Online Trading Academy Brings Crypto to Everyday Investors

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By Jacob Maslow

In Their 25th Anniversary Year, Online Trading Academy Makes Cryptocurrency Accessible to All

In 1997, Online Trading Academy was founded by Eyal Shahar, who also serves as CEO of the esteemed trading and investing education provider. “I started OTA over 25 years ago with a vision of helping everyday traders and investors level the playing field with Wall Street,” said Eyal Shahar. “From day one, we have committed ourselves to help average people enter the markets with the knowledge and skill they need to trade confidently. We see a rapid convergence of technology and education, and OTA is at the forefront of that revolution.”

June 1, 2022 marked the official 25th anniversary of Online Trading Academy, and Shahar and the entire OTA community couldn’t be more proud. Over 25 years, over 85,000 students have taken Online Trading Academy asset courses. After each class, students are invited to answer a survey regarding their experience. So far, over 215,000 of these surveys have been completed, with an overwhelmingly positive response. The real-time data posted on the OTA website each week indicates a 94% positive satisfaction rating!

It all began with a single course 25 years ago and has blossomed into one of the most respected and award-winning tradings and investing education companies available for both new and experienced traders and investors. The one lesson presented on the trading floor in 1997 has expanded to dozens of classes now offered live in-center, live online, and on-demand in futures, stocks, Forex, options, and more. Online Trading Academy has continued to invest in developing courses with lifetime access to education and top-notch support systems over the years because they strive to see students succeed with their financial education goals and help them reach their goals. Student feedback continues to influence ongoing development at Online Trading Academy, too. Many of the new features they’ve developed, such as OTA Picks, Mastermind Grid, and CliK, were inspired by suggestions and comments from the OTA student community.

Throughout the last 25 years, the market has undergone highs and lows, bull and bear markets. Recessions and economic growth, and a global pandemic all rocked the world. Yet, through it all, Online Trading Academy withstood the storms and believes the best is yet to come. They have grown as a global community, and their students enjoy online and in-person courses. In 2019,  Online Trading Academy had 10,000 online course sessions and over 3,000 on-site classes, attended by over 2.5 million students around the globe and offered by more than 60 gifted and talented instructors.

Online Trading Academy Rolls Out Crypto Program

Recent news coming out of Online Trading Academy and indicative of their cutting-edge style was the launch of a cryptocurrency program designed for everyday investors.

This move is based on sound financial trends, such as that, as of the end of June 2022, over 220 million crypto users were identified. OTA knows more than others the impact of crypto and digital assets on the world’s financial stage. Even moguls like Elon Musk have dipped their toes in crypto waters. In response, OTA launched a suite of educational offerings to help more people understand this new realm of crypto and digital assets so they can be informed investors.

CEO and founder Eyal Shahar says, “This feels a lot like the mid-90s.” He continued, “I founded this company nearly 25 years ago because the technology enabled everyday investors direct access to the financial markets. But they were unprepared. They didn’t have the skills and tools to trade responsibly. It’s no different today,” he added.

This is why the services of OTA are so valued among their new and existing students. Online Trading Academy is committed to putting the right tools and education in the hands of everyday investors so they don’t get forced out of the latest crypto and digital assets trading world.

The company’s education is built on responsible risk management. All of their instruction, from teaching strategic portfolio management to trading leveraged asset classes including futures, forex, and options, is woven together by their proprietary, step-by-step Core Strategy methodology. A pioneering, integrated education and trading analysis platform called CliK, coupled with Stratos, its most recent innovation that is unlike any other, is becoming increasingly embedded. All of them are based on prudent risk management.

OTA offers a Digital Assets program consisting of three courses offering an immersive view of crypto and digital assets. Together, the online on-demand program teaches why cryptocurrency came to be, how it has evolved, who is using it today, what the myriad of applications there are for the blockchain technology it’s built upon, and where it is revolutionizing current financial products and services to create a new decentralized financial market. The program starts with a complimentary introductory course called Cryptocurrency Foundations, followed by Digital Assets and then Crypto Investor Live program, which includes on-demand sessions and live weekly instruction.

Merlin Rothfield, Senior Director of the Crypto education program says, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.” My greatest fear is that people are so excited, they fear missing out, that they’ll simply fly blind. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Whether I’m teaching options or crypto to someone who’s been investing for years or just getting started, my mission is always the same; to give people the tools to make smarter decisions.”

Online Trading Academy’s Record of Leadership

Online Trading Academy is an on-location and online education program provider specializing in educating individuals, seasoned investors, and everyday investors to trade and invest, and includes digital assets and cryptocurrency.

OTA offers a complimentary introductory class for anyone who is interested in learning about how the markets work and seeing if they want to take the next step. Through this class and orientation process, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know us, and more about our educational offering. Asset education classes and course bundles in Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options, as well as Digital Assets are available for a fee, and pricing information is available on the OTA website.

The company has been the proud recipient of numerous awards, including, in 2021, the People’s Choice Stevie Award for Best Fintech Solution. This year in 2022, CliK coupled with Stratos, its most recent innovation was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Learning Capacity-Building Solution and a Silver Award in the category of Emerging Technology.

Jeremy Nosek, President of OTA, commented, “With the scale and scope of deep learning experiences that we facilitate with our students, helping them build their skills, evolve their proficiency, and develop their confidence about retail trading and investing, we may well already have emerged as the world leader. “

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