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By Jacob Maslow

Belong Home is a property management company that aims to revolutionize how homes are owned and managed in and around the Seattle area. Established in 2018, the company serves homeowners across more than 235 cities and has managed over a thousand rental units, coordinated 10,400 repairs, and processed rent payments amounting to $111 million.

At the heart of Belong Home’s mission is the belief in a world where regular people own homes and that authentic belonging experiences should be accessible to residents. Their Seattle branch continues to make property management easier for homeowners by offering services such as on-demand showings, tenant screening, professional photography, lease generation, and rental maintenance. They even guarantee rent for clients, ensuring a consistent income for homeowners.

Belong Home’s presence in Seattle, located on Yale Ave N, is a testament to its commitment to providing an innovative and comprehensive approach to property management. Through technology, personalized service, and a unique home success plan, they maximize returns for their clients and transform how people experience renting and owning properties in the Seattle area and beyond.

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Belong Home Seattle Overview

Belong Home Seattle is a property management company that makes owning and managing properties easy for homeowners in the Greater Seattle area.

Company History and Vision

Belong Home, Inc. was established to provide authentic belonging experiences, empowering residents to become homeowners and be financially free. The company believes in a world where homes are owned by regular people, offering services such as guaranteed rent and prompt response to emergency calls 24/7. Belong’s primary objective is to generate rental revenue for their clients, managing their properties seamlessly.

CEO and Leadership Team

The leadership team at Belong Home Seattle consists of experienced professionals who aim to make long-term renting an enjoyable experience for their customers. The team includes a General Manager for the Seattle area, senior directors, and a director of expansion. Under their guidance, Belong Homes have attracted an average of 29 qualified applications, with 71% of Belong Residents renewing their 1-year lease.

Services Offered

Belong Home Seattle provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of homeowners, residents, and renters. With a focus on exceptional property management services and tenant and homeowner support, Belong Home Seattle ensures a seamless rental experience for all parties involved. This section will discuss the services offered under three sub-sections: Property Management, Tenant Services, and Homeowner Services.

Property Management

Property management is critical in ensuring a hassle-free rental experience for homeowners and tenants. Belong Home Seattle’s property management services include:

  • Marketing and listing: Promoting rental properties via targeted advertising and extensive online exposure to attract potential tenants.
  • Tours and tenant screening: Facilitating property tours for prospective tenants and conducting thorough background checks, including credit checks and rental history, to ensure the selection of reliable renters.
  • Maintenance services: Providing routine maintenance and repairs to ensure that properties remain in excellent condition for homeowners and tenants.
  • Communication: Acting as the primary point of contact between homeowners and tenants, maintaining open communication lines, and promptly addressing any concerns.
  • Handling evictions: Managing eviction processes when necessary while adhering to local regulations and best practices.

Tenant Services

Belong Home Seattle is dedicated to providing an outstanding rental experience for tenants. Some of the tenant services offered include:

  • Online portal access: Allowing tenants to conveniently perform tasks such as paying rent, submitting maintenance requests, and communicating with property managers.
  • Timely response to requests: Ensuring prompt attention to tenant inquiries and maintenance requests to maintain a positive living environment.
  • Cleaning services: Providing access to professional cleaning services, helping tenants keep their rental properties in excellent condition.
  • Guidance and support: Offering assistance and support to tenants throughout the rental process, including lease sign-up and move-in coordination.

Homeowner Services

Belong Home Seattle strives to provide homeowners with peace of mind, knowing their properties are well-managed and cared for. The homeowner services offered include:

  • Guaranteed rent: Ensuring consistent rental income for homeowners every month or as a lump sum for the entire year.
  • Rental property analysis: Helping homeowners develop a customized property success plan to maximize rental income while minimizing vacancy rates.
  • Regular property inspections: Conduct routine inspections to promptly address any repair or maintenance issues, ensuring properties remain in optimal condition.
  • Financial reporting: Providing homeowners with comprehensive financial reports, including income and expense details, to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

By offering these comprehensive services, Belong Home Seattle maintains high customer support and effective property management standards, resulting in satisfied homeowners and tenants.

