How is the Beer Business Changing After Covid?

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By Jacob Maslow

Covid-19 impacted a lot of businesses, including the beer business. While a lot of focus is being placed on how places like hospitals, banks, and restaurants are going to climb out of the hole and adapt to living in a post-pandemic world, not a lot of focus has been placed on how the beer business is going to change and grow after Covid.

This article will give beer businesses what they deserve and show how the beer business is getting its legs back underneath it after Covid-19.

The beer industry took a massive hit during Covid, with curfew and containment laws shuttering bars, restaurants, wineries, and breweries, along with all the other events where beer might have been served. 

Beer On The Go Is Up

With many customers remaining at home or just enjoying the convenience of beer on the go, off-premise beer sales are up, and people are buying more canned beer than ever. The sales of alcohol have primarily shifted to having an alcohol-to-go model rather than simply purchasing a stout glass or bottle. 

Additionally, many breweries are trying to sell off-premise, which has led to further demand for cans. But even with the pandemic easing, many breweries are still attempting to keep the relationships that will allow them to continue selling beer in the store because those extra sales are beneficial! 

The beer business is facing new ways and new struggles of getting their product into the hands of the customers because getting the old ways of distributing beer back will take a long time.

Long-Term Brands See Record Sales

In times of uncertainty, most people stick with the entertainment they know, including beer! Customers are buying more and more of the big-name brands and flavors they know and love while not experimenting with newer brands or more experimental flavors.

For the breweries that relied on being different from the ‘big guys’ and have always experimented with creating new flavors, they are taking a hit and are starting to reign in that creativity.

The beer business focuses on providing more common flavors in much more significant amounts and using more common American hop varieties. It will be interesting to see if the pendulum swings back as the recovery from the pandemic continues.

Many Online Options To Get Beer Are Still Thriving

Many breweries had to pivot from an in-person delivery model and bringing people in the door to creating an online presence and offering contactless pickup. Many of these online storefronts and marketing campaigns are still going strong because they are still convenient, and the beer business is starting to embrace this new way of getting to customers.

They are coming up with more and more ways to engage the customer base and meet the customer needs to bring customers back to the store and staff back to work.

The Business Changes, But The Beer Stays The Same

No matter what happens in the world, to keep it from us, people are always going to want beer and are going to want to drink beer. Even with the world moving into a post-pandemic phase, the beer world will keep being popular. All these changes the breweries are making to keep putting beer into customers’ hands might seem massive, but they will keep the taps on and the customers hollering for more drinks as the night goes on.

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