5 Advantages of Using Vehicle Wraps on a Company Car

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By Richard

Imagine if you can create a billboard that is grabbing people’s attention 2/47 about your business, but being able to do it at an affordable price. Utilizing vehicle wraps for a company car does just this by creating a custom graphic that is installed on the exterior of any car to turn it into a mobile advertisement of your business.

Brands want to utilize all of the promotional materials at their disposal, and vehicle wraps make it possible. Here are the top five advantages of using vehicle wraps on a company car.

1- 24/7 Advertising

Having your company cars wrapped in a custom graphic means 24/7 advertising of your brand all year long. Since installing a vehicle wrap is a low one-time expense, the cost of the wrap is significantly less than any means of paid advertising. Vehicle wraps on a company car are always displayed and don’t turn off, whereas you will need to keep paying for any advertising cost as long as you want to keep it on. Vehicle wraps, being a one-time expense, significantly reduces your marketing budget for the entire life of the wrap.

2- Short-Term and Long-Term Options

Depending on how long you want to keep the wrap on your vehicles is up to you. There are short-term and long-term options available, and a reputable vehicle wrap specialist will walk you through the different options and how to take care of the wrap. Some wraps last for only three years while others can last up to seven years if properly taken care of to create a long-term investment. Short-term vehicle wraps are ideal if your business changes its promotions or marketing every few years, while long-term wraps are perfect if you’re budget-conscious and want to keep the wrap for as long as possible to reduce overall cost.

3- Affordable

Vehicle wraps are universally affordable because of their low-cost one-time installation. Unlike traditional or digital advertising where you have to pay every time you want to advertise, vehicle wraps on company cars stay installed until you take them off. Even though affordable, vehicle wraps are also resistant to rain and wind, and are a better option for easy removal and lower cost versus a full car paint job.

4- Local Attention

Vehicle wraps on a company car are the easiest way to garner local attention just by doing your normal driving around town. This is especially beneficial if your customers are local to your area, so vehicle wraps are a cost-efficient way to grab the attention of your target customers without having to promote your business in other mediums such as newspapers or television. Simply drive the company cars as normal in order to promote your business.

5- Utilizing Your Current Assets

One of the biggest advantages of using vehicle wraps on a company car is that you’re already using a current asset that you have. Instead of your company car fleet being used only for the function of driving for your business, installing a vehicle wrap turns the cars into a 24/7 advertisement and utilizes your cars in more ways than one.

Vehicle wraps on company cars are a perfect way to save money on advertising while utilizing the assets you already have. Grab the attention of your target audience by installing an affordable vehicle wrap on your company cars.

By investing in vehicle wraps, businesses leverage their fleet of cars to serve dual purposes—efficient transportation and continuous advertising. This multifunctional approach allows companies to maximize their marketing efforts while utilizing resources they already possess, thereby reducing additional advertising expenses.

The cost-effectiveness of vehicle wraps compared to traditional advertising methods is another advantage. They offer an affordable yet impactful way to capture the attention of a target audience. The eye-catching and mobile nature of wrapped vehicles can generate significant exposure for a brand, effectively reaching potential customers as the cars travel throughout various locations.

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