11 Simple Ways You Can Drastically Cut Your Gas Bill This Winter

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By Jacob Maslow

Gas prices continue to climb as winter approaches. During winter, people spend more time at home, meaning higher consumption. If you, like many others, worry about how you will meet the cost of heating, cooking, or enjoying warm beverages, you are probably contemplating how to reduce your gas bill this winter.

Easy Ways to Save on Your Gas Bill

Preparation and good practices are the best ways to save money while ensuring a comfortable winter. Besides dressing warmer, here are 11 simple ways to drastically reduce your gas bill this winter:

1.      Checking for Energy Leaks

You should regularly perform an energy audit on your home to ensure it maintains its required temperatures. The basics are simple; you can do it yourself if you don’t want to call someone else to run the check by inspecting how the warm air escapes. For example, check your windows, external doors, air vents, plumbing, and electrical outlets.

2.      Seal all Leaks

Since these leaks can contribute to as much as 25% of your energy bill, find suitable materials with the correct sealant. Your DIY store is the best place to ask for advice, but generally, rubber weather strips work perfectly on doors and windows, while spray foam and caulk are ideal for sealing areas around pipes.

3.      Insulate Your Attic

If your house has an attic, you don’t want to lose the warm air to the attic as it rises. The best solution is to insulate the attic door with an attic tent.

4.      Take Advantage of Smart Devices

The more energy efficient your appliances, the better their energy consumption, so try and replace those that waste gas. One of the most significant investments for your home is switching to a smart thermostat from a manual one to optimize your home’s heating. These are connected to your WiFi, allowing you to control them from within your home and even when away.

With a smart thermostat, your home’s heating is regulated from your phone. You can turn on or adjust the heating from afar, even in specific rooms. In addition, smart thermostats offer more flexibility with your heating, helping you to save on energy consumption. Some more advanced smart thermostats even allow you to create personalized heating and cooling schedules based on your family’s needs.

5.      Shop for an Alternative Supplier

Some states have deregulated gas providers, allowing you to look for someone offering better rates. However, even if you don’t have many options in your state, make a price comparison of the different tariffs they offer and consider another.

6.      Keep the Temperature Down

The best way to drastically cut your gas bill is to turn the temperature to the lowest that won’t compromise your comfort. When you aren’t at home, heating is a waste, so keep your home at 55° F (13°C) and try and get your family used to a temperature of between 64.4°F and 69.8°F during the day and evening. Even one degree less can help you save about 10% on your gas bill annually.

7.      Humidity Control

In colder climates with less humidity, dry air reduces the skin’s moisture, making you feel the cold even more. You don’t need to increase the temperature on your thermostat to feel warmer, but increase the humidity in your home with a humidifier. The ideal moisture in the air to make you feel warmer is between 30 and 50 percent.

8.      Avoid Using the Fireplace

Even though the appearance of a fire fools you into thinking you are creating heat, you lose up to 80% of it from the chimney. Then, as the warm air rises, it encourages cold air to seep into your home from air vents and any other gaps. Therefore, use the fireplace sparingly and save on your gas bill while also helping the environment.

9.      Make Smarter Use of Your Water Heater

Keep your water heater insulated with a water heater blanket to keep its water hotter for longer. Also, remember that regular maintenance of your water heater will keep it working more efficiently.

10.  Don’t Heat The Whole House

A space heater is ideal if your home has central heating, but you only need to heat one room. Make sure to buy an energy-efficient one with safety features that will prevent it from overheating.

11.  Reuse and Trap Heat

When you use your oven or have a warm shower, you don’t want to lose that heat, so leave the oven or bathroom doors open, allowing it to circulate within your home. Furthermore, always draw your curtains once the sun sets. Curtains help to keep the cold air out. You could also consider installing thermal curtains or foam window panels to insulate your home better.

Final Take

Keep your home running efficiently with these simple ways, and you will see a drastic reduction in your gas bill this winter.

How can I reduce my gas bill?

There are several ways you can reduce your gas bill:

– Use energy-efficient appliances

– Install a smart thermostat

– Shop for an alternative supplier

– Keep the temperature down

– Control humidity levels

– Avoid using the fireplace

– Make smarter use of your water heater

– Don’t heat the whole house

– Reuse and trap heat

How much can I save by using a smart thermostat?

You can save up to 10% on your gas bill annually by using a smart thermostat.

What is the ideal humidity level for my home?

The ideal humidity level in your home is between 30 and 50 percent.

Why is it important to keep my water heater maintained?

Regular maintenance of your water heater will keep it working more efficiently.

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