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By Jacob Maslow

As a heavy user of Grammarly, I can confidently say that it has been an essential tool for my daily writing tasks for the past three years. Being in the top 1% of their 30 million daily users, I have experienced firsthand how this AI-powered writing assistant has significantly improved my grammar and overall communication skills. Today, I’d like to introduce a new feature of Grammarly called GrammarlyGO, which aims to enhance writing capabilities for users like me further.

GrammarlyGO is an on-demand generative AI tool that allows users to compose, rewrite, ideate, and reply effectively and efficiently. It considers the context of the text, user preferences, and specific goals to generate high-quality drafts, outlines, and revisions. This powerful feature understands the uniqueness of each writer’s voice and offers relevant, personalized suggestions without compromising authenticity.

Using GrammarlyGO is a game-changer for anyone looking to optimize their writing process. From brainstorming ideas to refining a written piece’s tone, clarity, or length, GrammarlyGO delivers top-notch results that help users communicate more effectively. As a loyal Grammarly user, I’m excited to see how this new feature will enhance my writing experience and boost my confidence in crafting well-structured, grammatically accurate content.

Grammarly Go Features

Writing Suggestions

As a heavy user of Grammarly for the past three years, I’ve found the writing suggestions helpful in enhancing my writing. With Grammarly Go, they take it a step further by providing contextually aware and personalized suggestions, helping me make my writing better and more effective.

Tone and Style

One of the features I love about Grammarly Go is its ability to consider my voice, tone, and style. Using AI, it ensures that the suggestions it offers are aligned with my intended message while staying true to my personality and writing style.

Grammar and Spelling

Grammarly Go, just like Grammarly Premium, offers comprehensive grammar and spelling checks. It helps me eliminate errors and feel confident when sending my work or posting online.

Features Grammarly Go
Grammar checking ✔️
Spelling checking ✔️

Generative AI

Grammarly Go incorporates a powerful generative AI, which goes beyond simple editing. It helps me compose, rewrite, and generate email replies while maintaining the context and my personal preferences. It’s a game-changer for communication and crafting high-quality content.

Rewrite Ideas

One outstanding aspect of Grammarly Go is its ability to ideate and rewrite content. When I’m stuck or just exploring different ways to express my thoughts, Grammarly Go comes to the rescue with intelligent rewrite suggestions, assisting me in unlocking my creativity and polishing my writing.

  • Context-aware suggestions
  • Personalized rewrite ideas
  • Enhanced creative capabilities
  • Keeping meta descriptions within 160 characters and iterating it until it’s perfect.

Overall, my experience as an avid Grammarly user has been taken to even greater heights with Grammarly Go. Its features have been invaluable as I strive to communicate effectively and confidently while maintaining my unique voice.

Grammarly Supported Platforms

Grammarly flags and highlights potential issues in supported platforms; you can click to accept the suggestions. Remember that it sometimes doesn’t understand context, so read before accepting.

Grammarly GO is still in Beta. It integrates similarly but may not work on every platform yet and may only work occasionally. With Grammarly GO, you can easily rewrite a sentence or paragraph or two you don’t like (it is now limited to about 800 characters). You can shorten or lengthen or accept its suggestion for a rewrite. You can also choose more persuasive, friendly, formal, etc.

Microsoft Word

I’ve found that GrammarlyGO is integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Word, allowing me to reap its benefits while drafting and editing documents. It helps me improve my writing quality by offering generative AI assistance and context-aware suggestions.

Google Docs

GrammarlyGO also works well within Google Docs. I can confidently say that it enhances the editing experience by offering real-time suggestions and smart AI-powered corrections. Google Docs has become an even more powerful tool with the addition of GrammarlyGO.


I frequently use Grammarly in my Gmail communications, making it a natural fit for GrammarlyGO’s integration. When crafting emails, its AI assistance helps me with grammar and spelling and suggests ways to enhance my message clarity and tone, ensuring effective communication.

Social Media

  • Facebook: GrammarlyGO has improved my Facebook experience by checking my posts and comments for errors and making context-relevant suggestions. It ensures that my content is well-written and error-free. I am extremely active on Facebook.
  • LinkedIn: As a professional who occasionally relies on LinkedIn, GrammarlyGO has been invaluable in refining my posts, articles, and messages. It helps me maintain a polished and professional presence on this platform.
  • Twitter: As brevity is key on Twitter, GrammarlyGO guides me in crafting concise and effective tweets. Its integration with the platform allows me to maintain a high standard in my writing, even within the 280-character limit.
  • WhatsApp:  GrammarlyGO makes me look more credible in WhatsApp-based conversations by ensuring my messages are free of typos and grammatical errors. This has helped me communicate better, even on the go.
  • Instagram: For Instagram posts and captions, GrammarlyGO is a great help as it helps ensure my writing is engaging, accurate, and error-free. This way, my stories are more captivating for readers.
  • WordPress: Gutenberg, the default WordPress editor, has been improved with GrammarlyGO’s integration. It helps me ensure that my blog posts and custom pages are high quality before publication.

