Work From Home or Commute to the Office? We Asked Our Pets

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By Jacob Maslow

  • Get an unbiased opinion from cats and dogs nationwide.
  • Compare the pros and cons of working from home vs. returning to the office.
  • See who’s more vocal about their opinions (cats or dogs?).
  • Learn what matters to our furry friends when it comes to work-life balance

Most of us have been working from home since the start of the pandemic. But, with restrictions easing up and offices slowly reopening, many of us are considering whether to stay home or go back to work in person. The debate between staying put or returning to the office has sparked some lively discussions—and even debates among our four-legged friends!

We asked cats and dogs across the country their opinion on this topic, and here’s what they had to say:

“Meow-working from home is positively purrfect for me! I don’t have to worry about getting too close to other cats and can still search for my snacks without interruption.” – Kit-Katrina.

“I’m barkin’ for you to go back to the office! I miss having someone to share my belly rubs with, and I haven’t gotten nearly enough treats this past year.” – Labradorra Bacon.

“If you ask me, working remotely isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. We need our humans around us to keep us entertained—because, after all, isn’t that what we were made for?” – Gingerbread Fluffballs

“I love the convenience of remote work, and I especially like taking naps in the middle of my Zoom meetings.” – Fuzzy McFluffster.

“Office life is where it’s at for me! That way, I can guard all my treats without worrying about anything else. Plus, there are so many humans around to give me belly rubs!” – Goldilocks Grumbles

“I think my human should go back to the office. That way, I can get some alone time and enjoy my fur-ternity leave!” – Ruffles McFurrles.

“If you ask me, it’s best if our humans stay at home with us. We don’t want them leaving us for too long—we miss them too much!”-Simbacita

“My human should go back to the office—that way; she’ll have more energy during playtime!” – Captain Waggleton.

“I’m so glad my owner is staying at home this year. I get more cuddles and treats than ever before!” – Lola the Beagle.

“My human’s work-from-home routine has been meow-tastic for me—everything from extra belly rubs to long walks outside together.” – Meowly Cyrus.

“When my person works from home, I get food on time and lots of attention — it’s purrfect!” – Pawsington Purrkins.

It seems like no matter your opinion on this topic; you can always find a pet that agrees with you! So whether you’re staying home or heading back into the office, get your furry friend’s input first. Happy working, everyone!

Ultimately, it’s up to us individually whether we want to work from home or in the office. But if you’re still undecided, consider what your pet friends may have to say about the decision!


Is it safe to go back to the office?

That depends on your particular workplace and situation. It’s best to check in with your employer and local health department for guidance and safety protocols regarding returning to the office.

Which is better—working remotely or in the office?

Ultimately, that depends on personal preference, your lifestyle, and your best choice! Consider what both options have to offer before making a decision.

How do I know if my pet prefers me working at home or in an office?

Why not ask them directly? Take some time to observe their behavior when you’re gone from the house and when you’re present. Your pet may be trying to tell you something!

It can be hard to decide with all the different opinions surrounding this topic. But whether you’re a remote worker or an office goer—we hope that cats and dogs will remain our loyal companions either way!

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