Zuckerberg Vaccine Posts Causes Backlash

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By Jacob Maslow

Mark Zuckerberg has been increasingly acquainted with controversy as of late.

With plans to provide India with free internet being rejected and accusations that he is attempting to avoid tax by shifting his wealth to a charity in his own name, Zuckerberg has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons in late-2015 and early 2016.

The tech CEO flirted with controversy again, weighing in on his Facebook account in support of vaccinating young children by posting a photo of him and his recently born daughter at the doctors office.

Anti-Vaccine activists and conspiracy theorists erupted, causing a comment storm that saw over 77,000 comments on both sides of the issue.

Can Zuckerberg make any more bad moves this year? 2016 will tell all, but for now, Zuckerberg seems caught in an unlucky streak where even the most innocent of gestures, a father posting a photo with his child at the doctors, descends into headline-generating chaos and legions of critics blasting the tech CEO and his plans.

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