Belong Home Reviews: Uncovering Florida’s Property Management Success

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By Jacob Maslow

Belong Home emerged as a promising player in the world of property management, aiming to transform the traditional model with innovative solutions. The company garnered significant attention in 2022, and with its high position on Business Insider’s top consumer startups, it’s worth investigating what people say about the Belong Home experience.

Integrating multiple aspects of the house renting and renovation processes, Belong Home strives to streamline the experience for both tenants and homeowners. By consolidating services such as tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, and accounting, the company designed a technology-driven approach to property management that centers on customer satisfaction and convenience.

Although Belong Home’s fee structure might be higher than some competitors, its emphasis on local market expertise and customer service seeks to justify the investment. Understanding customer reviews, experiences, and feedback will help prospective clients determine if partnering with Belong Home is the right choice for their property management needs.

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Belong Home Overview

Belong Home is a property management company that connects homeowners with potential tenants, aiming to create a seamless rental experience for both parties. Initially based in California, the company relocated its headquarters to Miami in September 2022. Belong Home extends its services to Tampa and Orlando. Belong also operates in Seattle and throughout California.

Belong Home emphasizes the importance of trust and transparency in its platform. They address homeowners’ concerns by ensuring the property is well-maintained and helping to find reliable tenants. In addition, belong Home strives to offer tenants a comfortable and enjoyable rental experience by ensuring properties are in good condition and providing support during the rental period.

Some key aspects of Belong Home services include:

  • Comprehensive property management: Belong Home takes care of all aspects of property management, from finding and screening potential tenants to handling maintenance requests and rent collection.
  • User-friendly online platform: Homeowners and tenants can easily access their accounts and manage their properties or rental agreements through a secure online platform.
  • Active presence in Florida: While headquartered in Miami, Belong Home also services areas like Tampa and Orlando, ensuring a wide reach for its client base.

Based on the available reviews, Belong Home has generally received positive feedback from homeowners and tenants. In addition, the company’s commitment to transparency and quality service appears well-regarded, contributing to a growing customer base in Miami and other Florida cities.

Services Offered

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Property Management

Belong Home offers comprehensive property management services for landlords and homeowners. These services include tenant screening, rent collection, and lease agreements. Tenant screening ensures that only qualified and reliable tenants are placed in your rental property to minimize risks and protect your investment. Rent collection and lease agreement management help streamline the process, making it hassle-free and efficient for landlords and tenants.

Guaranteed Rent

One of the key features provided by Belong Home is their guaranteed rent service. This means that the landlord receives monthly rent payments, regardless of whether their property is occupied. This offers peace of mind for homeowners and ensures a steady income from their rental properties.


Belong Home recognizes the importance of property maintenance to the overall experience of both landlords and tenants. Therefore, they offer 24/7 customer support for any maintenance issues that may arise and promptly address them to ensure the property remains in optimal condition. This reduces the burden on homeowners and provides a comfortable living environment for the tenants.


To attract the best tenants for your properties, Belong Home provides marketing services, utilizing various channels to showcase your property to a broad audience. In addition, they create engaging listings for your property, highlighting its unique features and benefits to prospective tenants. By leveraging the latest marketing technology and techniques, Belong Home increases the chances of placing quality tenants quickly and efficiently.

In summary, Belong Home offers a comprehensive range of services to make property management more straightforward and convenient for landlords and homeowners. With a focus on tenant satisfaction and guaranteed rent, Belong Home provides an efficient and streamlined process for managing rental properties.

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Fee Structure

Belong Home offers a variety of services to both homeowners and residents, with fees associated with different aspects of the property management process. This section will discuss the fee structure, including property management fees, payment process fees, and liability insurance charges.

Property Management Fees

Property management fees are charged based on a percentage of the rent collected from the property. The typical property management fee for Belong Home ranges from 6% to 10% of the monthly rent collected, depending on the property’s location and the level of service required. These fees cover all aspects of property management, such as tenant placement, rent collection, and maintenance coordination. For example, for a home rented at $2,000 per month, the property management fee would likely be between $120 – $240 a month.

Payment Process Fees

In addition to the property management fee, Belong Home may charge renters a payment processor fee. This fee is typically around 3% of the monthly rent and covers the cost of processing the renter’s payment. For example, if the monthly rent for a property is $3,200, the payment process fee would be approximately $96.

Liability Insurance

Renters may also be required to pay for liability insurance, which provides coverage against potential property damage or personal injury claims that could occur during the rental period. The liability insurance cost varies, but renters have reported being charged around $28 monthly for this coverage.

To summarize, Belong Home’s fee structure includes property management fees, payment process fees, and liability insurance charges for renters. These fees help ensure homeowners and renters a smooth and efficient property management experience.

