What to Consider When Choosing a Phone Service

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By Jacob Maslow

The Smarter Way to Wireless

There are many factors to consider when choosing a phone service that works best for you. These days, endless phone services advertise cheap deals and limitless coverage. Nevertheless, there can be hidden fees and a chance that their coverage does not live up to their promises. If you want cheap cell phone services that work, you have to put in the research based on pricing structure, regional and network coverage, company reputation, customer service quality, and more. Read on for seven factors to pay attention to when choosing a reliable phone service.

Be Kind to Your Wallet

Whether you’re tight on budget or have the funds to splurge on a wireless phone provider, it’s essential to get the most bang for your buck. Always look into the pricing structure and overall costs of your cell phone service every month. Don’t be forced into artificially over-priced plans. Instead, consider doing some competitor research and compare plans. Cell phone services usually offer both monthly and annual plans. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, companies may offer a discount for choosing an annual plan versus monthly, or even a family plan if that’s available.

A Carrier That’s Got You Covered

Another factor that you need to consider is the extent of the service provider’s network coverage. Whether driving through the desert or working from home, you should get the most coverage for what you’re paying. There’s no need to restrict yourself to specific locations from which you can get a signal. This is especially important if you travel a lot. Ensure your carrier’s coverage is as wide-reaching as you need it to be. 

Additionally, roaming fees should not be included in your base plan, and take a look at if the cell phone provider offers 4G or 5G LTE network coverage. This is crucial nowadays for reliable phone service and should be considered seriously.

Don’t Let Contracts Lock You In

Unfortunately, some cell phone providers have ulterior motives for locking you into a lengthy contract or an agreement you can’t get out of any time you need to. Most of the cheaper and more attractive deals from service providers may leave you with a contract that leans towards two years or more. These binding agreements usually have harsh penalties if you try to break out of these contracts earlier than the intended end date. The best cell phone providers will offer affordable prices without restrictive contracts.   

Exceptional Support, Easy Service

Whether it’s a cell phone service, major retailer, or credit card company, we all need to contact customer service at one point or another. When you’re looking at investing in a particular service provider, make sure to look at reviews that rave about customer service. If there’s an issue with your phone service, a kind and helpful service operator can make all the difference. No waiting two hours to connect with a real person, and no reason why the issue can’t be solved within reason. Bottom line: look for a cell phone service provider that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Reputation Matters

Just like you wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes from a brand with less than the desired reputation, you don’t want to commit to a service provider with which people aren’t generally happy. Consider how long the company has been in business. They likely have been around for a reason, but looking at the whole picture is vital. 

International & Travel Benefits

If you have a loved one that lives outside of the country, you’ll want to choose a cell phone provider that offers international calling. Some even have cheap add-ons or pay-as-you-go rates for the country you want to call.

Likewise, you’ll want to look into specific travel benefits if you’re a frequent traveler. Choosing a service provider that includes international roaming could save you a lot of money when you travel. Most large carriers include Mexico and Canada with phone plans, although the specifics vary from company to company. Some offer unlimited international data and texting, although the data speeds may be as slow as 2G.

Device & Entertainment Offers

Some cell phone services offer deals on devices and entertainment, such as phones and streaming services. If you’re looking for a discounted offer on the latest iPhone or Android, pay attention to carriers that deal with major phone companies. Or if you’re an avid television and film watcher, many carriers offer entertainment perks with their plans. 

Stay Connected  

Sifting through the seemingly never-ending pile of cell phone providers, services, and benefits can be difficult and overwhelming. But hopefully, you’re now more well-equipped to decide which phone service you should invest in. Staying connected should be easy and affordable for all.

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