IDC estimates Apple sold 3.9 million Apple Watches in Q3

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By Larry Banks

According to IDC research published on Thursday, Apple sold around 3.9 million Apple Watches in Q3 this year. The estimate is up from the earlier 3.6 million estimate IDC stated for Q2, and means that Apple may have an 18.6% market share. The reasons given for the uptick include launch the device in new countries as well as launching at third-party retailers.

Apple Watch sales expand

Consumers have apparently been most interested in the cheaper Sport model, leading to the introduction of new colours in September – rose gold and gold, said IDC.

But the market leader in terms of wearables in Q3 was Fitbit, which sold 4.7 million fitness trackers due to growing demand internationally, as well as corporate sales intended to reduce sick days and health costs. In the US for example, Target bought more than 335,000 units for its staff.

Chinese company Xiaomi ranks third at 3.7 million units, with Garmin and XTC coming in at just 900,000 and 700,000 each. Garmin is said to focus mainly on serious fitness enthusiasts and XTC only sells one product and in China alone.

Apple of course does not disclose its true sales figures, with the details included in its “Other Products” financials. Past companies’ research of Watch sales have therefore been wildly different from each other, with few accurate details yet to emerge from any source.

SOURCE: AppleInsider.

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