted parenthetical or author-date citations. Users can easily insert these citations within the text while writing, helping them avoid plagiarism and maintain a consistent citation style throughout their work. To use this feature:

  1. Highlight the text you want to cite
  2. Click on the citation button in the Grammarly toolbar
  3. Select the appropriate citation style
  4. Enter the source details to generate the citation


The citation generator also assists users in creating and managing a list of references for their papers. Users can quickly compile a references page that adheres to the chosen citation style by generating citations for various sources. The references page management in Grammarly includes:

  • Automatically formatted citations for multiple sources
  • Alphabetical ordering of references by default
  • Easy editing and updating of reference details
Source Type APA 7th Edition MLA 9th Edition Chicago 17th Edition
Book X X X
Journal X X X
Website X X X


In addition to generating in-text citations and reference lists, Grammarly’s Citation Generator can compile complete bibliographies that include all the sources used in a paper. Furthermore, users can export these bibliographies in various formats, such as Word or Google Docs. This feature saves time and ensures the bibliography follows the chosen citation style. The key benefits of using Grammarly for bibliography management are:

  • Compliance with chosen citation style guidelines
  • Easy export options for various document formats
  • Time-saving and consistent formatting of sources

Grammarly Citation Generator simplifies in-text citation, references, and bibliography management. It ensures consistency and accuracy throughout academic and professional writing projects by offering support for multiple citation styles, automatic formatting, and export options.

Using Grammarly to Check for Plagiarism

Plagiarism Checker Features

Grammarly offers a plagiarism checker as part of its services integrated within Grammarly Premium. Users can benefit from this tool to ensure original content and avoid plagiarism-related issues.

The plagiarism checker compares the text against a comprehensive database of web pages, academic papers, and other digital content. It then identifies any similarities and provides users with a percentage score indicating the level of similarity. The higher the percentage, the greater the need for revision to avoid plagiarism.

Some notable features of Grammarly’s plagiarism checker include:

  • Accuracy: The tool effectively detects potential plagiarism from a vast database, ensuring users can access reliable results.
  • Ease of Use: The plagiarism checker is integrated into the Grammarly Premium interface, making it simple to use alongside other writing tools as users create and edit their documents.
  • Detailed Report: The tool provides users with crucial information for each instance of similarity detected. This includes source links, a percentage match, and the exact similar text portion.
  • Customization: Inside the Grammarly Editor, users can also exclude specific sources from their plagiarism check should they have a valid reason.

To make the best use of Grammarly’s plagiarism checker, users should consider the following tips:

  1. Review the percentage score provided by Grammarly to determine if a document needs additional revision to avoid plagiarism concerns.
  2. Revise and paraphrase any flagged text appropriately so it presents the information originally.
  3. Use the provided source links to verify the similarity and potentially identify missing citations that should be added to the document.
  4. Remember that Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is available only to Grammarly Premium users, so the additional cost should be considered when deciding whether to upgrade.

In conclusion, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is a valuable tool within Grammarly Premium, which helps users ensure their content is original and effectively avoids plagiarism-related issues.

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Improving Grammar and Writing with Grammarly

Grammarly is a helpful tool that helps individuals improve their writing and grammatical skills. The software offers several features to assist users in enhancing their writing quality.

Grammar Checker

Grammarly’s Grammar Checker is a powerful feature that automatically flags and corrects grammatical errors in a text. It helps users identify and fix mistakes like:

  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Incorrect punctuation usage
  • Misuse of articles
  • Split infinitives

By providing real-time feedback and suggestions, Grammarly’s Grammar Checker helps users learn from their mistakes and improve their writing skills.

Proofreading Services

In addition to the Grammar Checker, Grammarly also offers Proofreading Services. These services include:

  1. Spelling and Punctuation: Grammarly identifies and corrects spelling mistakes and incorrect punctuation usage to ensure a well-written and polished document.
  2. Contextual Vocabulary Enhancement: Grammarly suggests alternative word choices to improve clarity and avoid word repetition, thus enriching the text.
  3. Sentence Structure: Grammarly analyzes the structure of the sentences, providing suggestions to improve sentence clarity and readability.
  4. Writing Style Adjustment: Grammarly adjusts writing style based on the document type (e.g., academic, business, creative) to maintain a consistent tone throughout the text.

Utilizing Grammarly’s Proofreading Services can dramatically enhance the quality of any written piece, making it an invaluable tool for writers of all skill levels.

Grammarly for Students and Researchers

Using Grammarly on Campus

Grammarly is a writing tool that assists students and researchers in creating well-crafted research papers and academic writing. In addition, as an essential tool for those in university settings, it streamlines the writing process by catching grammatical errors and offering helpful suggestions.