Additional Grammarly Products

Grammarly Business

As a Grammarly enthusiast, I find Grammarly Business a valuable addition to my toolkit. It’s designed for teams and provides a shared language platform, ensuring consistency in communication. Through collaboration tools, style guides, and centralized billing, businesses can improve the content and maintain a strong, professional voice.

Grammarly for Education

Grammarly for Education has significantly impacted my understanding of writing standards. It offers tailored solutions for schools, colleges, and universities, allowing institutions to support students and educators in mastering written communication. Customizable, scalable, and easy to integrate, it is a perfect assistant to enhance learning outcomes, maintain academic integrity, and build essential writing skills.

Grammarly for Mac

I have been using Grammarly for Mac to bring the power of the writing assistant right to my desktop. Its sleek interface and seamless integration with my macOS applications elevate my writing experience daily. The tool proves helpful for all my writing needs, including emails, documents, and social media posts.

Grammarly for Chrome

As a Grammarly user, I cannot emphasize enough the usefulness of the Grammarly for Chrome extension. It has transformed my writing experience on the web, providing me with real-time suggestions and corrections as I compose content across numerous websites and platforms. Instant access to grammar, spelling, and style checks has made it indispensable in maintaining the quality of my online communications.

  • Compatibility: The Grammarly Chrome extension works on various platforms, including Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, and others.
  • Ease of use: The extension is simple to install and user-friendly, making it a go-to for web-based writing tasks.
  • Real-time analysis: Grammarly for Chrome offers immediate improvement suggestions, allowing me to edit efficiently and effectively.

As a heavy user of Grammarly, I enjoy the benefits of these additional products, enhancing my writing and communication skills in various contexts.

Security and Privacy

As a top 1% user of Grammarly among their 30 million daily users, I have been utilizing their services for three years and truly appreciate the product. Security and privacy have always been significant concerns for users like me. Fortunately, Grammarly takes these matters very seriously.

Data Security and Compliance

Grammarly has strict measures to ensure data security and compliance to protect users:

  • By obtaining SOC 2 reports and ISO certifications, Grammarly has demonstrated and committed to protecting user data.
  • They have established a company-wide, security-first culture with the help of internal security champions.

Privacy in GrammarlyGO

Regarding GrammarlyGO, the on-demand generative AI tool, users can expect the same vigilance and care. GrammarlyGO is designed to respect user agency and authenticity; it provides relevant, personalized suggestions while keeping user privacy in mind.

Android Privacy

For Android users, Grammarly makes sure to protect your privacy by:

  • Blocking the Grammarly Keyboard from accessing sensitive fields, such as credit card forms and password fields.
  • Ensuring that the keyboard cannot access any data entered in sensitive fields.

In summary, I trust Grammarly as a reliable and secure tool, as they continuously prioritize and implement strong security and privacy measures for users like me.

Integration and Usage

Compose and Personalize

As an avid user of Grammarly for three years, I find GrammarlyGO a remarkable addition to my writing tools. Integrated directly into my favorite desktop applications and websites, I can use it just about anywhere. This functionality helps me unblock my ideas and enables accelerated productivity. By incorporating my preferences and goals, GrammarlyGO instantly generates high-quality drafts, outlines, replies, and revisions.

Suggested Prompts

Another feature I find helpful is the suggested prompts. I can access these suggestions regularly with the available prompts to enhance my writing.

Unique Context

What truly sets GrammarlyGO apart is its ability to consider unique contexts. This feature lets me personalize my writing experience, tailoring Grammarly’s assistance to my needs. The AI behind GrammarlyGO understands my writing style and adjusts its recommendations, ensuring my voice remains unaltered amidst a sea of improvements.

In summary, my experience with GrammarlyGO has been nothing short of exceptional. Incorporating the beloved Grammarly tool has taken my writing to new heights of clarity and confidence, blending seamlessly into my daily applications and providing intelligent prompts and contextual considerations.

Company Information


I have relied on this AI-powered writing assistant to improve my communication for the past three years. Both individuals and enterprises can benefit from Grammarly, as it helps users communicate more clearly and effectively.

Grammarly recently introduced GrammarlyGO, an on-demand generative AI tool that enables quick composition, rewriting, ideation, and replies. Being contextually aware and accounting for users’ voices, it provides personalized and relevant suggestions while respecting user authenticity.


