Beer Scented Products and Why We Love Them

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By Jacob Maslow

A glass or bottle of beer does more than quench your thirst or help take the edge off. The flavors and aromas from a good quality beer can be calming to the mind too, and this is, in part, why people around the world are gradually but increasingly embracing beer-scented products! 

From craft beer-inspired candles to luxury personal care items, these products make it possible to enjoy the unique aroma of your favorite beers in any setting.

Read on to discover why beer-scented products are gaining popularity, including how they can help elevate your living space or personal care regimen.

Craft Beer: A Traditional Favorite 

When discussing beers craft beer has always been a beloved traditional favorite. It’s brewed with care and precision, introducing flavors that span from subtle to bold. People are increasingly seeking better quality products for their beer-drinking needs and skillfully crafted brews have become a standard delight.

Whether Long Island IPAs or Trappist Belgian ales, craft beer continues to please the senses while inspiring brewers of varying backgrounds. Even as the beer business landscape evolves, craft brewers around the globe now combine a variety of hoppy highs with deeper caramelized malts to create a beer that reflects its culture’s customs, rituals, and imagination.

Why Beer-Scented Products are Gaining Popularity 

Wondering what the newest trend is in the world of aromas and scents? That would be beer-scented products! Their delightful, crisp scent is becoming increasingly popular—particularly in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices across the US.

For example, specially crafted scented candles combine classic beer fragrances with a range of remixes such as lavender or grapefruit, adding an extra layer of appealing sensory experiences. 

Similarly, many cultures continue to develop artisanal soaps and body care items that feature hints of hop aroma alongside complementary herbal extracts—lending a luxurious touch while providing an indulgent bath experience.

Thus it makes perfect sense why people love these particular beer-scented items. They offer style and comfort that can easily be a refreshing addition to the home.

What’s Special about the Smell of Beer? 

With beer-scented products increasingly gaining popularity, one can’t help but wonder what it is about the smell of beer that makes it so inspirational when creating unique, everyday products. 

Well, let’s say that the aromas in beer are simply captivating, relaxing, and soothing to the senses. Moreover, each type and brand of beer can have a distinct taste, flavor, and aroma that set it apart from the rest.

These distinct aromas are brought about by a unique combination of various ingredients in the beer-making process – including hops, malt, adjuncts, water, yeast, and certain spices – only known to the brewer. For instance, some brewers use yeast treated with thiols in the brewing process, a great go-to trick when you need to create the most fragrant beer.

Common Use-Case Scenarios

Beer-scented products can be used in a wide range of ways. However, here are two use-case scenarios where these products have gained popularity.

1. Creating a Homey, Cozy Atmosphere with Beer Scents 

A dose of beer-scented products creates an inviting and cozy atmosphere at the home or office. This is primarily because these items are designed to evoke fond memories associated with socializing over beers.

For instance, the comfort associated with chatting around a kitchen table (or bar) while sipping on flavorful craft brews can easily be recreated by adding some beer-based aromas into one’s living space. Moreover, this creates an easy escape from everyday normalcy, allowing you to temporarily reconnect with memorable experiences enjoyed with pals or loved ones.

As earlier hinted, some beer-scented products you can consider in this case include beer scented:

  • Candles
  • Air fresheners and deodorizers
  • Room sprays
  • Diffuser oils
  • Potpourri

These can go a long way in adding luxury and elegance in the living room, kitchen, or other rooms in your home

2. Beer-Infused Personal Care Items 

Technology has dramatically advanced over the years, as have the products that use beer’s beloved fragrance. Today, people can enjoy moisturizers and bubble baths featuring beer extracts as part of their daily beauty regime.

A good example is beer-scented soap, a unique and luxurious way to enjoy the scent of beer in your bathroom and bath experience. These soaps are made with real beer, hops, and other ingredients that give off a rich, malty aroma.

The same applies to many other beer-inspired personal care products, from shampoos to lotions, face masks, lip balms, cologne, and even aftershave.

Long story short, beer-inspired fragrant products are worth giving a try, for anyone who loves beer, regardless of whether or not they partake. And from the look of things, the variety of beer-scented products is only set to expand as their popularity grows.



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