How to Find Quality Scrubs to Wear in a Healthcare Setting

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By Richard

Working in healthcare is stressful enough, and it’s a job that keeps you on your feet and on the move all day. The worst thing you can do before stepping foot on the floor is to not have a good pair of scrubs to help keep you comfortable during the day. That’s why it’s important to do some digging and find the best, high-quality scrubs to wear in a healthcare setting before you start your first shift! Here are some tips to do just that.

Shop Online or at Speciality Stores

There are plenty of online options when shopping for scrubs. Online stores are a great tool to help you look at reviews, read specifications about your scrubs, and shop around for the best prices. Online stores are also bound to have more options to choose from, including printed scrubs, maternity options, men’s and women’s selections, and much more.

If you’re not big on online shopping, consider shopping at a specialty scrub store for your next outfit. Scrub shops have staff on hand to help you find a specific brand, recommend scrub tops that have certain prints or themes, and help you get fitted as well.

Prioritize Breathability

When shopping for a good pair of scrubs, try to find breathable options to help you stay cool during your shift. The highest quality scrub tops and pants are made of cotton, polyester, or a mix of both materials. Cotton is breathable and can be worn year-round, meaning you can wear your favorite pair of scrubs if you’re working in an outdoor healthcare setting, such as in a free clinic, or indoors. Polyester is also breathable and wrinkle-resistant, making it a good option for those healthcare workers too busy to iron out their favorite pair of scrubs before the workweek. Breathable materials can also help prevent overheating if you work in intense hospital areas such as the ER or ICU.

Consider Pockets and Easy Organization

From trauma shears to gauze, alcohol pads, pens, and notepads, chances are you’re going to feel a bit encumbered during those 12-hour shifts at the hospital. Instead of scrambling to find your pen when jotting down vital signs or struggling to find your favorite pair of trauma shears, opt for a scrub top or pants with ample pockets and storage options. Multiple cargo pockets, shirt pockets, and elastic bands to help hold your badge can make a world of difference when every second counts on the hospital floor.

Moreover, investing in scrubs with strategically designed pockets can provide organization and easy accessibility to essential tools. Look for scrubs featuring specialized compartments or loops that securely hold medical instruments, allowing you to navigate through your shift with efficiency and confidence. Additionally, choosing scrub bottoms with deep pockets or cargo-style pants can offer versatility for carrying various items without compromising comfort during long shifts.

Consider Past Brands

If you’ve found that a certain brand fits your style and body perfectly, there’s no shame in sticking with the same scrub manufacturer! Chances are you’ll be able to find the same or similar scrub top, pants, joggers, or outerwear online or at a specialty scrub shop. If you’ve never worn a scrub outfit before to work or are new to the healthcare setting, ask your coworkers what brands they recommend and why. Do they find a certain brand more comfortable for your work setting? Does another brand carry a certain color that aligns with uniform policies? Once you find a brand, shop around for their other line of products to make the process of finding your perfect scrubs easier!

Additionally, exploring different styles and fits within the same brand can provide a range of options while ensuring consistent quality and comfort. Keeping an eye out for new collections or updated designs from your preferred manufacturer might introduce you to scrubs that perfectly complement your preferences and workplace requirements.

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