Get the rental income you deserve with Belong Home’s unique home success plan! 

Authentic Belonging Experiences

Belong focuses on providing authentic belonging experiences for homeowners and tenants, aiming to create an environment where people feel connected and involved in their communities. By making the rental process more streamlined and enjoyable, Belong removes barriers that may have previously prevented people from experiencing a true sense of home.

One way Belong achieves this is by offering innovative online services, helping people find the right home based on their requirements and preferences. With an easy-to-use application process, residents can conveniently secure their new homes without stress. Moreover, Belong offers financial support to homeowners by providing them with a platform to rent out their property, empowering them to derive a sense of belonging from this new venture as well.

By partnering with local communities and organizations, Belong strives to foster a sense of belonging and inclusivity for everyone involved. For instance, they collaborate with local initiatives that support formerly incarcerated and homeless populations, offering holistic support and resources for peaceful reintegration into society.

Some key features of Belong’s authentic belonging experiences include:

  • Easy online rental application process
  • Moving services helping tenants transition smoothly
  • Online rent payments for simplicity and convenience
  • In-house maintenance services promote comfortable living
  • Support for local community initiatives and organizations

In summary, Belong’s mission to create authentic belonging experiences extends beyond just connecting people with suitable homes; they actively contribute to the well-being of their communities by promoting inclusivity and supporting local initiatives. The company’s innovative approach to rental management and homeowner support transforms how people perceive and experience renting, ultimately fostering a greater sense of belonging for all.

Innovative Features

Belong Home Seattle offers a unique rental experience for homeowners and residents, setting them apart from traditional property management services. With innovative features like Guaranteed Rent, 24/7 Concierge Service, and Property Improvements, Belong Home aims to provide both renters and homeowners a seamless and stress-free experience.

Guaranteed Rent

Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind with Belong Home’s Guaranteed Rent program. This feature ensures a steady cash flow for property owners as Belong takes responsibility for collecting rent from tenants. Property managers provide regular updates and maintain transparency in financial dealings, giving homeowners confidence in the management of their properties.

24/7 Concierge Service

Both renters and homeowners benefit from Belong Home’s top-notch 24/7 Concierge Service. This feature streamlines the move-in process, offers ongoing support, and even includes moving services to make the transition as smooth as possible for tenants. The concierge team can always assist with any concerns or questions, ensuring high customer satisfaction.

Property Improvements

Belong Home goes above and beyond traditional property management by offering property improvements to homeowners. These updates and enhancements increase the property’s value and provide a better living experience for renters, keeping them satisfied and engaged. By working closely with property managers, homeowners can explore various finance options for these improvements and determine the best course for their property’s growth.

Operating Locations

Belong Home has expanded its services to the Seattle area, providing a seamless rental experience for individuals looking for long-term residential options. The company’s expansion in the Washington region accommodates the increasing demand for rentals in this vibrant and bustling urban center.

Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Belong Home’s offerings in Seattle include a wide range of properties catering to diverse preferences and requirements. The company’s diverse portfolio includes dwellings in popular neighborhoods such as Maple Leaf, known for its tranquil parks, friendly residents, and proximity to the city center.

Apart from Seattle, Belong Home caters to the rental market in various surrounding areas, providing renters with more options. This allows clients to find a home that matches their specific needs and preferences, whether seeking urban living, suburban comfort, or the quiet charm of a small town.

Some highlights of Belong Home’s offerings in the Seattle area include:

  • Contemporary and stylish apartments in the heart of the city
  • Spacious and comfortable family homes in suburban neighborhoods
  • Quaint cottages and charming bungalows in quiet, scenic locations

With a strong regional presence and a dedicated team, Belong Home strives to make the rental experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible for both renters and property owners. From the initial search for a rental property to the eventual move-in and ongoing support, clients can trust Belong Home to deliver a comprehensive and satisfying service.

