3 Tips for Dealing With Food Poisoning on a Business Trip

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By Jacob Maslow

There is no way around it; food poisoning is bound to strike at some point in every person’s life. Food poisoning is no fun, whether a mild upset stomach or something more severe that can cause a person to be bedridden. The problem with food poisoning is that it can be highly uncomfortable and even painful – and it’s always inconvenient.


Whether you get it on vacation, during the middle of a typical week, or on your honeymoon, there will never be a good time to get food poisoning. One time frame that is particularly challenging to deal with the stress of a case of eating some bad chicken is when you are on a business trip. Business trips in general, can already have the potential to be extremely stressful and can be highly challenging without the addition of sickness. If you travel a lot for your work, especially to areas you aren’t familiar with, food poisoning is something to take seriously.


While you are on a trip, you have specific tasks to accomplish, and you want the ROI of your journey to be well worth the cost. So, if you are about to start traveling a lot for work and are curious about handling the threat of food poisoning, here are some tips you need to know. 

  1. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

Okay, so here’s the rub about business trips, they aren’t for pleasure – they are for business. That said, anyone who regularly travels for work, especially overseas travel, knows you have to learn how to have fun. Travel is a stressful ordeal, and finding ways to break up the monotony of a business trip with fun things is essential. 


For some people, that might look like an afternoon or evening they plan out for some retail therapy in a part of the world they’ve never been to. For others, it could look like getting up before work while on a trip to run some miles and see the city or the country they visit. One aspect of travel most people get excited about – is the food. Food is a massive part of the travel experience. Food is a powerful way to learn about other cultures, cities, and different parts of the world – however, when you are on a business trip, you may want to be careful. 


There are some basic ways to practice safe food experiences while traveling for work that you won’t regret – one of them is knowing what to avoid. The best way to deal with food poisoning is to prevent it whenever possible. So, how do you do this?


Well, if it’s a business trip, the people receiving you should value your work and be willing to answer questions that concern your effectiveness. So, in that case, ask. Talk to locals and do some research when it comes to safe foods. Eat at establishments you get personal recommendations too, and avoid risks like street food when you aren’t familiar with the culture or city.

  1. Get An IV Bag Treatment

Okay, but what if, against all of your best efforts, you still managed to get food poisoning? Well, food poisoning can manifest in many ways, and it may be a mild irritation that keeps you close to a bathroom – or it may be something that puts you in need of medical intervention. If you suspect you have food poisoning on a business trip, consider iv drip therapy.


IV drip therapy is one of the safest, fastest ways to treat your body if you have food poisoning. The IV treatments are specifically designed to help flush your body and rehydrate it so you can get back on your feet at optimal timing. There are different kinds of IV therapies you can look into. If the city you are in offers mobile IV therapy, this might be the most convenient as a doctor can do a virtual examination, prescribe the right kind of IV bag, and then have a nurse sent to administer it to you in your hotel room. 


If this option doesn’t exist, try finding a walk-in IV therapy clinic to help you. 

  1. Stay Hydrated

An IV therapy can be an effective, quick fix for your food poisoning when on a business trip, but as you recover, stay hydrated. Food poisoning can cause you to experience extreme dehydration depending on its symptoms, and staying hydrated is crucial for recovery.


There are few things as frustrating and inconvenient as dealing with food poisoning. Next time you find yourself suspicious of having food poisoning, try to find the nearest IV drip therapy to help you quickly overcome it and get back to work! 

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