Communication and Payments

Belong Home is known for its excellent communication throughout the renting process. Homeowners and residents can expect timely and clear communication from the company, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. In addition, the platform offers reliable communication channels between both parties, eliminating the need for intermediaries like traditional property management companies.

The company’s mobile app is user-friendly and straightforward, making it easy for residents to request repairs and make payments. Homeowners also benefit from the app as they can easily track the status of their property and communicate with their tenants. The app serves as a convenient tool for managing various aspects of the rental process, including:

  • Regular updates on potential issues
  • Assistance during move-in/move-out periods
  • Quick responses from customer service

When it comes to payments, Belong Home streamlines the process by offering online payment options through their app. This allows residents to easily pay rent with just a few taps, avoiding the hassles of writing checks or handling cash. Additionally, the app provides reminders and notifications for upcoming rent deadlines, helping tenants stay organized and on top of their payment schedules.

In summary, Belong Home enhances the rental experience for both homeowners and residents by focusing on effective communication and simplifying payment methods. The company’s mobile app is a valuable tool for managing various aspects of the rental process while promoting prompt and clear communication.

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Homeowner Benefits

Belong Home offers a range of benefits to homeowners looking to rent out their properties. One of the key advantages is their comprehensive property management service, which takes the hassle out of renting a property. Homeowners can expect assistance at every step, from listing the property to managing rent payments and maintenance issues.

When listing a property for rent, Belong Home’s platform makes it easy for homeowners to advertise their properties to potential tenants seamlessly. This simplifies the process and can help attract a suitable tenant faster, ultimately reducing the time a property is vacant.

The pricing model adopted by Belong Home is another attractive feature for homeowners. The company offers competitive service rates while ensuring the rent price aligns with current market trends. This helps homeowners avoid overpricing or underpricing their property, maximizing rental income potential.

Belong Home conducts thorough screening processes regarding tenant selection to ensure that reliable and responsible tenants are matched with the properties. Verifying tenants’ credit scores, employment, and rental history is crucial to this process. As a result, homeowners can rest assured that the chosen tenants will be more likely to be timely with their rent payments and treat the property respectfully.

Additionally, Belong Home protects homeowners from costly evictions by providing up to $15,000 in coverage against legal fees for any resident. This significantly reduces the risks for homeowners, who can have peace of mind knowing that the company is looking after their interests.

Another notable homeowner benefit is Belong Home’s all-in-one app. This user-friendly platform allows homeowners and tenants to communicate easily, manage maintenance requests, and track rent payments efficiently. This streamlined approach ensures that issues are swiftly addressed, potentially reducing stress and misunderstandings between both parties.

Some other advantages that homeowners enjoy when partnering with Belong Home include the following:

  • A single point of contact for all property-related matters, making communication and management much more straightforward
  • Regular property inspections to ensure the home remains in good condition
  • Assistance with handling time-consuming tasks such as rent collection, lease enforcement, and dispute resolution

Overall, the homeowner benefits provided by Belong Home make it an appealing choice for those interested in renting their property while reducing stress, costs, and time commitment associated with traditional property management.

Tenant Benefits

Belong Home offers several benefits to tenants as well. Their main goal is to focus on tenant satisfaction, resulting in longer rentals and consistent cash flow for landlords. Here are some critical advantages for tenants who choose to rent with Belong Home:

  • Qualified and Responsive Management: Belong Home has a qualified team knowledgeable about landlord-tenant laws, ensuring a hassle-free renting experience for tenants. They are responsive to tenant needs and concerns, providing prompt solutions to any issues arising during the rental period.
  • Appropriate Rent Rates: Belong Home determines the best rental rates for the property to balance landlord and tenant interests. This ensures that tenants are not overcharged and can enjoy the rental experience at a fair price.
  • Lower Volatility: As per a recent article from Roofstock, single-family rentals (SFRs) provided nearly identical returns to the stock market but with far less volatility. This means tenants renting these properties can expect a stable and predictable rental environment.
  • Smooth Payments: Belong Home features “smooth” payments during vacant periods, allowing tenants to ensure a seamless rental experience. Once a lease is signed, any deductions taken during this time will be applied toward the tenant’s monthly rent.
  • Guaranteed Rent: In cases where the tenant doesn’t pay in full or defaults, Belong Home guarantees the rent, preventing potential financial issues for tenants.

By catering to tenant needs and ensuring satisfaction throughout the rental process, Belong Home creates a positive living experience for renters. Their dedication to tenant well-being is one factor that sets them apart in property management.

Reviews and Testimonials

Belong Home has received mixed feedback from homeowners and residents who have used their services. However, many customers appreciate the company’s assistance throughout the rental process, as well as their constant communication and outstanding customer service.