Grammarly helps students improve their writing skills by highlighting common mistakes and explaining how to correct them. This allows students to produce better-quality research papers and academic essays, which can lead to more successful academic performance.

Researchers can also benefit from using Grammarly in their work. The tool not only catches grammatical errors but also helps maintain a consistent and professional tone in their research documents. Moreover, Grammarly’s plagiarism detector allows researchers to ensure that their work is original and properly cited.

In addition, Grammarly can be used on various devices and platforms, making it easily accessible for students and researchers in university settings. The tool can be seamlessly integrated into daily academic life, whether on a laptop, desktop, or as a browser extension.

Some features of Grammarly that can benefit students and researchers include:

  • Grammar and punctuation checks
  • Style and tone suggestions
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Adaptive technology based on specific writing needs

Grammarly is essential for students and researchers to enhance their writing skills and produce high-quality academic work. It’s user-friendly interface and powerful features have become an indispensable part of university life for many.

Grammarly Integrations and Additional Features

Browser Extension

Grammarly offers a browser extension for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This extension allows users to access Grammarly’s proofreading and citation generation tools while browsing the web or using online platforms such as Google Docs, WordPress, social media sites, and email clients.


In addition to the browser extension, Grammarly has a dedicated online editor, which users can access by logging into their accounts. The editor provides textbook and video solutions to improve grammar and writing style. It also features grammar guides that help users understand complex grammatical rules and improve their writing skills.

Other Features

Grammarly offers various additional features that enhance the overall user experience, such as:

  • Textbook Solutions: Users can access a comprehensive library of textbook solutions to help them understand various grammar concepts and rules.
  • Video Solutions: Grammarly provides video tutorials that cover specific grammar topics, making it easier for users to master complex concepts and rules.
  • Grammar Guides: Users can access guides explaining grammar rules, providing them with a better understanding of the technical aspects of the language.

Grammarly offers many integrations and features, including a browser extension, editor, and other valuable resources. As a result, it is a comprehensive tool for improving grammar and citation accuracy in various contexts.


GrammarlyGo is an innovative tool developed by Grammarly that assists users with their writing needs. It leverages generative AI to provide on-demand composition, rewriting, creativity, and replying. In addition, GrammarlyGo uses contextual awareness to generate high-quality outputs tailored to the user’s specific goals, voice, and style. This powerful feature is accessible via the Chrome extension or desktop app by clicking the light bulb icon next to the Grammarly logo.

Free users are entitled to a generous 100 prompts per month, reset each month, allowing them access to explore all of GrammarlyGo’s capabilities, while premium plans offer 500 prompts per month. It also has an advanced paraphrasing tool that will enable users to quickly generate articulate paraphrases with customized length and formality adjustments.

GrammarlyGo provides a convenient, efficient, and robust solution for individuals, teams, and businesses needing a writing assistant to quickly generate and revise quality content.


In its final assessment, the Grammarly citation generator is essential for writers, researchers, and students. Providing accurate and consistent citations ensures compliance with various citation styles, strengthening the reliability of their work.

The application offers a streamlined process for generating citations. Users can quickly input the source information, choose the desired citation style, and obtain the correctly formatted citation. This efficiency saves time and reduces the likelihood of errors, enabling users to focus on the quality of their writing.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, the citation generator supports multiple citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago. This adaptability makes it suitable for various academic and professional disciplines.

The Grammarly citation generator’s effectiveness in promoting transparency, plagiarism prevention, and academic integrity cannot be overstated. As a comprehensive solution for proper referencing, it has become a vital resource for those seeking to uphold the highest standards in written communication.

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What is Grammarly citation generator?

Grammarly citation generator refers to a tool that automatically creates citations and bibliographies in various citation styles, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago, for academic papers and essays.

How does the tool work?

Users typically input the source information to use the citation generator, such as the author’s name, work title, publisher, and publication date. The tool then generates a formatted citation according to the specified citation style.

Is the citation generator free to use?

Yes, the Grammarly citation generator is available for free. However, additional features and benefits may be accessible to Grammarly Premium subscribers.

What are the supported citation styles?

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Turabian
  • Harvard

Can I use this tool for multiple source types?

Yes, the Grammarly citation generator supports various source types, including:

  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Websites
  • Conference papers

How reliable are the generated citations?

While Grammarly’s citation generator aims to provide accurate citations, it is crucial to double-check the generated citations for correctness and completeness, as inaccuracies or inconsistencies may occasionally occur.

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