The Benefits of Working From Home (According to Our Pets)

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By Jacob Maslow

• You get to stay in your PJs all day.
• No more fighting traffic.
• More time spent with your favorite cuddle buddy.
• Endless supply of treats and love.

Working from home has been a significant adjustment for many of us, but our pets couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s what some of the furry and feathered members of the household have to say about telecommuting:

Fluffy the Cat says, “Mom always said I was lazy, but since she started working from home, I think she’s finally starting to see my worth! Now there are plenty of naps scheduled throughout her workday!”

Rocco the Parrot chimes in,”I’m so glad we get to spend extra time together! No more leaving me alone all day while my caretaker is out at work- now we can hang out every day! And she finally bought me that new swing I wanted!”

Sir Barks-A-Lot, the enthusiastic Yorkshire Terrier, says “I love the extra attention! It’s like having a constant playdate! Plus my daily walks have gotten much longer since my humans don’t *have* to leave for work anymore.”

Even Fishy McFinn had something to say: “At least now I’m sure not to be forgotten while my owners are busy. And they finally got around to cleaning out my tank- it’s like living in a 5-star resort compared to before!”

It seems our pets are reaping plenty of benefits from this shift in lifestyle. Who knew working from home was so beneficial for everyone involved?

Now that you’ve seen what our beloved companions have to say, maybe it’s time to take their advice and make the most of your telecommuting experience!

Happy Working (From Home)!

-Your Pet-Loving Friends at Woof & Purr Co.


What did the cat say when it had to work from home?

“I’m in my element!”

How does a parrot stay productive while working from home?

By repeating helpful mantras, like “Work smarter, not harder!”

What’s the best way for a dog to get through the day while telecommuting?

With lots of belly rubs and breaks for fetch!

How can a fish ensure its owners remember all their daily tasks?

By making bubbly reminders at the top of each hour!

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