Belong Review – Does Belong Really Modernize The Property Rental Process?

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By Jacob Maslow

Belong is a two-sided marketplace that aims to modernize the rental process, which needs modernization. Belong helps homeowners to reach potential residents and potential residents to find the home of their dreams. The process is designed to be the most effortless rental for both groups. It is one of the most hands-off rental processes for homeowners, or at least that is the intention.

Does Belong deliver, though? Is it a genuinely revolutionary home rental marketplace, or is it no better than the countless platforms that came before it? We decided to check them out, and the answer may surprise you.

This Belong review will be split into two sections; Belong for homeowners and Belong for residents. This is because the service for each of the groups is entirely different. Feel free to skip ahead to the section that is most relevant to you!

How Belong Works

Belong is, at its heart, a home-finding marketplace.

Homeowners list their rental properties, and potential residents search for properties.

As we go through this Belong review, you will get a feel for how Belong is radically different from your typical home-finding marketplace. However, there is only so much the formula can be shaken up. it is still just a place to find or list a long-term rental home.

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Belong For Homeowners

Home rental is a lot of money, so it is no surprise that more and more homeowners are seeking to rent out their empty properties. Traditionally, there would be two routes you could go down to find residents. The first would be to track them down yourself, which is a huge hassle. The second is hiring a property management company to do everything for you, which can be incredibly expensive. We now have a third option; Belong.

How Belong Is Designed For Homeowners

When most people look at Belong, they see it as nothing more than a property management company. Pretty much the same thing you would get from your local high street management company. It isn’t. Sure; there is a bit of overlap between the two. Belong finds residents and collects rent money for you. However, Belong is a much more complete package.

Belong goes the extra mile in bringing in new residents to your home. They can assist with home renovations, sprucing up your home to command higher rents, and ultimately manage the home for you. When Belong manages your home, you have to do nothing. You have to wait for those rents to roll in each month, and they will.

Let’s go through the features you can enjoy.

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Guaranteed Rental Payments

A lot of homeowners have tried to track down residents for their properties. We get it. It is cheaper than using a property management company. Most homeowners quickly stumble upon a major issue; getting people to pay the rent. We are sure that almost every landlord will have struggled to collect rent at least once. It isn’t enjoyable. This isn’t a problem with Belong.

Belong utilizes a sophisticated system to find the right residents for a home. This includes full credit checks and other processes to ensure tenants can pay their rent. It is a data-driven system that reduces the chances of a tenant not paying rent to 0.

However, on the off-chance that Belong’s process goes a bit wrong (and it is doubtful this will happen), you will get your rent payment anyway. Like clockwork, every single month, Belong will send you your rent money. There is no need to worry about cash flow. You will get your rent. Guaranteed, even if the resident doesn’t pay.

This is something that can only be accomplished by Belong. They have put so much thought and planning into their resident-searching process that they know the tenant will almost always pay. Other property management companies can’t offer this guaranteed level.

Maximized Rental Income

Belong carefully analyzes the market in the local area. Using a sophisticated algorithm, they can determine the best rental price for the home. This ensures that the home remains occupied while also ensuring that the homeowner can get the most money from their home.

This is a significant benefit because what homeowner wouldn’t want to get huge cash from their home? The whole reason why people rent their properties is to make money, after all. None of the numbers that Belong produces are plucked from thin air. They are always from a careful market analysis, starkly contrasting how we have seen other property management companies and private landlords do things.

The Perfect Residents For Your Rental Home

Many people who put their properties up for rental do not intend to be full landlords. Many of the people that Belong works with fall into one of these categories:

  • They want to sell their home eventually, but the market isn’t quite right.
  • An inherited home that isn’t quite ready to be sold.
  • A home that may not be used due to somebody moving in with their partner.
  • An old vacation rental

These aren’t properties purchased to make money. They are homes purchased with the intention of them being loved. So, you will be pleased to know that Belong puts a lot of effort into ensuring that the residents living in Belong properties are quality. Ones that will love the home just as much as the homeowners do.

Homeowners listing their home through Belong can live safely, knowing that when the resident’s tenancy is up, their home will be returned in fantastic condition. This home could be sold on the market or put up for rental (sometimes at a higher price than before!).

Upgrades, Repairs, and Renovations

Many of the homes listed with Belong are ready for residents right away. However, some may need a bit of TLC to suit the market. Belong provides homeowners access to a vetted network of home renovators and maintenance experts to ensure that a home can be brought to the point where it reaches its true market potential. When homeowners hand their homes to Belong, they can collaborate with Belong to have needed renovations and maintenance carried out.

Homeowners do not need to concern themselves with home maintenance during residency. Belong will handle all that on their end. This helps to ensure that the home-rental process is as hands-off as possible for the homeowner.

Belong takes great pride in ensuring that not only are the maintenance experts some of the best around but can offer their services for an affordable price. These savings can be passed on to the homeowner.

Complete Property Management (Including 24/7 Concierge)

Everything that Belong offer is 100% managed on their end. The homeowner doesn’t need to concern themselves about any stage of the residency process. After a home inspection, Belong will decide whether the home is the right fit for their marketplace. If it is, agreements can be signed, and the home can enjoy new residents as soon as possible.

