Who Gets What in The Brangelina Divorce?

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By Jacob Maslow

After 12 years of what seemed like a happy marriage, Angelina Jolie dropped a bomb when she filed for divorce from her husband Brad Pitt. Now that the dust has settled, many questions still remain – the big one being: who gets what?

The two are worth a fortune and have six children. To say this will be a complicated divorce is an understatement. And if Hollywood.com is right, these two did not have a prenup. Things could get ugly very quickly.

Divorce lawyers say the filing looks pretty standard, but there’s no language that indicates the pair had a prenup. If they did, the filing would have likely asked for the agreement to be validated.

California, the state in which they’ll divorce, is a community property state, meaning they’ll be splitting their estimated $400+ million fortune.

Brad and Angelina: What They Own and How They’ll Split It

According to an estimate from Forbes, Brad and Angelina have amassed a fortune of over $555 million since getting together 12 years ago. Their estimated net worth stands at around $400 million.

The caveat here is that the pair didn’t get married until 2014, so what they earned before tying the knot may not be on the table.

Since their wedding day, the two have earned $117.5 million combined (before taxes). Brad Pitt was the highest earner, bringing in $76.5 million.

The Houses

Brad and Angelina own numerous properties, one of which is outside of the U.S., which can complicate things. Here’s some of what they own:

  • Los Feliz Family Home: The couple’s family home is in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The property was actually Pitt’s before the two were wed. He purchased the home in 1994 before his first wife Jennifer Aniston moved in.
  • Santa Barbara: In 2000, the pair purchased this $5 million property as a summer and holiday getaway. Situated right next to Gaviota State Park, the home has 11 acres.
  • New York: Purchased in 2007, the couple’s New York home is in the swanky Waldorf Astoria Towers in Manhattan.
  • New Orleans: A jointly-owned 5-bedroom townhome in the French Quarters. The two have been trying to sell the home since 2015 and are now asking $5.65 million.
  • Chateau Miraval: The couple’s home in Provence, France is perhaps the most valuable, worth an estimated $60 million. The 35-bedroom mansion is where the two were married and is home to the couple’s winery business.

The Businesses

Further complicating the divorce is the addition of businesses and a foundation. What does the couple own?

  • Plan B Entertainment: Set up in 2001 by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. After the two split, Brad became the sole owner. Jolie has never legally been involved in the company.
  • Miraval: The winery on the couple’s French estate will also be on the table. Pitt is rumored to have been more involved in the business, but this has not been confirmed.
  • The Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation: The charitable foundation was founded by the two shortly after going public about their relationship. Named after their oldest adopted son, Jolie appears to be more involved in the foundation’s work. However, she has stated that Maddox will take over her role when he is older.

How Will They Split It?

The splitting of the couple’s assets will be dependent on whether there was a prenuptial agreement. If the rumors are true and they did not have a prenup, it’s likely that most of the assets will be split down the middle.

But if they did have a prenup (it’s hard to imagine they didn’t), the agreement – if upheld – will dictate how to divvy up their property.


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