What to Expect During Your First Meeting with a Fort Lauderdale Car Accident Lawyer

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By Richard

Being involved in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale can be a highly traumatic experience with a severe and long-term impact, both physically and emotionally and financially. In such situations, seeking guidance from a car accident attorney who can help you navigate the complexities of insurance claims and legal proceedings is extremely important.

If you find yourself in this position, here’s what you can anticipate during your first meeting with a car accident attorney:

  • First Consultation: The first meeting with a car accident attorney typically serves as a consultation. This session allows you and the attorney to assess each other and determine whether you are fit to work together. Expect the attorney to ask you several questions about the specifics of the accident, your injuries, insurance coverage, and any other relevant information that may contribute to formulating a case strategy. You can also visit websites like Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyers, schillingsilvers.com, to get more information on legal processes before booking a consultation.
  • Information Gathering: During the consultation, the car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale will gather as much information as possible regarding the incident and your current circumstances. Be prepared to provide all necessary documents, such as medical records, police reports, insurance policies, and any correspondence with insurance companies. The more information you can provide, the better equipped the attorney will be to assess the strength of your case and, hopefully, achieve the desired outcome.
  • Assessing Responsibility: One of the primary responsibilities of a car accident attorney is to determine who is responsible for the accident. They carefully examine the facts and evidence to establish fault. This investigation may involve reviewing accident scene photographs, interviewing witnesses, seeking expert opinions, and reconstructing the accident if necessary. Understanding responsibility is, hence, vital in determining the outcome of your case.
  • Evaluating Compensation: In addition to assessing responsibility, your car accident attorney will also evaluate the injuries you have sustained and the compensation you may be eligible to receive. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, and any future costs related to the accident. The evaluation of damages will assist your attorney in negotiating with insurance companies or pursuing action on your behalf.
  • Explaining the Legal Process: Understanding how the legal process works is crucial in managing your expectations throughout your case. Your car accident attorney should clearly explain each step, such as filing a claim with insurance companies, negotiating a settlement, and possibly going to trial. They will guide you through every stage so that you are well informed and know what to expect.
  • Expected Timeline: When you meet with your Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer at Schilling & Silvers, they will estimate how long it might take to resolve your case. While it’s impossible to predict precise deadlines, they can provide an idea based on their experience working on similar cases. They will also discuss their fee structure, including whether they charge based on the outcome or per hour, and any additional costs, such as court fees or fees for expert witnesses.

Building a relationship between you and your lawyer is crucial for an outcome. The initial consultation is not only an opportunity for the lawyer to evaluate your case but also for you to assess their expertise, communication style, and how well you work together. You can inquire about the lawyer’s experience, their history with car accident cases, and how they plan to handle your situation.


Meeting with a car accident lawyer for the first time is a step towards getting the compensation you deserve. Being prepared with information and understanding what to expect will help make this meeting as beneficial as possible. Remember that every case is unique, so the information provided here should be seen as a guide, not steps to follow blindly. By collaborating with an attorney specializing in car accidents such as Schilling & Silvers, you can rest assured that your rights will be safeguarded and that you’ll achieve the most favorable resolution possible.

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