Belong handles finding the resident-finding process, the rent-collection process, and maintenance issues. Of course, the homeowner is kept informed every single step of the way. The homeowner will have access to a dedicated phone number to reach Belong at any time of the day. All information a homeowner needs about their home is available 24/7.

In our opinion, this makes Belong a fantastic choice for homeowners that never planned to rent their property out, or those that want to make money but don’t want to put a huge amount of effort into it.

We have used a lot of similar companies over the years, and we genuinely believe that Belong offers one of the best processes around. Property management companies have given us no end of headaches, and sometimes you feel you are spending more time managing your home than the people you paid to do it for you. We never felt like this when we used Belong. This company promises to manage your home fully, and they do that. They do it incredibly well.

Belong Pros for Homeowners

  • 100% hands-off process
  • Find the perfect tenants for your property
  • Guaranteed rent, at the highest possible value for your property.
  • Easy access to affordable, qualified maintenance teams.

Belong Cons For Homeowners

  • Home requires extensive inspections before listing
  • Not all homes will be accepted to the Belong network.

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Belong For Renters

It isn’t just homeowners that enjoy using Belong. Many renters (Belong calls ‘residents’) also benefit from this unique home rental system.

The Best Properties

One of the major perks of Belong is that they refuse to list any old property on their website. They are looking for quality homes only.

Homeowners must undergo an extensive inspection process when they reach out to Belong. The inside and the outside of the property are inspected for any issues. Belong demands that any issues are rectified before the home is offered to potential residents. When residents rent a home, they will move into something perfect for them.

When prospective residents search for a property, Belong puts a lot of effort into ensuring they are matched with the property of their dreams. They carefully consider the needs of the renter. We have heard countless stories from residents who claim that Belong has offered some of the best homes they have ever lived in.

Fast Rental Process

If you read the homeowners section, you will know that Belong takes a huge amount of pride in its approval process. They want to find the right resident for all of the homes listed on their network. This means that potential residents need to have checks, interviews, etc.

Once you have gone through all that (which is fast, if you are a decent potential resident), any home rental approval is fast. It is a case of finding a potential home through the Belong network and ‘requesting’ to live there. If approved, the decision will come through exceedingly fast and you will have your moving-in date.

Even the home viewing process is quick. You can head there on your schedule. You don’t need to wait for Belong. You will be given information on accessing the home and can walk through for as long as you like.

We don’t think there is a faster rental process out there. Well, at least not one that rents ethically i.e. vets any prospective residents.

Competitive Rent

Belong does try to ensure the maximum value for any homes listed on its network. They want their homeowners to get the maximum rental price for their homes, after all. However, none of the homes are overpriced when it comes to rent. They will always be listed at a fair market value.

With rents rising faster than ever, it is excellent to know that at least one company is willing to charge a fair price.

Long Term Rentals

Residents don’t need to worry about homeowners immediately kicking them out. Belong specializes in long-term rentals. All homeowners must commit to their homes being available to rent for at least 12 months.

Renting Toward Home Ownership

This is one of the ‘cooler’ features of Belong.  Most residents don’t want to be renting forever. They dream of owning their own home. So, they will be pleased to know that a small amount of their rent will be set aside each month. This cash is set aside to be used for a future home purchase.

We believe Belong is one, if not the only, company that provides a route toward home ownership in this way.

24/7 Concierge

An issue with your property? Belong is reachable 24/7 through a phone number or their convenient app. This means that any issues with a home can be rectified as quickly as possible.

Belong Pros for Residents

  • Belong offers the best homes for rental.
  • Affordable rent
  • Easy access to maintenance teams.
  • Fast rental process (once approved)

Belong Cons For Residents

  • Not everybody will be accepted as a resident.
  • May not always be homes in the area that you want.
  • Homes are snapped up quickly.

Belong – Is It Right For You?

Belong does modernize the property rental process. The company offers many features to simplify the process for homeowners and residents. There is a reason why Belong has started to gain a lot of traction in many markets in the US and why many homeowners are seeing them as a viable alternative to the traditional property management company.

If you are a homeowner looking to get the most rental money for your home in the most hassle-free manner, the Belong is perfect.

If you are a resident looking to find the perfect home and potentially want a path toward future property ownership, then Belong is perfect for you too.

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question mark in front of a real estate background. realtor concept - 3D Rendering.

What is Belong?

Belong is an online property rental network that connects homeowners with potential residents. It offers a fast, easy, and secure way to rent or let properties in the US.

How does Belong work?

Belong provides homeowners with a platform to list their property and connect them with potential renters. For potential residents, the process is simple – find a home through the Belong network and ‘request’ to live there. If approved, you will have your moving-in date quickly.

What are the advantages of using Belong?

The advantages of using Belong include competitive rent prices, long-term rentals and savings towards future home purchases, and 24/7 concierge service.

Can I rent a property through Belong?

You can rent a property through Belong if the homeowner approves you. You must provide basic information such as your name, address, and contact details to be considered for approval. Once approved, you can move in quickly and securely.

How much does it cost to use Belong?

Homeowners have no listing fee or commission on rentals; however, they may be charged extra if they require additional maintenance or repair services. Potential renters may have an application fee that varies depending on the property and situation. However, this fee is typically small (usually less than $50).

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