7 Marketing Tips to Help Sell Landscaping Services and Products

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By Jacob Maslow

As technology advances, more business marketing strategies have also increased. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on have been used as a medium for advertising products and services to reach clients from all walks of life.

Landscaping is a business that has been seen to thrive and attract many entrepreneurs. Engaging in this kind of business signals that you are ready for competition. It is very important to note that since most landscape clients search online, it is upon you as a business to have a solid digital presence. All you need to get started is just some marketing tips to help you sell landscape services and products and have a greater return on your initial capital.

1. Identify Your Clients

This is undoubtedly the first step in ensuring the success of any business operation. Do you know how to identify your clients? Well, the only way to identify your clients is by knowing who they are. You can achieve this by creating a buyer persona. The buyer persona is vital in understanding your client’s taste, preferences, and expectations. After you’ve identified them, you can introduce your services and products.

2. Implement an Email Marketing Strategy

After successfully identifying clients, it is always the aim of every business to maintain and retain them. Are you aware of how to achieve this? Implementing an email marketing strategy is one of the ways to keep in touch with such customers.

You can send them your lawn care postcard containing the landscape logo. One interesting thing about sending them this is that; even if they fail to open the mail to read it, they’ll surely get to understand the message you are trying to convey because the logo in itself will act as a message.

3. Build a Portfolio Site

You must build a dedicated portfolio for your business to attract landscaping customers. You can then use this portfolio to showcase your best pieces of work which creates the first impression, making visitors fall in love with your work. In addition, you can review your portfolio to ensure it is equipped with your latest work or projects.

4. Invite Customers to Review Your Business

Generally, it is always to realize the unsatisfied customers that the satisfied ones. This is because such clients will show a level of their disappointment by writing negative reviews or reviews that call for better services. To help you boost your sales and understand your client’s needs better, you can consider adding a call to action on every receipt helps them leave reviews on social platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc., giving your clients business cards with QR codes that let them post reviews on Google and its components, and calling them via mobile phone and take them through the review form.

5. Employ the use of Social Media to Your Advantage

Social sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are among the sites you can use to advertise your landscape products and services. This is because over 1 million individuals use these sites daily, looking for something new. This might be your perfect opportunity to attract such people. Some things you can gladly post to attract customers include company volunteer work, lawn and gardening tips, positive testimonials, exclusive offers, giveaways, and photos of before and after work. When people see these, their attention will be closely drawn to your work, and some, if not all of them, will try to contact you.

6. Build a Landscaping Business Website

In today’s world, websites are regarded as sources of information because helpful content can be found here. This is the place where you can turn visitors into trusted clients. Make sure your landscaping website dictates who you are and, most notably, the outstanding services you offer.

7. Participate in Local and Community Events

There is no better way to market your products and services than getting out and conversing with people face-to-face. Most communities host events, and this might just be your perfect time to your expertise in marketing your landscaping products and services.

Attracting clients, retaining them, and providing quality products and services are the pillars of a successful business firm. You can consider the tips discussed above if you want to ensure you attract clients and boost your marketing strategies for your landscaping product and services. 

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