Partnerships and Platforms

Belong Home Seattle recognizes the importance of collaborating with well-established platforms to enhance their property management services. By partnering with prominent players in the real estate market, such as Zillow and Trulia, they ensure greater visibility for rental listings and provide a competitive edge for homeowners.

With Belong Home’s services, Zillow and Trulia offer potential renters an easy-to-navigate interface to view properties and submit rental applications. These platforms simplify the search process for tenants and optimize homeowners’ marketing and rental prospects.

Belong Home’s seamless online application system further streamlines the rental process. Their platform enables prospective tenants to submit essential documents and securely pay for rental applications digitally. This efficient process ensures a smooth transition for both property owners and renters, and it aligns with the convenient, technology-driven approach adopted by Belong Home Seattle.

Partnering with top real estate platforms like Zillow and Trulia and their innovative online rental application process, Belong Home Seattle creates an ecosystem where property management is more accessible and effective for all parties involved.

Client Testimonials and Referrals

Belong Home Seattle has received numerous positive feedback from clients, demonstrating their commitment to simplifying the rental process for homeowners and renters alike. Many clients have praised Belong’s seamless online applications, convenient moving services, and exceptional in-house maintenance.

One standout feature of Belong Home Seattle is its referral program. Clients who know someone looking to rent out their home can benefit from the program by calling (206) 202-7090 and providing the referral. This program helps expand Belong’s reach and provides valuable opportunities for discussing its service quality and effectiveness.

Some noteworthy client testimonials include remarks on how Belong homes are rented out quickly and efficiently. On average, Belong properties are loved within 19 days, and each listing receives around 29 qualified applications. This speaks volumes about Belong’s ability to match homeowners with suitable renters and ensure satisfaction.

Here’s a summary of some of the benefits of using Belong Home Seattle, as mentioned by clients:

  • Easy and seamless online applications
  • Convenient moving services
  • Efficient in-house maintenance
  • A quick and effective home-matching process
  • An appealing referral program

Thanks to these positive testimonials and referrals, Belong Home Seattle continues to grow as a reliable and convenient solution for homeowners and renters in the city.

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In Seattle, Belong Home has significantly impacted the property management landscape. Utilizing technology and innovative solutions has streamlined the rental process for property owners and tenants. Their app simplifies tenant placement and ensures landlords receive their rent payments promptly.

As a property management service, Belong Home understands the importance of providing a stress-free experience for both owners and tenants. Their in-house maintenance services allow quick and efficient repairs, contributing to a hassle-free living arrangement for all parties involved.

With their guaranteed rent program, landlords have the added security of knowing their income is protected, whether they receive it monthly or for an entire year upfront. This added peace of mind contributes to the overall satisfaction of property owners utilizing Belong Home’s services.

Moving forward, Belong Home’s presence in the Seattle area continues to grow, thanks to its strong commitment to client satisfaction and innovative approaches to property management. Property owners and tenants can benefit from this forward-thinking company’s seamless and efficient services.



What areas does Belong Home cover in Seattle?

Belong Home currently operates in the Greater Seattle Area, making property management easy and stress-free for homeowners in this region.

How does Belong Home simplify the renting process?

Belong Home handles every aspect of property management, from finding tenants to handling maintenance requests. Property owners and tenants can enjoy a seamless rental experience using their online platform and app.

Are there any referral programs offered by Belong Home?

Yes, Belong Home provides a referral program. If you know someone looking to rent their property in Seattle, you can contact Belong Home at (206) 202-7090 and ask for more information about the program.

What services does Belong Home offer?

Some of the services offered by Belong Home include:

  • Easy online application process
  • Moving services
  • Online rent payments
  • In-house maintenance services
  • Guaranteed rent payment options

How can I find rental properties managed by Belong Home in Seattle?

To browse Belong Home’s listed rental properties, visit their website at If you find a property you’re interested in, you can apply directly on the site or schedule a 3D home tour!

Get the rental income you deserve with Belong Home’s unique home success plan! 

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