Could Havana be the Next Investment Hotspot in 2016?

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By Jacob Maslow

With US-Cuba ties thawing and Barrack Obama reiterating his stance that closer ties are good for both countries, companies have been rushing to Havana, attempting to get ahead of the competition and broker deals.

With the US and EU both leading trade missions to Cuba in the first week of 2016, there are clear signs that Cuban-Western relations are on the right track. Germany’s economic minister, Sigmar Gabriel, visited Havana last week and met with over 60 business executives, sending a clear signal that Europe’s strongest and most robust economy is open to dealing with Cuba.

With Unilever announcing a $25 million investment in Cuba already and other multinationals lining up to broker deals, could Cuba be the new business hotspot for growth in 2016?

However long it takes to fix the political situation, a free market economy in Cuba is inevitable. When it happens, fortunes will be made. The only question remains is: Who is going to get there first?

What do you think? How long will it take for political relations to be fully restored? Who stands to gain most from Cuban economic integration?

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