“Belong was amazing from the beginning, the communication throughout the whole process was to my expectations and the customer service was outstanding. I would definitely recommend and continue to…” – Better Business Bureau® Profile

However, some users have reported dissatisfaction with the company’s focus on pleasing tenants to the detriment of landlords’ needs. This is important for property owners considering Belong Home for their rental management needs.

“I used Belong for about a year to rent out my condo. They are very focused on pleasing tenants, but neglect the needs of owners/landlords, often in very basic ways.” – Belonghome User

Analyzing the available reviews, some key benefits of choosing Belong Home as a property management company include:

  • No agency fees for tenants or landlords
  • Long-term rental agreements provide stability and security
  • Guaranteed rent payment for landlords
  • Streamlined rental process
  • 24/7 customer support

However, some drawbacks have also been noted:

  • Lack of focus on serving the needs of landlords and property owners
  • Limited geographic reach, focusing mainly on the US market

Belong Home’s unique property management approach appears to yield advantages and disadvantages for its users. While their service offers many attractive features and a strong support system, property owners may need to consider the potential disconnection between tenant and landlord needs when evaluating Belong Home as a partner in managing their rentals.


Belong Home, a property management company, has been dealing with evictions in various locations, including Florida. The eviction process, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been subject to changes and moratoriums.

In some places, like Seattle, the local eviction moratorium was extended until February 28, 2022. In addition, it included extra protections for residents, such as limitations on evictions due to an inability to pay rent related to COVID-19. These financial hardship protections were in effect until August 28, 2022.

In the state of Florida, the eviction process involves the following steps:

  1. Notice to the tenant: The landlord must provide written notice specifying the reason for eviction (e.g., non-payment of rent, lease violation) and the required remedy (e.g., pay rent, fix the issue).
  2. Filing of the eviction lawsuit: If the tenant fails to remedy the situation within the specified time, the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit with the appropriate county court.
  3. Service of the lawsuit: The tenant must be served with a copy of the eviction lawsuit, indicating the claims made by the landlord and the requirement to respond within a set timeframe (typically five days).
  4. Tenant’s response: If the tenant disputes the eviction, they may file a written response with the court.
  5. Court hearing: If the tenant responds, both parties attend a court hearing, where the judge will determine the eviction’s legality and decide on the case.
  6. Writ of Possession: If the landlord wins the case, the court will issue a Writ of Possession, which the landlord must provide to the sheriff’s office for enforcement.
  7. Eviction: The sheriff will post the Writ of Possession at the dwelling, giving the tenant 24 hours to vacate. If the tenant does not vacate, the sheriff may forcibly remove them.

It is crucial for both tenants and landlords working with Belong Home to be aware of the specific eviction processes and regulations in their locality. Knowledge of the relevant laws and moratoriums can help minimize misunderstandings and ensure smoother transactions between all parties involved.


In summarizing the reviews and experiences of Belong Home customers, it seems that this innovative platform is reshaping the long-term rental market by providing a fresh approach to property management. Both homeowners and residents have expressed satisfaction with Belong Home’s services, particularly due to their high level of customer service, streamlined processes, and focus on creating a hassle-free experience.

Belong Home’s unique platform offers landlords and tenants several benefits, including guaranteed rent payments, ease of maintenance requests, and more personalized relationships with their property management team. These features contribute to a more enjoyable renting experience for all parties involved.

It is worth noting, however, that Belong Home has received a few complaints, as evidenced by the Better Business Bureau’s listing. Despite this, the overall sentiment toward Belong Home seems mostly positive.

In looking at customer testimonies and experiences, Belong Home appears to be a worthwhile contender for those seeking long-term rental solutions. By prioritizing exceptional customer service and a smooth rental process, Belong Home has the potential to become even more prominent in the property management industry.

If you’re considering property management solutions, take a closer look at Belong Home and see if their innovative approach fits your needs. Try them out today!


What is Belong Home?

Belong Home is a property management company that helps homeowners transform their properties into rental homes. They offer end-to-end management services, catering to both homeowners and tenants.

Are homeowners and tenants satisfied with Belong Home services?

Based on numerous reviews, homeowners, and tenants are generally happy with Belong Home’s services. They consistently receive high marks in customer service, communication, and efficiency.

How does Belong Home stand out from other property management companies?

  • High-quality property management services
  • Focus on building a community for homeowners and tenants
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer support
  • Transparent pricing structure

What’s the process of letting Belong Home manage a property?

  1. Contact Belong Home and provide property details
  2. Belong Home conducts an evaluation and provides a rental estimate
  3. The homeowner agrees to let Belong Home manage the property
  4. Belong Home lists the property screens potential tenants and manages the property

Are there any known complaints against Belong Home?

While a few complaints are mentioned in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile, Belong Home addresses these issues and maintains a commitment to satisfying both homeowners and tenants.

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