  • Speed and efficiency: GrammarlyGO accelerates productivity for teams and individuals, allowing users to unblock ideas and generate high-quality drafts, outlines, replies, and revisions instantly.
  • Contextually aware AI: GrammarlyGO takes into account the context, preferences, and goals of users, making it possible to maintain one’s voice and authenticity without sacrificing quality.
  • Support for various communication types: Built for individuals and enterprises, Grammarly and GrammarlyGO cover various writing and communication scenarios, ensuring consistent and on-brand communication.
  • User generosity: In response to the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Grammarly severed all business relations with users in Russia and Belarus, donating the net revenue earned in those countries since 2014 to Ukraine. The company also provided free access to Ukrainian media outlets that reported on the war in English.

Partnerships and Advertising

I’ve been fascinated by their recent product introduction, GrammarlyGO. I’ve noticed an increase in their advertising efforts as well. One particularly notable ad campaign titled “Write the Future” is designed to showcase the success stories of Grammarly users while highlighting Grammarly’s role as a helpful background tool.

Regarding partnerships, Grammarly engages with affiliate business partners who promote their products to various online audiences. These partners receive customized links to encourage new users to sign up for Grammarly, and in return, partners earn commission payments from the company.

GrammarlyGO, an on-demand generative AI tool, is just one of the many offerings partners can promote. As an extension of the main Grammarly product, GrammarlyGO uses contextual awareness and aims to provide users with quick assistance for composing, rewriting, and replying.

Here are some key aspects of GrammarlyGO:

  • Contextual awareness to provide personalized suggestions
  • Available to free Grammarly users, with 100 “prompts” (uses) per month
  • Prompts reset each month for free users, while upgrades are available for heavier usage

While my experience with Grammarly over the past three years has been positive, I appreciate the company’s efforts to avoid exaggerated claims in its advertising. This approach demonstrates their dedication to delivering an authentic and efficient writing assistance tool for all users, making Grammarly an invaluable resource for me and many others.

Product Efficiency

Desktop Applications

As a heavy Grammarly user, I find that desktop applications allow me to integrate AI capabilities into my workflow seamlessly. Whether using the Grammarly Editor, browser extension, or add-ins for Microsoft Office, GrammarlyGO’s generative AI enhances my writing experience, making it faster and smarter.


GrammarlyGO has significantly improved the way I handle documents. Its AI enables me to:

  • Generate high-quality drafts with more relevance to my context
  • Receive suggestions on improving my sentences for length and clarity
  • Obtain personalized feedback based on my preferences and goals

Messages and Replies

When it comes to crafting messages and replies, GrammarlyGO has become indispensable. As a top 1% user, I’ve seen how this generative AI tool drafts accurate and context-appropriate responses for different platforms, helping me communicate effectively and effortlessly.


The ideate feature in GrammarlyGO has been a game-changer for me. Over the past three years, I’ve noticed that this component unlocks creativity and fills gaps in my work, transforming good writing into exceptional content.


GrammarlyGO recognizes the importance of punctuation in written communication. Leveraging GPT-3 technology, the AI tool provides more precise punctuation suggestions, ensuring that my writing consistently adheres to standard rules and guidelines without sounding overly formal or robotic.


As a heavy user of Grammarly for the past three years and in the top 1% of their 30 million daily users, I’ve gathered frequently asked questions about GrammarlyGO to help shed light on this new offering.

What is GrammarlyGO?

GrammarlyGO is an on-demand generative AI tool designed to compose, rewrite, ideate, and reply quickly. It’s contextually aware and accounts for personal voice, providing relevant and personalized suggestions that respect user agency and authenticity.

How does GrammarlyGO work?

GrammarlyGO uses generative AI that considers the user’s context, preferences, and goals to instantly produce high-quality drafts, outlines, replies, and revisions as needed. It’s designed to unblock ideas and enable accelerated productivity for teams and individuals.

What can I do with GrammarlyGO?

With GrammarlyGO, you can:

  • Compose drafts and outlines
  • Rewrite content for tone and length
  • Ideate to unlock creativity
  • Generate email replies

Is GrammarlyGO available for everyone?

GrammarlyGO is currently available in beta. You can use it to access contextually aware, personalized AI that helps you write drafts, rewrite for tone and length, ideate, and generate email replies.

How is GrammarlyGO different from Grammarly Premium?

While Grammarly Premium focuses on correcting spelling and grammar and offering suggestions for improving written communication, GrammarlyGO adds the ability to generate content, rewrite, ideate, and reply with personalized AI guidance.

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